Season 9

Episode Guide

Bob The Farmer

S9 E1
Feb 04, 2003
Bob has volunteered to look after the farm whilst Farmer Pickles takes Humpty to a pig show. Bob arrives with Lofty at the crack of dawn whilst Wendy is due later to repair the roof on the barn. Bob starts to realise that he has bitten off more than he can chew when an accident releases the ducks from their enclosure. Bob struggles to maintain order and enlists Spud's help in return for a slice of cake from his lunchbox. Unfortunately, Spud accidentally releases the sheep from their pen. Wendy arrives to find the farm in chaos and offers to lend a hand. With the animals rounded up, Wendy decides to get on with the barn roof job, while Bob finds yet more farming jobs waiting for his attention. Bob still has trouble getting the hang of the Farming life as he attempts to feed the animals. Thankfully Spud is on hand to point out that Bob is about to feed the animals the wrong food.

Mr Bentley's Winter Fair

S9 E2
Feb 09, 2003
Mr. Bentley is organizing a winter fair in the town hall square and enlists Bob to help set up the stalls, lights and the centerpiece of the fair - a giant inflatable Santa Claus. There is an awful lot to do and everybody rushes around preparing their stalls. Mr. Bentley, who desperate to impress the Mayor with his organizational skills dashes from stall to stall trying to answer questions and fix problems. Spud is so impressed with Mr. Bentley's organization that he appoints himself Mr Bentley's brilliant assistant. It quickly becomes clear that Mr. Bentley has taken on too much and his refusal to delegate jobs begins to cause problems. He has so much on his mind that when he spots a problem with Humpty the Pigs enclosure (for Farmer Pickles "Guess the Weight of The Pig" competition) he is easily distracted and fails to get the problem solved. Spud decides to help by guarding Humpty.

Lofty The Artist

S9 E3
Feb 16, 2003
Bob has been asked to install a new air conditioning unit at Mr Sabatini's restaurant. Wendy and Molly meanwhile have been asked to redecorate the library at the school with some new furniture, shelves, some paintings by Molly and some specially printed brightly colored wallpaper. Lofty becomes fascinated by art, especially when he learns that one of Molly's paintings is of him! Lofty tries to pick up a paintbrush and join in the fun but finds that painting is much harder than it looks. At the restaurant, Bob and Lofty get on with installing the air conditioning unit, which inspires Mr. Sabatini to plan a big redecoration. Lofty suggests that Mr. Sabatini uses the color of the ingredients but this attempt at artistic expression is thwarted when he realizes he is too big to help redecorate. A disappointed Lofty heads to JJ's yard to wait for the wallpaper to arrive. Trix has been left by JJ to tidy up the yard and, while he waits, a gloomy Lofty helps out.

Spud's Statue

S9 E4
Feb 23, 2003
Bob is building a pavilion in the park to celebrate the annual flower show. Molly has built a special statue of a horse for the occasion which is to be unveiled at the opening ceremony. Travis is on hand to help move the statue and Spud tags along for the ride. Spud becomes obsessed by the statue. He tries to ride it but does so rather too rigorously and ends up breaking it. Inspired by Bob's woodwork, Spud decides to make a replacement statue. Borrowing tools and wood from Bob's building job, Spud attempts to fashion a new horse for the unveiling. Meanwhile, Bob can't understand where his building materials have gone.

Travis's Busy Day

S9 E5
Mar 04, 2003
A fierce storm is forecast for Bobsville. At the farm Travis stays safe and snug in his shed, while Spud takes cover in a large barn. The storm causes a lot of damage and a tree falls on Spud's barn - he's okay, but his nose is a bit squashed! The next morning, Travis gears up for a busy day fixing up the barn. He's a little disappointed however, when Farmer Pickles tells him that it's too big a job and that Bob's on his way to repair the damage.

Pilchard and the Field Mice

S9 E6
Mar 07, 2003
Mr. Ellis needs Bob to replace an old rotten beam in his cottage. The gang set off for Mr. Ellis's and Pilchard sneaks along - she knows that cottages are popular with mice! At the cottage, Mr. Ellis reports some strange goings-on at the cottage, rather a lot of biscuits have been going missing lately. Bob gets to work on the beam when Pilchard suddenly appears bounding around causing havoc. She's spotted some mice and is trying to catch them before they do any damage. Bob decides that a building site is no place for a manic cat so he shuts her inside the cottage until he can take her home.

Trix's Pumpkin Pie

S9 E7
Mar 14, 2003
Trix is looking for something to do so JJ sends her to deliver a bag of wood chippings to Bob who is building a Jungle Jim climbing frame in the school playground. Trix likes being busy and starts offering to fetch and carry everything for everyone - she volunteers to help Muck fetch some poles for the climbing frame, she promises Bob she'll collect some more wood chippings and she even offers to help Farmer Pickles move the giant Pumpkin Pie that's being made to celebrate his pumpkin harvest. Unfortunately, Trix bites off a little more than she can chew and she realizes that she's going to need some help with all the jobs that she's taken on.

Where's Muck?

S9 E8
Mar 21, 2003
Bob's job today is to repair an eroded riverbank. There will be LOTS of mud to shift and Muck is beside himself with excitement. Before Muck can get stuck in, Bob needs him to fetch some equipment from JJ's. Unfortunately, Muck gets lost on the way back and becomes worried that he'll miss his chance to get really mucky. He meets a small duckling, who has been displaced by the work on the river bank and together they try to find their way back. Meanwhile Bob decides he really needs to start shifting mud and can't wait for Muck any longer.

Muck's Surprise

S9 E9
Apr 11, 2003
It's Mr. and Mrs. Bentley's twenty fifth wedding anniversary and to celebrate Mr. Bentley asks Bob and the gang to build a special summer house. Mrs. Bentley is out for the day and the summer house is to be a surprise. Mr. Bentley insists that if Mrs. Bentley asks - everyone must say nothing! The gang get to work and Bob sends Muck to JJ's yard to pick up some special timber. On the way, Muck meets Spud who gets wind that something is up. Spud implores Muck to let him in on the secret.

Skip's Big Idea

S9 E10
Apr 18, 2003
Bob, Scoop and Skip are helping Mr. Beasley to install a new Rockery when Mr. Bentley appears to ask for Bob's help. The Mayor wants to stage an art exhibition, but there are no available venues. Scoop suggests renovating the inside of the Old Mill. Everyone congratulates Scoop on a great idea. Skip decides that he too wants to have a good idea - just like Scoop.

Roley's Important Job

S9 E11
Apr 25, 2003
Mr. and Mrs. Sabatini have asked Bob to convert a local house into a delicatessen. Unfortunately for Roley, there is no rolling to be done. The gang leaves to get on with the job and Roley decides to tag along just in case. Bob, Wendy and Lofty get to work removing the bricks and old window from the house to make space for the new shop front. Unfortunately, when Roley tries to help, disaster strikes. Roley rumbles away to stay out of everyone's way. Back at the yard he meets Bird and Hamish - who sing him a song to cheer him up.

Scoop The Disco Digger

S9 E12
May 09, 2003
Bob and the gang have been asked to replace some burst pipes under the main road. Meanwhile Jenny is in town to persuade Wendy to take a much-needed holiday. Unfortunately, there's lots of work to do and Wendy simply doesn't have time to go away. Scoop, Jenny and the machines decide to surprise Bob and Wendy with a special holiday dancing display that day after work. Scoop becomes worried that his dancing abilities aren't up to scratch and asks Dizzy for some dancing lessons. Before he has time to practice, however, Bob whisks him of to do some important digging. Dizzy tags along with Scoop and when Bob asks Scoop to fetch some new pipes and connectors the pair take the opportunity to practice some dance moves. Scoop becomes convinced that he will never learn to dance. By now Dizzy and Scoop have lost track of time and don't realize that Bob is still waiting for the digging to be done. When Scoop realizes that he has neglected his duties, he races to back to work.

Trix and the Bug

S9 E13
Sep 02, 2003
The Mayor decides that the town needs a drive-in cinema and Bob is asked to build it out in the countryside. The first film to be shown will be "The Invasion of the Giant Bug", and the film company are sending a realistic looking model bug to help publicize the movie. Trix sees the bug and decides that it would be just thing to help Spud with his bird scaring. She picks it up and heads off to the farm. Spud sees the bug and, thinking it's real, runs screaming for his life with Trix in hot pursuit.