Season 5

Episode Guide

Scruffty's Big Dig

S5 E1
Jan 6, 2001
Bob and Wendy are replacing Mrs Broadbent’s bulging gable end. Meanwhile, Scruffty is chasing rabbits in Farmer Pickles’ field. As they disappear down a rabbit hole, Scruffty starts digging and falls into the warren, leaving a gaping hole above him.

Inspector Spud

S5 E2
Jan 13, 2001
While repairing a burst water pipe in town, Bob turns off the mains with a stop-cock key. However, Spud has wandered into town and is curious when he finds the key. He turns it, and soaks Mr Bentley, who is supervising the job.

Cock A Doodle Spud

S5 E3
Jan 20, 2001
Farmer Pickles needs Bob to build a hencoop- his hen has abandoned her eggs under a hedge. Leaving the eggs with Bob, he goes off to find the hen. Bob discovers that he doesn't have enough roofing felt, so he and Muck have to go back to the yard.

Wendy's Surprise Party

S5 E4
Jan 27, 2001
Wendy is holding a surprise party for her sister Jenny who is coming to visit. Dizzy is helping her build a barbecue. Meanwhile Bob is laying a drive at the Lazenby's, and realizes he should have given Wendy some bricks.

Skateboard Spud

S5 E5
Feb 3, 2001
Bob is building some traffic calming measures, under the supervision of Mr Bentley. Spud, meanwhile, is taking some rubbish to the Recycling Centre with Travis, when he finds some old pram wheels, an ironing board and a saucepan.

Muck's Monster

S5 E6
Feb 10, 2001
Bob has been working all night laying lino. Wendy takes Muck and Dizzy to clear a blocked drain, telling the others to keep quiet while Bob sleeps. Spud arrives, looking for someone to play chequers with.

Spud The Dragon

S5 E7
Feb 17, 2001
Bob is insulating Mrs. Potts' loft, while Spud brings Mrs. Percival a ladder, which Farmer Pickles has lent for the school play. Finding the schoolyard full of props and make-up, Spud is entranced - especially by the dragon costume, which he 'borrows'.

Pilchard Steals The Show

S5 E8
Feb 24, 2001
Wendy is building an enclosure for the local dog show, which Farmer Pickles has entered Scruffty into. When Scoop sees Scruffty perform his tricks, he becomes determined to enter Pilchard.

Bob's Hide

S5 E9
Mar 3, 2001
Bob and Mr. Bentley are both members of the bird-watching society, for whom Bob is building a 'hide'. Spud is intrigued, but Mr. Bentley tells him he is only allowed into the nature reserve if he promises not to scare any birds.

Bob's Auntie

S5 E10
Mar 10, 2001
Wendy is planning a picnic, when a call comes from Mr Ellis. He has hammered a nail through a water pipe at the museum, short-circuiting the electricity. Bob and crew arrive, meeting Mr Dixon on his delivery round.

Bob and the Big Freeze

S5 E11
Mar 17, 2001
It has been snowing, and some trees have blown over at Farmer Pickles' farm. Wendy and Scoop go to clear the country lanes, while Bob, Lofty and Dizzy chop up the trees for firewood.

Clumsy Roley

S5 E12
Mar 24, 2001
Wendy is building some decking in Mr Beasley's garden, while Bob installs a flat-pack kitchen for Mr Fothergill. Roley is working on a new song, and absentmindedly almost runs over Bob's toolbox.

Eskimo Bob

S5 E13
Mar 31, 2001
Wendy and Jenny return from their skiing holiday, but a heavy snow-fall means Jenny has to stay a few more days. Mr. Bentley asks Bob to clear the roads with Scoop's snow-plough. While he is gone, Wendy gets a call from Farmer Pickles.