Season 8

Episode Guide

Bob The Photographer

S8 E1
Sep 17, 2002
Bob has a day off and he takes a trip to Farmer Pickles farm to take some photographs for the town photography competition. Wendy, meanwhile, has been called to the school hall where a pipe has burst, threatening the competition.

Mr Bentley's Trains

S8 E2
Sep 24, 2002
Train enthusiast Mr Bentley is away for the day and, in his absence, Mrs Bentley decides to surprise her husband by asking Bob to build him a brand new model railway in the shed.

Wendy's Big Night Out

S8 E3
Oct 1, 2002
Bob and Wendy are converting an old shop into a brand new restaurant for Mr Sabatini. Mr Sabatini asks Wendy to be the guest of honour at the grand opening. She is delighted but terrified at the prospect of giving a speech in public.

Racing Muck

S8 E4
Oct 8, 2002
Bob is building a new swimming pool for the Mayor. He asks Muck to collect some special tiles from JJ, explaining that they are very fragile and easy to break.

Mr Beasley's Noisy Pipes

S8 E5
Oct 15, 2002
Mr Beasley’s pipes and boiler are making banging noises and Bob is called in to replace them. Whilst Bob and Wendy are collecting the new Boiler from JJ, Molly explains that she is looking after Mrs Broadbent’s baby rabbits.

Lofty's Jungle Fun

S8 E6
Oct 22, 2002
Bob and the gang are building a pedestrian crossing. Mrs Percival, meanwhile, has asked Molly to paint a mural of a jungle scene in the school playground.

Ballroom Bob

S8 E7
Oct 29, 2002
Bob has been making secret early morning trips to the school where Mrs Percival has been giving him salsa lessons, as he wants to impress everybody at the town dance that night.

Molly's Fashion Show

S8 E8
Nov 5, 2002
Pam Goody is running out of money to complete the Arts Centre renovations and Molly suggests holding a fashion show to raise funds. Pam thinks this a wonderful idea and asks Molly to organise it. Bob is, of course, just the man to build a catwalk.

Spud and the Doves

S8 E9
Nov 12, 2002
Mr Ellis has a batch of Doves delivered, to use in his magic act, and asks Bob to build a dovecote for his new birds to live in. Mr Ellis realises that he has to go to work but does not want to leave the birds at home alone.

First Aid Molly

S8 E10
Nov 19, 2002
Bob and the gang are replacing some old pipes outside the town hall. Molly, meanwhile, is practicing for her first aid exam with a reluctant JJ as guinea pig. When Wendy calls JJ’s yard to order a special pipe and Molly offers to deliver it.

Mr Bentley - Dogsitter

S8 E11
Nov 26, 2002
Bob and the gang leave to convert a house into two separate flats. Mr Bentley, meanwhile, has been left in charge of The Mayor’s dog, Timmikins. Unable to find anybody to look after the dog during the day, Mr Bentley has to take the Timmikins to work with him.

Travis Gets Lucky

S8 E12
Dec 3, 2002
Farmer Pickles is having problems with mice eating his barley seed so he asks Bob to build a seed store to keep it safe. Whilst Bob is working, Farmer Pickles decides to go and buy some replacement seed.

Scruffty On Guard

S8 E13
Dec 10, 2002
Farmer Pickles has a new family of Pigs being delivered to his farm and Bob must build a new home for them. In the meantime, Farmer Pickles places the pigs in an old Barn to keep them safe.