Season 7

Episode Guide

Mr Beasley's New Friends

S7 E1
Jan 21, 2002
Bob is repairing a leaking water tank at the school, when he discovers bats in the belfry.. Meanwhile, Mr Beasley has adopted Mr Dixon's homing pigeons but when he lets them out of their cage, they cause havoc in his living room, smashing his bookcase. Mr Beasley calls Wendy to come and repair it. Seeing his dilemma, she builds him a pigeon loft. Bob then calls Wendy to bring Lofty over to the school, where the crane manages to catch the bats in a tennis net as they fly out at nightfall. Mr Beasley goes to see how his pigeons have settled in, but they have flown the coop. Flustered, he calls Wendy who gets an idea - she and Lofty take the bats around to Mr Beasley's and persuade him to let them live in his pigeon loft. Bob completes the repairs on the water tank, and the pigeons return to Mr Beasley's with a message explaining that they have gone back to Mr Dixon as they were feeling homesick. But Mr Beasley is delighted as the bats will make ideal pets.

Spud The Pilot

S7 E2
Jan 28, 2002
Bob finds JJ playing with his new model aeroplane. Bob then heads to Mrs Percival's and starts to knock out the old fireplace - the fastidious Mrs Percival has covered her old furniture in dust sheets. Meanwhile JJ travels into the countryside to try out his plane, but he loses control of it and it careers off into a neighboring field where Spud discovers it. JJ abandons the remote control to look for the plane, and Spud finds this too. Thrilled, he uses the plane to dive-bomb Squawk, but he breaks the remote control and the plane spirals off towards town. Spud gives chase and passes JJ, who joins in the pursuit. The plane narrowly misses Wendy who is replacing some ridge tiles on Mrs Broadbent's roof, then heads down Mrs Percival's chimney just as Bob finishes work. The plane's wings are smashed and the room is covered in soot. They dash outside to find a guilty Spud and a breathless JJ. Bob offers to mend the plane for JJ while Mrs Percival ropes Spud into helping clear up her house.

Trix and the Otters

S7 E3
Feb 04, 2002
Farmer Pickles wants a fence built around his compost heap. JJ sends Trix up to the farm with the materials, and on the way she drops off Molly who is going nature watching. Trix delivers the wood, while Molly finds a family of otters playing in the stream. Trix returns to join Molly, but she noisily scares the otters away. Molly tells her to hide in the undergrowth and stay quiet and the otters will return. But the big, shiny machine is too conspicuous and the otters dart away again. Bob and a very mucky Muck finish their job and on the way home find a miserable Trix. She tells them about the otters, and an excited Muck goes to see. The otters are unaffected by Muck's presence, and Molly realizes this is because the mucky Machine has natural camouflage. Trix and Muck head back to the farm and, with Scruffty's help, Trix covers herself in compost. Now she is able to watch the otters without frightening them, and Muck and Scruffty both have to face to prospect of a good soapy wash.

Speedy Skip

S7 E4
Feb 11, 2002
Bob is replacing a potting shed on Mr Beasley's allotment. In the old shed is a chest which Mr Beasley doesn't need any more. Meanwhile JJ is having a clear-out and has devised a new filing system for his paperwork. While Molly and Skip go to collect the remains of the demolished shed, JJ puts some papers in his old chest while he heads to the shops for some more files. Molly decides to surprise JJ by replacing his tatty old chest with Mr Bentley's better one. Back at JJ's yard she swaps the chests over and sends Skip off to the dump with the old one. JJ returns and is shocked to find his chest gone - with his papers inside! He calls Wendy who goes out with Muck to try and intercept Skip. She calls Bob - but he has given his phone to Mr Bentley who is on his way to the post office with Scoop. The Machines race off in pursuit of Skip, catching him just in time.

Mr Ellis's Exhibition

S7 E5
Feb 18, 2002
Bob gets a call from Mr Bentley who wants him to renovate the museum's annexe, where Mr Ellis plans to exhibit the work of local artists. The roof and floor must match the rest of the museum, but JJ doesn't have anything suitable in stock. He suggests that Bob sees if the materials from the demolished house are still at the recycling center. But Spud has helped himself to the old floorboards to build a sculpture for the exhibition. Bob loads Scoop up with the old tiles and returns to the museum. A disappointed Mr Bentley says they'll have to use new floorboards instead. Bob and Scoop take the rotten boards off to the dump, but on the way they pass Spud who is having problems with his sculpture as the pieces of wood are proving too long. Bob is delighted to find his floorboards and Spud is happy to swap them for the old bits of wood which Scoop is carrying. Wendy and Bob finish the restoration work at the annexe, and the exhibition is a great success.

Bob and the Badgers

S7 E6
Feb 25, 2002
Bob has promised to put a cat flap in his kitchen door for Pilchard, but he gets an urgent call from Farmer Pickles who needs a fence built to keep the rabbits out of his lettuce field. The job done, Spud offers to keep watch that night in case any rabbits get through the fence. However, he dozes off and wakes in the morning to find the fence trampled and the rabbits all over the field. Farmer Pickles calls Bob to repair the fence, but Wendy offers to go instead so that Bob can finish the cat flap. Pilchard is very happy with the results. Meanwhile, Wendy discovers some prints leading away from the fence to a badgers' set. Farmer Pickles realizes the fence must have blocked the badgers' path to the stream. Wendy calls Bob and, inspired by his cat flap, he decides to build a 'badger gate' in the fence - too strong for the rabbits to open, but able to let the badgers come and go when they want. That night Bob and his team quietly watch the badger family pass through the gate with ease.

Bob and the Goalie

S7 E7
Mar 04, 2002
Bob is building a new exercise park. Dizzy tries to cajole Spud into joining in a game of soccer, but uncharacteristically the scarecrow doesn't want to play. Wendy sends the Machines up to help Bob at the park - the exercise bars Bob builds remind Dizzy of goalposts and she asks Bob to have a shot at her, but he declines. Bob takes a lunch break, and is joined by Spud; they both admit to each other that they are no good at soccer. They decide to practice by having a kick-around with an orange, but they end up squashing it. Bob returns to work, and just as everything is finished, Wendy arrives with David Dixon. The goalie tries out the exercise park and pronounces it first rate. He then offers to go in goal for anyone who wants to take a shot. Bob reluctantly has a go, slips on the orange and ricochets the ball in off the goalpost. Spud then takes his turn, and his wild kick bounces all over the place ending up in the back of the net!

Dizzy Goes Camping

S7 E8
Mar 11, 2002
Farmer Pickles has decided to open a camp site on his land, and Bob is installing a shower block and fence to keep the sheep out. For once, he is working on his own while Wendy goes on holiday with Jenny. Dizzy wishes she could go too, but when Bob explains to her what the camp site will be used for, she is thrilled and asks if she and Muck can camp out for the night. Bob agrees, and builds them a makeshift tent from building materials and a tarpaulin. That night, Spud joins them and they sing songs around the (imaginary) camp fire. But as Spud makes his way home, Dizzy accidentally leaves the gate in the new fence open. The next morning Bob returns to find the site over-run by sheep. Dizzy and Muck round them up, and Dizzy promises to always shut the gate in future. Without Wendy, Bob has to work extra hard to get everything done, and when all is finished he can't help but fall asleep under the makeshift tent, much to Farmer Pickle's amusement.

Pilchard's Pets

S7 E9
Mar 18, 2002
The Mayor asks Bob to build a Pets Corner in the local park. Farmer Pickles has picked up a selection of animals for it - including a - chinchilla and sends Travis and Spud off to deliver them to Bob. Unfortunately Bob runs out of chicken wire and while Wendy goes back to the yard for some more, Travis and Spud arrive to find the animals' pens not yet ready. Bob suggests that the pets can stay in the lean-to at his yard until the work is finished, but by the time they get there Wendy has gone. Between Spud, Travis and the Machines, the pets escape, but by the time Bob and Wendy complete the pens and return to see how they're getting on, Pilchard has rounded them all up. All except the chinchilla! A hunt around town ensues, with no sign of the creature - until Pilchard discovers it hidden in Bob's filing cabinet. She shepherds it back to the park, where Pilchard is congratulated for being such a clever cat.

Snowman Scoop

S7 E10
Mar 25, 2002
Scoop is keen to enter the snowman competition, but is anxious when he sees the snowman that Mr Sabatini has made. He returns to the yard, only to hear that Mrs Potts has been snowed in and he is needed to clear her path. On the way he passes a distraught Mr Sabatini - someone has stolen his snowman's carrot nose. Mrs Potts proudly shows them her snowman, but its nose has vanished too. Scoop wants to investigate but is called away to Farmer Pickles' farm. There Scoop finds another nose-less snowman, with a fresh set of footprints leading away... he follows and discovers Spud with a bucket of carrots. Spud explains that he was only trying to feed some cold, hungry rabbits. Scoop decides to help, and eventually arrives back at Bob's yard having missed the competition, but glad to have done something more important. But he is delighted to find that the whole town has teamed up to build a snowman for him, and he is declared the unanimous winner.

Lofty's Long Load

S7 E11
Apr 01, 2002
Wendy goes to JJ's yard with Lofty and Dizzy to collect a steel joist. Lofty is nervous about carrying the joist, but Dizzy and Trix race off with the bricks and mortar, while Wendy stays behind to sort out a problem with JJ's printer. Lofty approaches a bridge with the joist when Dizzy and Trix hurtle past and startle him. He bangs the joist into the bridge, damaging the brickwork. The Machines try and repair things, but their attempts at bricklaying are far from successful. Bob wonders where they've got to, as he can do no more until they arrive. Wendy returns and is surprised to find no Machines, so she goes back to investigate. She finds them at the bridge and repairs the brickwork properly. Lofty continues on to the Bentleys' and, with increased confidence, maneuvers the joist through the door on his own. With a team effort, the job is finished and Mr Bentley is delighted when he returns - though not so happy when he finds that Bob has eaten all his biscuits!

Hamish's New Home

S7 E12
Apr 08, 2002
Mr Fothergill has a nasty case of dry rot, so Bob and crew will have to use some smelly chemicals to fix it. As these will affect Mr Fothergill's allergies, he goes to his sister's for the day. But she doesn't get on with Hamish, his pet parrot, so Molly volunteers to look after the bird. But Hamish's constant mimicking starts to cause problems with JJ's stocktaking, so he puts the parrot in his office for safekeeping. But Hamish escapes and flies into the yard, where Trix is stacking up a tall pile of pallets. The results are none too stable and it is only thanks to Hamish's warning that she avoids the toppling pallets. JJ takes a shine to Hamish and when Bobs work is completed, he's sorry to see him go. Mr Fothergill returns home, his allergy seemingly cured. But as soon as he sees Hamish, he starts to sneeze again. Wendy realizes that Hamish must be the cause of his allergy, so the bird will have to find a new home. Molly suggests JJ's yard, and everyone is happy to agree!

Dizzy the Sheepdog

S7 E13
Apr 15, 2002
Bob and team are building a barn for Farmer Pickles' sheep. Farmer Pickles brings the sheep down from the hills and puts them in a pen until the barn is finished. But one is missing, so he sends Scruffty off to look for it. Dizzy is impressed with Scruffty's herding skills and wishes she could be a sheepdog too. When Bob and Wendy go to JJ's for some more materials, she cannot contain herself and dashes off to help Scruffty. Bob and Wendy return, but are unable to continue working as they need Dizzy to mix cement for the uprights. Up in the hills, Dizzy joins Scruffty and they discover the lost sheep. Dizzy is amazed to find that it has given birth to a little lamb. Leaving Scruffty to look after them, she rushes back to fetch Farmer Pickles. Everyone is relieved to see her return and Farmer Pickles goes to rescue the mother and baby, while Dizzy rallies the troops to finish the barn. Dizzy feels justly proud when Farmer Pickles returns and the little lamb settles into his new home.