Season 12

Episode Guide

Lofty The Star

S12 E1
Jan 19, 2006
The team are building a bunkhouse for Farmer Pickles guests The Pickers! Micky, Vicky and Little Ricky are helping with the sunflower harvest. The cabin is to be made of logs so Lofty’s job is very important today, lifting and laying the logs.

Sumsy's Willow Tree

S12 E2
Jan 26, 2006
An old Willow tree has toppled over and needs to be chopped down. Lofty and Bob are going to make it safe and use the wood for other things. Meanwhile Travis and Sumsy wonder why they haven’t got a shelter of their own like Bob’s machines.

Slow Down Scrambler

S12 E3
Feb 2, 2006
Today Bob and the team have a very exciting job to do. They are building a bridge over the river to where Mr Sabatini’s new bakery will be. Bob promises Scrambler that he can be the first machine across the bridge.

Travis and the Tropical Fruits

S12 E4
Feb 3, 2006
Mr. Beasley decides to grow pineapples – and the best way top do this is to build a ‘pineapple pit’ – a special pit, heated by horse manure! Travis wants to help and decides to fetch some horse manure from Farmer Pickles farm in Bobsville as quick as he can.

Scoop The Teacher

S12 E5
Feb 4, 2006
The team are all ready to set up Mr Sabatini’s bakery opposite the windmill so it’s close to the flour. Bob promises a surprise when they get there, and who should roll out from behind a bush but Benny!

Sir Muck

S12 E6
Feb 5, 2006
Mr Sabatini has decided to move from Bobsville to set up the Sunflower Valley bakery. Bob and the team are going to build him a new house close to the river. Muck asks if Spud can tag along as he’s been telling him exciting stories.

Bashing Crashing Benny

S12 E7
Feb 6, 2006
Bob has bought a new attachment for Benny to try. It looks a bit big and heavy, but Benny is desperate to try it out so Bob promises he can as long as he’s with him to help. Bob gets an excited phone call from Sandy Beech up at the cave house.

Spud's Cork Trees

S12 E8
Feb 10, 2006
An early morning start for the sunflower valley team, as they are moving logs in preparation for a safety fence around Mr Sabatini’s windmill. Wendy’s off to the sunflower oil factory to help Marjorie with a big delivery.

Bob's Top Team

S12 E9
Feb 12, 2006
Bob’s too busy to even tell the machines what the job is for today. He takes Scrambler to the dome and the others follow. It turns out that they are going to turn the whole of the Dome into a Visitors centre and its opening tomorrow!

Dizzy's Sleepover

S12 E10
Feb 12, 2006
Bob and the team are finishing refurbishing the old watermill ready to begin milling the first Sunflower Valley flour. Work is just about to start when Dizzy hears a squeaking noise coming from above. There are bats in the old mill!

Sumsy and the Beast

S12 E11
Feb 14, 2006
Its early morning and there’s a strange creature in Sunflower Valley. First of all it visits the Homestead and then Scarecrow Cottage scaring Sumsy and Travis. It’s something big and hairy, but gets frightened away by Scrambler carrying Baz.

Listen With Scrambler

S12 E12
Feb 27, 2006
Scrambler is playing with the Sunflower Valley children; Sunny, Saffron, Carlo and Cassia in the playground. It’s the last day before they have to go back to school in Bobsville and they are all sad to be leaving.

Roley's Birds Eye View

S12 E13
Mar 4, 2006
An observation tower is going to be added next to the Visitor’s centre to provide a scenic view of Sunflower Valley. The scaffolding is raised and Roley prepares a path to connect the tower to the Dome.

Wendy's Houseboat

S12 E14
Mar 7, 2006
Wendy and Bob have a very special announcement to make. They are going to fix up an old Houseboat for Wendy to live in. There’s a lot of hard work to be done. They need to make a gang plank, fix solar panels and give it a really good clean.