Season 9

Episode Guide

Bob The Farmer

S9 E1
Feb 4, 2003
Bob has volunteered to look after the farm whilst Farmer Pickles takes Humpty to a pig show. Bob arrives with Lofty at the crack of dawn whilst Wendy is due later to repair the roof on the barn.

Mr Bentley's Winter Fair

S9 E2
Feb 9, 2003
Mr. Bentley is organizing a winter fair in the town hall square and enlists Bob to help set up the stalls, lights and the centerpiece of the fair - a giant inflatable Santa Claus.

Lofty The Artist

S9 E3
Feb 16, 2003
Bob has been asked to install a new air conditioning unit at Mr. Sabatini's restaurant. Wendy and Molly meanwhile have been asked to redecorate the library at the school.

Spud's Statue

S9 E4
Feb 23, 2003
Bob is building a pavilion in the park to celebrate the annual flower show. Molly has built a special statue of a horse for the occasion which is to be unveiled at the opening ceremony.

Travis's Busy Day

S9 E5
Mar 4, 2003
A fierce storm is forecast for Bobsville. At the farm Travis stays safe and snug in his shed, while Spud takes cover in a large barn. The storm causes a lot of damage and a tree falls on Spud’s barn - he's okay, but his nose is a bit squashed!

Pilchard and the Field Mice

S9 E6
Mar 7, 2003
Mr. Ellis needs Bob to replace an old rotten beam in his cottage. The gang set off for Mr. Ellis's and Pilchard sneaks along - she knows that cottages are popular with mice! At the cottage, Mr. Ellis reports some strange goings-on at the cottage.

Trix's Pumpkin Pie

S9 E7
Mar 14, 2003
Trix is looking for something to do so JJ sends her to deliver a bag of wood chippings to Bob who is building a Jungle Jim climbing frame in the school playground. Trix likes being busy and starts offering to fetch and carry everything for everyone.

Where's Muck?

S9 E8
Mar 21, 2003
Bob's job today is to repair an eroded riverbank. There will be LOTS of mud to shift and Muck is beside himself with excitement. Before Muck can get stuck in, Bob needs him to fetch some equipment from JJ's.

Muck's Surprise

S9 E9
Apr 11, 2003
It's Mr. and Mrs. Bentley's twenty fifth wedding anniversary and to celebrate Mr. Bentley asks Bob and the gang to build a special summer house. Mr. Bentley is out for the day and the summer house is to be a surprise.

Skip's Big Idea

S9 E10
Apr 18, 2003
Bob, Scoop and Skip are helping Mr. Beasley to install a new Rockery when Mr. Bentley appears to ask for Bob's help. The Mayor wants to stage an art exhibition, but there are no available venues. Scoop suggests renovating the inside of the Old Mill.

Roley's Important Job

S9 E11
Apr 25, 2003
Mr. and Mrs. Sabatini have asked Bob to convert a local house into a delicatessen. Unfortunately for Roley, there is no rolling to be done. The gang leaves to get on with the job and Roley decides to tag along just in case.

Scoop The Disco Digger

S9 E12
May 9, 2003
Bob and the gang have been asked to replace some burst pipes under the main road. Meanwhile Jenny is in town to persuade Wendy to take a much-needed holiday. Unfortunately, there's lots of work to do and Wendy simply doesn’t have time to go away.

Trix and the Bug

S9 E13
Sep 2, 2003
The Mayor decides that the town needs a drive-in cinema and Bob is asked to build it out in the countryside. The first film to be shown will be "The Invasion of the Giant Bug."