Season 14

Episode Guide

Mr Bentley's Big Parade

S14 E1
Mar 2, 2007
Mr Bentley is organising a special parade to announce Sunflower Valley’s very first mayor! Bob and the machines are putting up lights and building a special carriage and podium for the occasion. Nobody knows who the new mayor is to be.

Scrambler The Goat Herder

S14 E2
Mar 4, 2007
The team are renovating an old barn into a weaving studio for Meg MacDonald. The wool will be provided by Giddy the Goat in the mountains and noisy Scrambler is given the job of bring Giddy down to the studio in time.

Packers Big Delivery

S14 E3
Mar 7, 2007
Bob and the team are building a general store for the valley. It’s Packer’s job to collect everything that’s to be sold there. He enlists the help of Scrambler to show him where to go. One of his jobs is to collect milk from Meg MacDonald in the mountains.

Spud The Woodsman

S14 E4
Mar 20, 2007
Today’s build is an amazing wooden A-frame cottage for Chip Chipper the woodsman. Spud is in awe of Chip and decides to be a woodsman just like him. He does this by copying every move that chip makes – but messes up along the way.

Muck's Mootastic Dairy

S14 E5
Mar 26, 2007
Bob and the team are building the first part of Meg MacDonald’s Dairy – the milking shed. When Meg’s nephew Piper disappears to practise his bagpipes, Meg needs someone to look after her cows and Muck volunteers.

Roley The Green Cat

S14 E6
Mar 31, 2007
Rupert Reekie, a glass artist, has moved to Sunflower Valley with his cat Sprat. Bob and the team are building him an amazing studio. Meanwhile Roley is mystified as to why Pilchard isn’t being as friendly as she normally is.

Put It Together Bob

S14 E7
Apr 5, 2007
Bob has constructed a shed for Meg’s new milk bottling plant. Now it’s time to install the machinery. It’s a lot more complicated than it looks. Meanwhile news of freshly bottled milk spreads through the valley – everyone is very excited.

Dodger The Milk Truck

S14 E8
Apr 23, 2007
Bob and the team’s job today is to build a ‘Bob House’ for Meg MacDonald and her nephew Piper. It need to be ready for Meg‘s new milk delivery truck – Dodger - who is due the next day. Meg wants to give him a big welcome!

The Three Musketrucks

S14 E9
May 3, 2007
When Dodger, Packer and Scrambler learn about the Three Musketeers they decide to be the Three Musketrucks. Before they can play, Bob sends them to the docks to pick up an important delivery of some parts for the Bob Houses.

Bob's Beach Huts

S14 E10
May 3, 2007
Bob is building some beach huts. One hut will be a special surprise for his Mum and Dad – just like the photo he has of their hut from years ago.

Scoop Slips Up

S14 E11
May 17, 2007
Bob is building some salt pans by the beach for Annie Pickles. Scoop is determined to be mega-helpful. Unseen by Scoop, Bob accidentally breaks the sluice gate section of the pans.

Dodgers Dairy Disaster

S14 E12
May 23, 2007
Bob is building a Creamery for Meg MacDonald’s dairy where she will make Sunflower Valley’s very own cheese. It’s Dodger’s job to collect lots of different ingredients to try. They will see which works best.