Season 15

Episode Guide

The House That Lofty Built

S15 E1
Oct 07, 2007
When Bob moves his mobile home to Bobland Bay to be his site office Lofty frets about where Bob is going to sleep. His solution is to turn the machine shelter into a makeshift house for Bob, with chaotic results.

Bob's Big Idea

S15 E2
Oct 25, 2007
With his mobile home relocated to Bobland Bay, Bob decides to build his dream house in Sunflower Valley. The machines all have some great design ideas but Bob is finding having ideas hard. He worries that he'll never have any good ideas. Eventually he seeks inspiration from his building work in the valley and has a brainwave! A tower looking over everything he's built!

Roley Brings The House Down

S15 E3
Nov 26, 2007
Roley and Muck are playing a game of skidseys. Roley takes things too far and accidentally crashes into, and destroys, the old machine shelter! As Bob gets to work building a new one, Roley thinks that Muck blames him for the disaster!

Muck's Machine Wash

S15 E4
Dec 07, 2007
Muck loves to get mucky, so is horrified to lean that Bob is building a machine wash to get them all clean! Mucky Muck becomes determined to get muckier than ever before. Eventually, Muck can resist the machine was no longer and is surprised to find how much fun the ticklish machine wash is!

Lofty's Comet

S15 E5
Dec 26, 2007
A comet is due to pass through the night sky over Sunflower Valley. Bob, Robert and the team get to work building an observatory so that everyone can see this celestial spectacle. Lofty worries that he won't get a good look at the comet - even though Bob's designed a special video screen so that everyone can see. Lofty decides to try and get closer to the comet by driving to the top of a mountain. When he gets stuck it looks like he won't get to see the comet properly at all - until Bob comes to the rescue. That night the comet appears and the team all watch together.

Lofty The Lifeguard

S15 E6
Jan 17, 2008
Oscar Flicks the famous film director is in town to find locations for his next film. Bob and the team build a lifeguard lookout station initially as part of the film set, but also to be used permanently at Bobland Bay afterwards. Lofty is nervous of Oscar's camera and causes havoc trying to avoid it. When Oscar gets into trouble at sea, Lofty comes to rescue, learning to overcome his camera shyness in the process.

Go Mr Bentley Go!

S15 E7
Jan 24, 2008
Bob and the team build an exercise park at Bobland Bay to help the residents keep fit - stretching and running machines, plus a rest zone in the middle. Mr Bentley is especially in need of exercise and it's down to Scrambler to train him. Enthusiastically, Scrambler takes this role to heart and trains Mr Bentley so hard that he can take no more! Mr Bentley flees from Scrambler's exercise regime. When Mr Bentley is needed to open Bob's new exercise park, he's nowhere to be found - and it's all Scrambler's fault! Scrambler, having learnt that rest is just as important as exercise, finds Mr Bentley and the new exercise park is declared open!

Star Struck Spud

S15 E8
Jan 31, 2008
As Bob and the team build a drive-in cinema, cameras finally roll on Oscar Flicks' sea monster movie shot at Bobland Bay. Spud volunteers to be Oscar's directors assistant. The excitement of the film set proves a little distracting to Spud and soon he's causing all sorts of chaos. As the machines wonder it's like to be in a movie, Spud is given the job of looking after the sea monster prop. Spud decides to have some fun with the monster but gets it muddy. With Packer's help, he tries to fix the problem with the new Machine Wash. But this only makes matters worse. With a ruined sea-monster, Spud must concentrate to solve the problem - which he does by making a brand new sea-monster costume for the machines!

Tumbler & The Skate Park

S15 E9
Feb 06, 2008
Tumbler the big and boomy cement mixer arrives in the Valley to help build the Bobland Bay skate park. Dizzy is given the job of showing him around. Tumbler's larger than life arrogance becomes a little too much for Dizzy and Tumbler is soon all alone in Sunflower Valley. By displaying a little humility, he finds his way back to his new friends and that life in Bob's team is so much nicer!

Fantastic Flex

S15 E10
Feb 11, 2008
Flex the cherry-picker arrives just in time to help replace the lens on the Sunflower Valley lighthouse. Flex is so desperate to get stuck into his first job in the valley that he pushes himself a bit too far and gets the new lens stuck in a tree! He helps solve the problem and earns that everyone loves him just the way he is - a valuable member of the team!

Packer's Trailer Trouble

S15 E11
Mar 03, 2008
Bob and the team are building an ice-cream parlour at Bobland Bay. There is fresh ice-cream to collect and also a large model ice-cream to go on the roof. Packer volunteers to collect both of them. He gets distracted by Dodger and Scrambler - and gets his deliveries muddled his chaotic results.

Scoop's Best Team Ever

S15 E12
Mar 15, 2008
Work on the Bobland Bay seaside town continues with a row of shops built using Bob's "Bob House" kit. When Bob splits the machines into two teams, he elects Scoop as leader of one team and Benny the leader of the other. When Benny's team starts to do better than Scoop's team, Scoop worries that Benny will replace him as Bob's number one machine. Eventually worried Scoop realises that Bob only made Benny leader so he could learn from the best - Scoop!

Spud The Dj

S15 E13
Mar 17, 2008
When Mike Turntable the Sunflower DJ needs to go and collect his new microphone, Spud volunteers to mind the radio station. Mike tells him that in the world of radio "bigger is better". Spud takes this advice a little too literally and concocts a series of wild stories. When he announces that a huge non-existent storm is on its way the Valley is thrown into chaos with machines running this way and that. Soon gridlock brings the whole place to a standstill. Bob goes to rescue Spud and discovers the truth about his stories. Spud is very sorry and uses the radio to direct everyone back to where they should be. Spud decides that being a DJ is not for him. He's better off scaring crows.

Tumbler's Perfect Promenade

S15 E14
Mar 28, 2008
The Bobland Bay promenade is being built. Tumbler wants to have a design idea for the new paving slabs to give them unique to Bobland Bay. But Tumbler finds out having an idea is harder than it looks. Some friendly animals try to help, but leave their tracks in the wet cement and Tumbler's booming personality scares them away. When Tumbler lets the animals do their thing, he finds the answer was staring at him all along - a Bobland Bay walk of fame featuring tracks of all the animals in the valley along with wheel and footprints from Bob and the machine team!

Silent Scoop

S15 E15
Mar 31, 2008
Mike Turntable is on the nightshift at the radio station and he tries to get some sleep at the hotel during the day to be ready for a tropical themed pool party that evening. Scoop and Muck are digging the pool in time for the party, a job that's much noisier than they expect. Mike keeps waking up and trying to dig quietly and quickly is proving impossible. Scoop tries to soundproof Mike's room with egg boxes, but that doesn't work. Scoop thinks things through and has another idea. He remembers Mike's favorite song and plays it to him through some big headphones. Mike is soon sleeping like a baby and the pool is soon finished! In fact Mike's sleeping so soundly that he doesn't wake up in time for the pool party and Scoop takes over as DJ!