Season 12

Episode Guide

Lofty The Star

S12 E1
Jan 19, 2006
The team are building a bunkhouse for Farmer Pickles guests The Pickers! Micky, Vicky and Little Ricky are helping with the sunflower harvest. The cabin is to be made of logs so Lofty's job is very important today, lifting and laying the logs. The pickers start their work promising a campfire party sing-a-long when they get back - in which where Lofty will be the star! Lofty is worried about having to singing to everyone. Dizzy reassures offers to help him practise. After building the walls to the cabin, Dizzy Talkie Talkie's Lofty - she's found a quiet spot at Mr Beasley's yurt. He races off to meet her, but just as he is about to sing the first note, in walks Mr Beasley! He's keen to hear Lofty sing which makes Lofty panic even more. He is saved by Bob calling him back to the bunkhouse -they need his help building the cabin roof. Everybody looks forward to the campfire - except Lofty, he hasn't had a chance to practise yet! Dizzy finds another quiet place.

Sumsy's Willow Tree

S12 E2
Jan 26, 2006
An old Willow tree has toppled over and needs to be chopped down. Lofty and Bob are going to make it safe and use the wood for other things. Meanwhile Travis and Sumsy wonder why they haven't got a shelter of their own like Bob's machines. Sumsy decides to ask Bob to build them one, but soon realises Bob is too busy. Spud declares that he will help them to make a shelter with the logs from the willow tree. It seems like a good idea until they learn that Bob actually needs the wood for Farmer Pickles fences! Sumsy returns the logs but sees some branches that aren't being used and rushes them back to Spud. He starts to build a door until it turns out those willow branches were needed after all to make ladders! She returns them to Bob before he asks any questions. Then Sumsy sees is a basket of twigs - surely they won't be missed? But wrong again. Wendy is looking for them to make a broom. She explains that many useful things can be made from willow twigs.

Slow Down Scrambler

S12 E3
Feb 02, 2006
Today Bob and the team have a very exciting job to do. They are building a bridge over the river to where Mr Sabatini's new bakery will be. Bob promises Scrambler that he can be the first machine across the bridge. Wendy will be working on the opposite bank and its Scrambler's job to take her the bags of concrete she needs. Dizzy is also needed to mix the cement, but the others stay behind to start forming the base. Desperate to get the job done as fast as possible, Scrambler rushes off - while Dizzy struggles to keep up, skidding off the path and into the marsh losing her Talkie-Talkie! Wendy sends Scrambler back to look for Dizzy. He finds her stuck but is reluctant to fetch Bob as this will slow down the finishing of the bridge. Scrambler decides to go back to Wendy, grab some rope and pull Dizzy out himself. Meanwhile Bob, Muck, Roley and Lofty are waiting for the concrete to finish the job. Bob and Lofty decide to look for the two missing machines.

Travis and the Tropical Fruits

S12 E4
Feb 03, 2006
Mr. Beasley decides to grow pineapples - and the best way top do this is to build a 'pineapple pit' - a special pit, heated by... horse manure! Travis wants to help and decides to fetch some horse manure from Farmer Pickles farm in Bobsville as quick as he can. Bob is delighted that Travis is helping, but Travis is nearly all the way back when Bob calls to ask him to take his time - they don't need the manure just yet. Travis decides to keep his stinky load away from sensitive noses - without much luck. Everywhere that Travis goes, someone objects to his one big stink. He enlists Spud's help with an unusual solution - by splitting the manure into smaller piles, he can make lots of little stinks - much better. Eventually, Bob is ready for the manure, and Travis proudly explains his plan - Until he can't remember where he's left them all. He didn't think this through. Thankfully, by making use of Mr Bentley's super-sensitive nose, Travis finds a way to relocate the manure.

Scoop The Teacher

S12 E5
Feb 04, 2006
The team are all ready to set up Mr Sabatini's bakery opposite the windmill so it's close to the flour. Bob promises a surprise when they get there, and who should roll out from behind a bush but Benny! Bob has brought him to sunflower valley to learn a thing or two from scoop. Scoop is extremely happy and excited to be Benny's teacher and begins to show him the best way to dig foundations. Bob, Lofty and Travis are off to Bobsville to collect a special oven which will be heated by sunflower stalks made into brickets. Spud asks to help and Scoop finds him a job making the brickets. Benny is impatient to learn his lessons and begs Scoop to teach him some more. Scoop nervously erects the uprights and the roof for the bakery without Bob's help and it all goes terribly wrong! Scoop gets stuck in the concrete under the bakery roof and has to call for help on the Talkie-Talkie. Lofty and Bob rescue him. Both Scoop and Benny learn that it's ok not to know everything all of the time.

Sir Muck

S12 E6
Feb 05, 2006
Mr Sabatini has decided to move from Bobsville to set up the Sunflower Valley bakery. Bob and the team are going to build him a new house close to the river. Muck asks if Spud can tag along as he's been telling him exciting stories from his 'knights of old' book. On their way to the new site they discover an old dilapidated tower. It will be perfect for using bricks to build the bakery as well as being a beautiful new home for Mr Sabatini's family. Muck is very excited when Mr Sabatini promises to knight him if he moves all the bricks and Hurry's off to collect the rest. Spud and Muck discover some old wooden poles and canvas underneath the last pile, Spud declares that they must be old lances and costumes from when the knights lived in the 'castle' and challenges Muck to a jousting competition. Back at the site the team have started to build the tower and are wondering what's keeping Muck so long. They get a delivery of parts from Travis and begin to put a wind turbine together.

Bashing Crashing Benny

S12 E7
Feb 06, 2006
Bob has bought a new attachment for Benny to try. It looks a bit big and heavy, but Benny is desperate to try it out so Bob promises he can as long as he's with him to help. Bob gets an excited phone call from Sandy Beech up at the cave house. He wants to show him something important so Benny's trial will have to wait. Benny has other ideas though. He goes off looking for a building job to try out the new attachment, but everyone he comes across is making delicate things. Up at the cave Sandy shows Bob a fossil he has discovered that would be perfect for the visitor centre; they just need to carefully transport it down to the valley. Benny is still looking for something to bash, crash or smash, but when Wendy explains that Sunflower valley is more about reducing, reusing and recycling, Benny starts to wish he never got the attachment. On his way to find Bob, he tries to smash a tunnel through a rock wall.

Spud's Cork Trees

S12 E8
Feb 10, 2006
An early morning start for the sunflower valley team, as they are moving logs in preparation for a safety fence around Mr Sabatini's windmill. Wendy's off to the sunflower oil factory to help Marjorie with a big delivery. Farmer Pickles and Scrufty arrive looking exhausted; he explains that Spud is so noisy in his sleep that he keeps everyone else awake. Some changes are going to have to be made. Spud is extremely upset when he learns that Farmer Pickles wants him to leave Scarecrow cottage because he is too loud. Inspired by seeing some rabbits bounding silently into a hedgerow, he vows to find a way to be quiet. Spud finds a scrap of cork tree on the ground and makes some espadrilles. Now he creeps silently to the riverbank. He is so quiet, that he startles Bob and Lofty. Bob drops the life belt and Lofty backs over it snapping it in two. Spud is now 'silent spud'. He has caused a mistake, but has also made a useful discovery. The cork trees give Bob an idea.

Bob's Top Team

S12 E9
Feb 12, 2006
Bob's too busy to even tell the machines what the job is for today. He takes Scrambler to the dome and the others follow. It turns out that they are going to turn the whole of the Dome into a Visitors centre and its opening tomorrow! The machines job is to fetch the Plesiosaurus fossil down from Sandy's cave. It's going to be a special display right in the middle of the Dome. Everyone else arrives with their plans for the displays. Mr pickles is about his farm, Marjorie's about sunflower produce, Mr Sabatini will show the bread making process, Mr Bentleys is all about his house and even Mr Beasley has turned up with an idea for his tropical fruit farm. Bob is rushed off his feet trying to help everyone at once, and to top it off the machines send Dizzy to ask when they can collect the fossil. He is far to busy to go with them and by the time all the displays are ready, the day is nearly over. He goes outside to find that its dark and the machines have all gone.

Dizzy's Sleepover

S12 E10
Feb 12, 2006
Bob and the team are finishing refurbishing the old watermill ready to begin milling the first Sunflower Valley flour. Work is just about to start when Dizzy hears a squeaking noise coming from above. There are bats in the old mill! They weren't there before! This could be tricky as bats are an endangered species. Dizzy is excited, she has never seen bats before. He sends Dizzy and Sumsy to Farmer Pickles silo to collect the seed ready for milling into flour. Bob goes on Travis to see if Wendy can help with the bat problem, while Dizzy and Sumsy race off so they can be back quickly to check out the new discovery. Bob and Wendy decide to speak to Mr Battersby, a bat expert. He reassures them that bats can live quite happily in a working watermill, as long as the team are not too noisy while they are building. Bob and Wendy return to the mill on Scoop. They work as quietly as possible. Dizzy collects the seed but is impatient and doesn't stop to hear that bats only appear at night!

Sumsy and the Beast

S12 E11
Feb 14, 2006
Its early morning and there's a strange creature in Sunflower Valley. First of all it visits the Homestead and then Scarecrow Cottage scaring Sumsy and Travis. It's something big and hairy, but gets frightened away by Scrambler carrying Baz. He is Farmer Pickles cousin and has come to help with the sheep shearing, at the new shearing station that Bob's building. Back at Scarecrow cottage, the 'thing' is back again, hiding in the bushes. Baz warns that the last time he heard rustling in the bushes; it turned out to be a crocodile! The sheep shearing pen is well under way, Baz is ready to prove he's the fastest shearer in the west, and Scrufty and Travis are going to round up the sheep. Sumsy and Spud soon cause panic across the valley by spreading rumours of "The beast of Sunflower Valley". Farmer Pickles, Baz and Sumsy take Scrufty to track to beast down. Srufty races into its hiding place only to be chased out by... an extremely woolly sheep!

Listen With Scrambler

S12 E12
Feb 27, 2006
Scrambler is playing with the Sunflower Valley children; Sunny, Saffron, Carlo and Cassia in the playground. It's the last day before they have to go back to school in Bobsville and they are all sad to be leaving. Scrambler gets a call from Wendy to help in the new yard. His job for the day is to play with the children and keep them away from the yard because Bob and the team are building a surprise. They are constructing a Baby Dome and need different materials to build it. There never seems to be quite enough of any thing... because Scrambler keeps making games out of the materials. First he makes Earth castles, and then uses the sacks for sack races, then mounds of sand for a sand castle town. Wendy, Bob and Ela get on with building the Dome walls, but they soon run out of mixture - Scrambler has taken all the sand! If they don't get the sand back the whole building will have to be taken apart and re-built. Ela introduces herself to the children. She has a new game for them.

Roley's Birds Eye View

S12 E13
Mar 04, 2006
An observation tower is going to be added next to the Visitor's centre to provide a scenic view of Sunflower Valley. The scaffolding is raised and Roley prepares a path to connect the tower to the Dome. He meets Bird along the way, Roley is upset because he is too big to ever get to the top of the tower but he would love to see a bird's eye view of the Valley. Roley wonders if he can bring the view down to him. Seeing Birds reflection in a mirror gives him an idea. He gets Lofty to raise the mirror as high as he can, but it's too far away to see things properly. Roley tries to look through Bob's telescope but he manages to knock it over and it breaks. He trundles off downheartedly thinking that he will never be able to see the scenery. Wendy and Bob remember that there is a way to see an image from a different place. They explain how a camera obscurer works using a mirror, a lens and a dark room. It will be the perfect way to surprise Roley and give him a bird's eye view.

Wendy's Houseboat

S12 E14
Mar 07, 2006
Wendy and Bob have a very special announcement to make. They are going to fix up an old Houseboat for Wendy to live in. There's a lot of hard work to be done. They need to make a gang plank, fix solar panels and give it a really good clean. Dizzy is helping Wendy to move her things, she is upset that Wendy won't be living with them any more but Wendy explains that she will still see them everyday. Henny and Penny her chickens won't eat. They don't want to leave the caravan. Ela arrives with a job for Bob. When she finds out that the caravan will be empty she excitedly asks if she can move in. the Houseboat is finished and looks great but Wendy is having second thoughts about leaving the Homestead. It's too late to go back now as Ela has moved all her stuff into the caravan. Wendy spends the first night in her new home, the ducks are keeping her awake and she wonders how Bob and the team are getting on.