Season 7

Episode Guide

Mr Beasley's New Friends

S7 E1
Jan 21, 2002
Bob is repairing a leaking water tank at the school, when he discovers bats in the belfry. He tapes up the tank temporarily, but says the bats will need a new home as they are a protected species.

Spud The Pilot

S7 E2
Jan 28, 2002
Bob is installing an antique fireplace for Mrs Percival. He goes to JJ’s yard to collect it and finds JJ playing with his new model aeroplane. Bob then heads to Mrs Percival’s and starts to knock out the old fireplace.

Trix and the Otters

S7 E3
Feb 4, 2002
Farmer Pickles wants a fence built around his compost heap, as Scruffty keeps getting into it. Muck is excited at the prospect of such a mucky job. JJ sends Trix up to the farm with the materials.

Speedy Skip

S7 E4
Feb 11, 2002
Bob is replacing a potting shed on Mr Beasley’s allotment. In the old shed is a chest which Mr Beasley doesn’t need any more. Meanwhile Wendy calls at JJ’s for the materials for the new shed.

Mr Ellis's Exhibition

S7 E5
Feb 18, 2002
Bob is demolishing an old house, and sends the floorboards and roof tiles for recycling. As he finishes the job, he gets a call from Mr Bentley who wants him to renovate the museum’s annexe, where Mr Ellis plans to exhibit the work of local artists.

Bob and the Badgers

S7 E6
Feb 25, 2002
Bob has promised to put a cat flap in his kitchen door for Pilchard, but he gets an urgent call from Farmer Pickles who needs a fence built to keep the rabbits out of his lettuce field.

Bob and the Goalie

S7 E7
Mar 4, 2002
Bob is building a new exercise park which Mr Dixon’s brother David, a famous goalkeeper, is going to open. Dizzy tries to cajole Spud into joining in a game of soccer, but uncharacteristically the scarecrow doesn’t want to play.

Dizzy Goes Camping

S7 E8
Mar 11, 2002
Farmer Pickles has decided to open a camp site on his land, and Bob is installing a shower block and fence to keep the sheep out. For once, he is working on his own while Wendy goes on holiday with Jenny

Pilchard's Pets

S7 E9
Mar 18, 2002
The Mayor asks Bob to build a Pets Corner in the local park. Farmer Pickles has picked up a selection of animals for it – including a chinchilla – and sends Travis and Spud off to deliver them to Bob. Unfortunately Bob runs out of chicken wire.

Snowman Scoop

S7 E10
Mar 25, 2002
Scoop is keen to enter the town’s snowman competition, but a burst pipe outside Mr Sabatini’s needs fixing. Scoop is anxious when he sees the snowman that Mr Sabatini has made for the competition.

Lofty's Long Load

S7 E11
Apr 1, 2002
Bob is making a through-lounge at the Bentleys’, while Wendy goes to JJ’s yard with Lofty and Dizzy to collect a steel joist and other materials. Lofty is nervous about carrying the joist, but Dizzy and Trix race off with the bricks and mortar.

Hamish's New Home

S7 E12
Apr 8, 2002
Mr Fothergill has a nasty case of dry rot, so Bob and crew will have to use some smelly chemicals to fix it. As these will affect Mr Fothergill’s allergies, he goes to his sister’s for the day. But she doesn’t get on with Hamish, his pet parrot.

Dizzy the Sheepdog

S7 E13
Apr 15, 2002
Bob and team are building a barn for Farmer Pickles’ sheep, which has to be ready for the lambing season. Farmer Pickles brings the sheep down from the hills and puts them in a pen until the barn is finished.