Season 14

Episode Guide

Mr Bentley's Big Parade

S14 E1
Mar 02, 2007
Mr Bentley is organising a special parade to announce Sunflower Valley's very first mayor! Bob and the machines are putting up lights and building a special carriage and podium for the occasion. Nobody knows who the new mayor is to be. When Spud takes a sneaky look at the gold envelope containing the new mayor's name, Mr Bentley wonders if it could be him. He becomes so obsessed with finding out from Spud that his preparations go seriously awry. Eventually Spud relents and tells him the name he saw in the envelope - Bob! Mr Bentley feels very silly and with a stiff upper-lip rallies the team to put on a wonderful parade. When the name of the mayor is announced, Mr Bentley is stunned to hear his own name. Spud was wrong! Mr Bentley is a very very happy man!

Scrambler The Goat Herder

S14 E2
Mar 04, 2007
The team are renovating an old barn into a weaving studio for Meg MacDonald. The wool will be provided by Giddy the Goat in the mountains and noisy Scrambler is given the job of bring Giddy down to the studio in time. As Bob gets to work, Scrambler charges off to find Giddy. Scrambler makes so much noise that he finds catching up with Giddy harder than he thought! With Giddy nowhere to be seen Scrambler gives up - until, in the quiet he hears Giddy's bell. By staying quiet, Scrambler finds that he can herd Giddy very effectively down the mountain. Everyone is very impressed and, with Giddy shorn of his wool, Meg knits some lovely scarves. And Scrambler gets a little bell - just like Giddy!

Packers Big Delivery

S14 E3
Mar 07, 2007
Bob and the team are building a general store for the valley. It's Packer's job to collect everything that's to be sold there. He enlists the help of Scrambler to show him where to go. One of his jobs is to collect milk from Meg MacDonald in the mountains. Scrambler warns him that the mountains are not the place for big delivery trucks with heavy loads, but Packer insists. On his way down the mountain Packer gets stuck - just as Scrambler had warned him. Gertie the Goat sends a message to Scrambler, who comes to the rescue. Scrambler helps Packer ferry his deliveries down to the store just in time for the opening, by Mayor Bentley. Packer is very glad to have worked with his friend!

Spud The Woodsman

S14 E4
Mar 20, 2007
Today's build is an amazing wooden A-frame cottage for Chip Chipper the woodsman. Spud is in awe of Chip and decides to be a woodsman just like him. He does this by copying every move that chip makes - but messes up along the way. When he tries to pick up a log just like strong chip, he drops it sending the log hurtling towards Bob and the team who are lifting the cottage A-frame into place! Then, determined to prove his woodsman credentials to some cheeky squirrels he tries to deliver some tiles to the roof of the cottage - dropping them right through the roof making a big hole. Spud is very sorry. Chip informs Spud that it takes a lot of work to become a woodsman - more than just copying! Spud decides that he's better off sticking to what he's already the best at - scaring crows!

Muck's Mootastic Dairy

S14 E5
Mar 26, 2007
Bob and the team are building the first part of Meg MacDonald's Dairy - the milking shed. When Meg's nephew Piper disappears to practise his bagpipes, Meg needs someone to look after her cows and Muck volunteers. Muck turns down all offers of help, convinced that he can manage alone. While his back is turned however, the cows vanish and start causing chaos across the valley. Muck chases after them - but it's too late and the herd soon knock down the half built dairy. The cows need to be milked by sundown - it's a disaster! Muck is very sorry for trying to do everything himself and recruits help from across the valley. With everyone mucking it, the dairy is soon finished. This time, Muck is very glad of everyone's help!

Roley The Green Cat

S14 E6
Mar 31, 2007
Rupert Reekie, a glass artist, has moved to Sunflower Valley with his cat Sprat. Bob and the team are building him an amazing studio. Meanwhile Roley is mystified as to why Pilchard isn't being as friendly as she normally is. Every time he approaches, she runs away. Clumsy Roley ties to be more 'catlike' but accidentally crushes some glass. Roley is distraught, thinking that it's some of Rupert's art. Meanwhile, Sprat is causing chaos, causing Rupert to drop an important stained glass window. Roley is delighted to discover that the glass he crushed was old glass for recycling and that it's just right for Rupert to make a replacement window. Roley is particularly thrilled to discover Pilchard with a litter of kittens! That's why she was being strange - she was about to become a mummy. And the dad is Sprat. Uncle Roley is very proud!

Put It Together Bob

S14 E7
Apr 05, 2007
Bob has constructed a shed for Meg's new milk bottling plant. Now it's time to install the machinery. It's a lot more complicated than it looks. Meanwhile news of freshly bottled milk spreads through the valley - everyone is very excited. At the shed, Piper asks Bob if he minds him practicing his pipes nearby. Bob agrees, but is soon joined by Buttercup the cow who always comes when Piper plays. Wendy calls, but Bob assures that he can handle this job on his own. Mr Bentley and Mr Sabatini also offer to help with the machinery, but Bob insists that he's okay. Bob's job gets harder when Buttercup eats Bob's instructions and sets the machinery going - sending milk and bottles flying all over the shed! Bob realises that he needs help - he's a builder, not an engineer! Together with Wendy, Mr Sabatini, Mr Bentley and Farmer Pickles - Bob puts the machinery together!

Dodger The Milk Truck

S14 E8
Apr 23, 2007
Bob and the team's job today is to build a 'Bob House' for Meg MacDonald and her nephew Piper. It need to be ready for Meg's new milk delivery truck - Dodger - who is due the next day. Meg wants to give him a big welcome! Meanwhile Dodger turns up in Sunflower Valley ready to get to work, but is sad to find no one waiting for him - he doesn't realise that they are all busy building his new home! Gloomily, Dodger finds some milk crates and begins his milk round. But with no one to deliver it to, there doesn't seem much point - maybe he's not wanted! Meanwhile Piper realises that some milk has been delivered and Lofty spots a strange new truck in the valley. Bob quickly works out what is going on - Meg got her dates wrong! Dodger has arrived today! They rush to find Dodger, who is delighted that he is wanted after all. Welcome to the team Dodger!

The Three Musketrucks

S14 E9
May 03, 2007
When Dodger, Packer and Scrambler learn about the Three Musketeers they decide to be the Three Musketrucks. Before they can play, Bob sends them to the docks to pick up an important delivery of some parts for the Bob Houses. At the docks, Scrambler chooses the first delivery that they can see, but it's the wrong one. Returning to the docks, the trucks find another delivery, this time inside a ferry! When the ferry leaves the dock they don't know what to do. Scrambler decides to think things through properly this time - using their horns they all make as much noise as possible to alert the ships captain. The ferry returns top dock and the three Musketrucks are returned to dry land. They find the correct delivery and head back to Sunflower Valley with tales of their adventures - one for all and all for one!

Bob's Beach Huts

S14 E10
May 03, 2007
Bob is building some beach huts. One hut will be a special surprise for his Mum and Dad - just like the photo he has of their hut from years ago. Scrambler is desperate to show off his new moves but is given the job of bringing Bob's mum and dad to the beach in time. Bob tells Scrambler to take his time. Robert and dot fancy going to see Mr Beasley's pineapples but Scrambler decides to show Robert and Dot his moves. He forgets to unhitch his trailer and Dot's lovely picnic goes everywhere. Scrambler becomes so prepossessed with his moves that he doesn't notice Farmer Pickles appear and give Robert and Dot a lift to Mr Beasley's. Scrambler thinks and remembers about Mr Beasley. Sure enough, that's where he finds them. Dutifully, Scrambler takes Robert and Dot to the beach, where Bob has finished the hit. Except a flock of seagulls has caused chaos - attacking the food that Mr Sabatini has made. Robert and Dot are delighted. Bob is very sorry that it looks nothing like his photo.

Scoop Slips Up

S14 E11
May 17, 2007
Bob is building some salt pans by the beach for Annie Pickles. Scoop is determined to be mega-helpful. Unseen by Scoop, Bob accidentally breaks the sluice gate section of the pans. Then, Scoop slips on some seaweed in to the gate and thinks that he has broken it. He panics and does his best to keep Bob away from the broken gate until he can think of a solution, with chaotic results. When the time comes to fit the gate, Scoop realises that he has no option but to own up. He's astonished to learn that it was Bob that broke the gate all along. If only if Scoop had told Bob to begin with! Wendy has brought materials to fix the gate and soon the salt pans are working a treat!

Dodgers Dairy Disaster

S14 E12
May 23, 2007
Bob is building a Creamery for Meg MacDonald's dairy where she will make Sunflower Valley's very own cheese. It's Dodger's job to collect lots of different ingredients to try. They will see which works best. As he collects the ingredients, he becomes determined to make everyone he sees laugh with his hilarious horn, with chaotic results - he makes Sumsy laugh so much that he drops all the ingredients onto the ground. Everything gets all mixed up! That's not so funny! Dodger is very sorry. There's no time to collect more! Dodger suggests that they try all of the ingredients mixed together - and it's a big hit!