Season 8

Episode Guide

Bob The Photographer

S8 E1
Sep 17, 2002
Bob takes a trip to Farmer Pickles farm to take some photographs for the town photography competition. Wendy, meanwhile, has been called to the school hall where a pipe has burst, threatening the competition. She urgently needs Bob's help and has to call him away from his photography. Bob leaves the farm immediately but accidentally leaves his camera on a wall. Spud finds the camera and naughtily takes some pictures. When the camera stops working, Spud assumes he has broken it. Molly appears and points out that the film has simply finished. She helps Spud develop the film. Meanwhile Bob thinks he has lost his camera. The competition gets underway and Bob, resigned to the fact that he is unable to enter, is amazed when he wins first prize! He discovers that Molly and Spud have secretly entered his pictures on his behalf. Spud is a worthy runner up with The Most Amusing Picture - of Scruffty with a bird on his head. Spud's prize is an automatic camera of his very own.

Mr Bentley's Trains

S8 E2
Sep 24, 2002
Train enthusiast Mr Bentley is away for the day and, in his absence, Mrs Bentley decides to surprise her husband by asking Bob to build him a brand new model railway in the shed. Whilst Bob gets to work, the machines race round the yard pretending to be a real train. Mrs Bentley shows Bob one of Mr Bentley's favorite model trains but unfortunately drops and breaks it. Worried that her husband will be upset, Mrs Bentley tries to locate a replacement. Unfortunately, the broken train is not made anymore and Mrs Bentley has to settle for a newer version. She enlists the help of the machines "train" to help her pick up the new model before Mr Bentley's return. Mrs Bentley and the machines race back in the nick of time. Luckily, Mr Bentley is delighted with his new train set and loves his brand new train!

Wendy's Big Night Out

S8 E3
Oct 01, 2002
Bob and Wendy are converting an old shop into a brand new restaurant for Mr Sabatini. Mr Sabatini asks Wendy to be the guest of honour at the grand opening. She is delighted but terrified at the prospect of giving a speech in public. She is also allowed to invite a guest of her choice - of course she chooses Bob! Things get flustered as everyone rushes to get ready for the big night. Wendy, not having a thing to wear, borrows a dress from Molly - which has to be dry-cleaned, the finishing touches have to be made to the restaurant, the chairs haven't arrived yet, and Wendy keeps forgetting her speech! Will it all get done in time? Thankfully, in the nick of time, everything falls into place and the grand opening goes off without a hitch - even Wendy's speech.

Racing Muck

S8 E4
Oct 08, 2002
Bob is building a new swimming pool for the Mayor. He asks Muck to collect some special tiles from JJ, explaining that they are very fragile and easy to break. Whilst returning, fully loaded, from JJ's yard, Muck meets Spud who claims to be late for Farmer Pickles. Spud convinces Muck to give him a lift across a very bumpy field. Once back at the building site, Muck realizes that all the special tiles have broken. Muck wishes he knew how to be more careful and Skip offers to show Muck how. Later, Muck is doing some digging and uncovers a fragment of an old vase. This time, Muck hasn't broken anything, but he has made a hugely important archaeological discovery. Mr Stephens, the archaeologist, explains that the site was an ancient amphitheatre, where chariot races were held! Bob and the gang turn the site into a visitor attraction and Muck, as a "thank you" for being so careful, gets a commemorative plaque on the visitor center.

Mr Beasley's Noisy Pipes

S8 E5
Oct 15, 2002
Mr Beasley's pipes and boiler are making banging noises and Bob is called in to replace them. Whilst Bob and Wendy are collecting the new Boiler from JJ, Molly explains that she is looking after Mrs Broadbent's baby rabbits. Mr Beasley, meanwhile, becomes convinced that the noise is being made by animals under the floor and decides to fetch his crowbar and investigate. Bob returns and begins the task of draining and replacing the boiler. Bob, working upstairs, and Mr Beasley, ripping up his floorboards downstairs, become confused by each other's noise. The confusion is resolved and with the water still off, Bob invites Mr Beasley back to the yard to clean himself up only to find that the banging has spread there too! Bob investigates and discovers that, this time, one of Molly's rabbits is responsible!

Lofty's Jungle Fun

S8 E6
Oct 22, 2002
Mrs Percival has asked Molly to paint a mural of a jungle scene in the school playground. Lofty and Skip become interested in the elephants that Molly has painted. In his excitement, Lofty knocks over some paint. Molly then realizes that she cannot reach the top of the painting, and makes some homemade stilts. Once Molly has finished the wall, she pops home to pick up some cleaning fluid for the spilt paint. In her absence, Spud decides to borrow the stilts and walks through a puddle of paint leaving a trail of large footprints. Lofty and Skip see the footprints heading in the direction of the building site, assume they have been made by an elephant, and decide to give chase. Molly catches up with Spud, but he runs off and tramples paint prints all over Bob's pristine new crossing. Skip and Lofty discover the true identity of the elephant.

Ballroom Bob

S8 E7
Oct 29, 2002
Mrs Percival has been giving Bob secret salsa lessons because he wants to impress everybody at the town dance that night. Mr Bentley calls Bob and tells him that the dance must be held in one of Farmer Pickles' Fields because of the hot weather. This means that Bob will have to build a new dance floor with lights and tables and chairs. Fetching timber and lights from JJ and furniture from Mr Sabatini, Bob and the gang set to work. Unfortunately the job takes longer than expected, especially as Bob is planning a special surprise for the dance. As a result Bob is unable to attend one last lesson with Mrs Percival. Back at the yard, Bob practices his moves on his own - without much success. At the dance that evening, Bob's salsa moves come together and everyone - especially Wendy - is very impressed. The dance ends with a flourish - Bob has secretly rigged up a beautiful glitter-ball!

Molly's Fashion Show

S8 E8
Nov 05, 2002
Pam Goody asks Molly to organize a fashion show to help raise funds for the Arts Center renovations. Bob is just the man to build a catwalk. Dizzy becomes fascinated by fashion and takes to wearing her own garment - a plastic sheet - in the hope that she will be able to take part in the show. Whilst Bob is hard at work, Molly searches for design inspiration for her first collection. Pilchard gets in the way and paint goes flying - all over Bob, Wendy and Dizzy's plastic sheet. Dizzy finds that she loves her new paint splattered look and decides to practice on the catwalk herself. Dizzy hits a loose floorboard and again paint goes flying - this time all over Molly. Molly doesn't mind however, as Dizzy's accident has given her a great idea for the clothes. The catwalk is finally completed, and with Wendy, Bob, Dizzy and Spud helping out as models, Molly finally gets to show off her new sploshy paint effect designs.

Spud and the Doves

S8 E9
Nov 12, 2002
Mr Ellis has a batch of Doves delivered, to use in his magic act, and asks Bob to build a dovecote for his new birds to live in. Mr Ellis realizes that he has to go to work but does not want to leave the birds at home alone. Spud appears and volunteers to look after them. Spud tries to entertain the birds by performing magic tricks and, whilst attempting to make the birds invisible, accidentally leaves the birdcage door open allowing the doves to escape to Mr Ellis's thatched roof. Spud climbs onto the roof to retrieve the birds, puts his foot through the thatched roof and becomes stuck. Bob and Lofty and rescue Spud. Bob calls Katie the Thatcher to mend the roof - and explain to Spud about corn dollies. Bob delivers the new Dovecote and Spud in his eagerness help causes the Dovecote to fall and the wooden roof to smash. Katie helps Spud to make a new thatched roof - which Spud finishes off with a dove shaped corn dolly!

First Aid Molly

S8 E10
Nov 19, 2002
Wendy calls JJ's yard to order a special pipe and Molly offers to deliver it. Whilst on her way, she meets Spud who complains that one of his legs has gone wobbly from walking. Molly, using her first aid skills, attaches a splint to Spud's leg. Meanwhile, Bob has to rush off to warn everybody that the water will be switched off while the pipes are mended. Mr Sabatini, now fully bandaged, is worried that he will not be able to make his Pizzas without water, so Bob offers to fill up some pans for him. Spud meanwhile tells the assembled machines of his bravery and, in Bob's absence, offers to help Lofty move the special pipe from Trix's forks. Unfortunately, Spud's bandages get in the way of his directions and Lofty accidentally swings the pipe into a lamppost, causing it to bend over. Dizzy dashes to Mr Sabatini's to fetch Bob. Molly, has a fantastic idea to help. By using Farmer Pickles' timber and some bandages, she makes a large splint for the lamppost.

Mr Bentley - Dogsitter

S8 E11
Nov 26, 2002
Bob and the gang leave to convert a house into two separate flats. Mr Bentley, meanwhile, has been left in charge of The Mayor's dog, Timmikins. Unable to find anybody to look after the dog during the day, Mr Bentley has to take the Timmikins to work with him. Whilst visiting Bob's yard, Timmikins scoffs Pilchard's breakfast resulting in a scrap. Pilchard is chased out of the yard and through town by the dog, wreaking havoc as they go. The chase eventually ends at Bob's building site where Timmikins becomes trapped in one of the newly converted flats. Mr Bentley, now unable to find the Mayor's dog, panics and Bob and the gang set about trying to locate Timmikins. Pilchard finally releases Timmikins from the building site and leads the newly humbled dog back to Mr Bentley.

Travis Gets Lucky

S8 E12
Dec 03, 2002
Farmer Pickles is having problems with mice eating his barley seed so he asks Bob to build a seed store to keep it safe. Whilst Bob is working, Farmer Pickles decides to go and buy some replacement seed - leaving Travis to plough the barley field on his own! Spud appears and, being a master ploughman of course, volunteers to help. Nervously he begins and after some chaotic instructions from Spud, Travis's plough becomes stuck on a horseshoe in the ground. Spud advises Travis that horseshoes bring luck and fixes it to Travis's exhaust pipe. Travis, now feeling lucky, continues to plough the field perfectly. Later, Bob and the machines see his good work and point out to Travis that he could plough the field alone all along. Travis explains that he could only do it with the help of his lucky horseshoe - before realizing that the horseshoe fell off ages ago! He didn't need any lucky charms after all - Spud might need one though, to help with an invasion of crows.

Scruffty On Guard

S8 E13
Dec 10, 2002
Farmer Pickles has a new family of Pigs being delivered to his farm and Bob must build a new home for them. In the meantime, Farmer Pickles places the pigs in an old Barn to keep them safe. Whilst Bob is hard at work, things start going missing on the farm. Scruffty is given the task of guarding Bob's equipment from the thief overnight. That night, Spud turns up and distracts Scruffty with a game of fetch. Whilst Scruffty and Spud are playing, a suspicious snuffling sound comes from the half-built sty. The next morning Bobs hammer has vanished - and Scruffty becomes the prime suspect. When Bob's phone then vanishes, Wendy calls Bob's number. Scruffty leads everyone to the source of the ringing - which turns out to be Humpty's enclosure. Farmer Pickles discovers that Humpty has been escaping through a hole in the barn. Finally, Scruffty is rewarded with a big juicy bone or being such a good guard dog.