Season 2

Episode Guide

Naughty Spud

S2 E1
Jun 19, 1999
Whilst building a new shed for Travis, Bob is left 'stranded' when naughty Spud takes Bob's ladder to go apple picking. When Bob realises the ladder has gone he tries to get Dizzy's attention but as usual she is humming away to her walkman.

Bob's Big Surprise

S2 E2
Jun 25, 1999
Wendy is going away for the day so she has arranged for Mrs Potts to look after the office. Bob and the Machines decide to do up Wendy's garden as a surprise. Unfortunately, Mrs Potts phones in sick so Bob has to divide his time.

Scary Spud

S2 E3
Jun 26, 1999
Bob has a day working at the yard building some window frames. He doesn't need the help of the machines so he organises some errands for them. Meanwhile Spud the scarecrow is bored of standing around in the field all day long - he wants some action.

Dizzy's Statues

S2 E4
Jul 1, 1999
Bob has two jobs to do today, erecting bollards around the Town Hall and putting up Mrs Potts’ garden statues. Bob and the Machines start by digging holes for the statues in Mrs. Potts’ garden, then move on to the Town Hall job.

Lofty To The Rescue

S2 E5
Jul 8, 1999
Lofty, Scoop and Muck are clearing some land near the new bridge, while Bob, Dizzy and Roley repair the pavement in the town centre. Lofty’s scared of heights so, rather than cross the bridge, he goes the long way round, past Spud’s field.

Wendy's Big Match

S2 E6
Jul 15, 1999
Bob's entered the yard into the 'Brightest Builders' Yard Competition' but he's only got a few hours to tidy up and decorate it with flowers before the judges arrive. Meanwhile, Wendy has to get the new football pitch ready for the big match that night.

Tea Set Travis

S2 E7
Jul 22, 1999
Bob the Builder and his machine team are ready to tackle any project from small fix it jobs to big scale builds in exciting and dynamic locations.

Dizzy's Bird Watch

S2 E8
Jul 29, 1999
When Bob and Lofty move some stacks of tiles in the Yard, they make an exciting discovery. A bird’s nest containing a solitary egg is nestling amongst a pile of old tires.

Bob's Barn Raising

S2 E9
Aug 2, 1999
It's harvesting time but the barn where Farmer Pickles normally stores his hay bales is about to collapse. With no time to do the repairs himself he calls for Bob the Builder.

Clocktower Bob

S2 E10
Aug 6, 1999
Bob is doing some work on the Clocktower when Lofty, frightened by a bat, knocks over the ladder leaving Bob stranded on the scaffolding. He decides to call Wendy on his mobile, and then realises that he’s left it at the bottom of the Clocktower.

Pilchard Goes Fishing

S2 E11
Aug 13, 1999
Bob has a busy day ahead of him so, to help out, Wendy has decided to clean out his fish tank. Pilchard, naturally, is taking a keen interest in the proceedings. In his hurry to get to work, Bob has forgotten the cement and sends Muck back to collect it.

Wendy's Tennis Court

S2 E12
Aug 20, 1999
Bob, Wendy and the Machines are building a tennis court. The court has been dug out and rolled flat ready for its special asphalt surface. Wendy, Roley and Dizzy head off to finish it while Bob stays at the yard to build the umpire’s seat and scoreboard.

Bob's White Christmas

S2 E13
Aug 27, 1999
It’s Christmas Eve and the machines are very excited, especially when Bob begins decorating the yard with lights and Wendy and Scoop arrive with a huge Christmas Tree.