Season 5

Episode Guide

Scruffty's Big Dig

S5 E1
Jan 06, 2001
Bob and Wendy are replacing Mrs Broadbent's bulging gable end. Meanwhile, Scruffty is chasing rabbits in Farmer Pickles' field. As they disappear down a rabbit hole, Scruffty starts digging and falls into the warren, leaving a gaping hole above him. Bob sends Muck back to the yard for more cement. Passing the field, Muck hears a weird howling sound. Thinking it is a ghost, he heads back to get Bob. Leaving Wendy to finish the wall, Bob takes Lofty to find out what the trouble is. He shines a torch into the hole and sees Scruffty. Lofty lowers his hook into the hole and Scruffty manages to hold on whilst Lofty hauls him out. Farmer Pickles takes Scruffty back home, while Bob and crew return to Mrs Broadbent's. Later that day, Farmer Pickles and Scruffty call round to the yard with a thank-you present for Muck - a juicy bone!

Inspector Spud

S5 E2
Jan 13, 2001
While repairing a burst water pipe in town, Bob turns off the mains with a stop-cock key. However, Spud has wandered into town and is curious when he finds the key. He turns it, and soaks Mr Bentley, who is supervising the job. Leaving his clipboard, Mr Bentley goes back to the Town Hall to change. Spud finds the clipboard and decides to become a building inspector. Meanwhile, Bob finishes the job and the hole in the road is cemented over. Mr Bentley returns to discover his clipboard gone. He and Bob go off to find it, following a trail of 'building certificates' which Spud has left. They eventually catch up with him back at the site of the burst pipe, but so keen was Spud to inspect Bob's work that he has become stuck in the cement. Bob rescues him and Farmer Pickles takes him off to give his feet a good wash.

Cock A Doodle Spud

S5 E3
Jan 20, 2001
Farmer Pickles needs Bob to build a hencoop - his hen has abandoned her eggs under a hedge. Leaving the eggs with Bob, he goes off to find the hen. Bob discovers that he doesn't have enough roofing felt, so he and Muck have to go back to the yard. He asks Spud and Travis to look after the eggs in his absence. Spud decides they need to be warmer, so he wraps them in Farmer Pickles' duvet. But it rips, covering him in feathers. The first chick hatches and assumes Spud is his mother, falling asleep happily in his arms. Bob returns and finishes the coop, and Spud puts the chick and the un-hatched eggs inside. Then Farmer Pickles comes back with the hen, who is just in time to see the rest of her brood hatch. The family is completed by the arrival of the cockerel - who takes a shine to the feather-covered Spud!

Wendy's Surprise Party

S5 E4
Jan 27, 2001
Wendy is holding a surprise party for her sister Jenny who is coming to visit. Dizzy is helping her build a barbecue. Meanwhile Bob is laying a drive at the Lazenby's, and realizes he should have given Wendy some bricks, so he loads Muck up and sends him over. While Bob and the Machines work on the drive, Wendy finishes the barbecue and then goes with Dizzy to deliver her invitations-the whole town is invited! And that includes the excited Machines, who return to find their invitations in Dizzy's mixer. But when party time comes, the Machines are too tired to go, so Bob lets them sleep. Jenny is disappointed not to meet them, so Bob and Wendy take her over to see them in their lean-tos. But the Machines have been woken by the noise of the party, and are delighted when Jenny says they can come after all.

Skateboard Spud

S5 E5
Feb 03, 2001
Bob is building some traffic calming measures, under the supervision of Mr Bentley. Spud, meanwhile, is taking some rubbish to the Recycling Centre with Travis, when he finds some old pram wheels, an ironing board and a saucepan. He uses these to make a skateboard - the saucepan becoming his helmet. Meanwhile, Bob has built a traffic island with metal poles to form width restrictions, and is putting up a ramp. Spud's attempts to skateboard are frustrated by Squawk, who dive-bombs him, and Scruffty, who sends him tumbling, so he decides to head into town where there will be less interference. As he heads down a hill, he starts to lose control. Bob is putting the final touches to the traffic calming measures, when Spud charges into view. He manages to negotiate his way around the width restrictions, but when he hits the ramp he goes flying into the air and crash-lands in a skip.

Muck's Monster

S5 E6
Feb 10, 2001
Bob has been working all night laying lino. Wendy takes Muck and Dizzy to clear a blocked drain, telling the others to keep quiet while Bob sleeps. Spud arrives, looking for someone to play chequers with - the Machines improvise a game using traffic cones, tyres and an off-cut of the chequered lino as a board. Meanwhile Muck is spooked by the gurgling noises, which emanate from the drain - Dizzy convinces him this is a 'drain monster'. Once Wendy has pumped the water into a container, she uses drain rods to shift the blockage, but they won't do the trick. She'll have to dig up the road, but discovers her ear-protectors are missing. Muck happily takes her back to the yard, where the chequers game is proceeding noisily. Reminding them to be quiet, she returns to find Dizzy listening to the 'monster'. One particularly loud gurgle makes Muck knock the container - the water pours into the drain and manages to clear the blockage.

Spud The Dragon

S5 E7
Feb 17, 2001
Bob is insulating Mrs. Potts' loft, while Spud brings Mrs. Percival a ladder, which Farmer Pickles has lent for the school play. Finding the schoolyard full of props and make-up, Spud is entranced - especially by the dragon costume, which he 'borrows'. He meets Muck, and pretends to be a magic dragon, offering Muck three wishes. While Muck shuts his eyes, Spud paints a cat's face on him with the make-up, and then runs off. In Mrs. Potts' loft, Bob is rummaging through some junk, when he accidentally puts his foot through the floor. Wendy sends Lofty back to the yard for some plasterboard. En route he encounters the dragon, and terrified rushes back to Wendy, who re-assures and accompanies him to the yard just in case. There she finds the cat-faced Muck, talking about a 'magic dragon'. Her suspicions aroused, she returns to Mrs. Potts', where the damage is repaired and the insulation completed.

Pilchard Steals The Show

S5 E8
Feb 24, 2001
Wendy is building an enclosure for the local dog show, which Farmer Pickles has entered Scruffty into. When Scoop sees Scruffty perform his tricks, he becomes determined to enter Pilchard - disregarding everyone who tells him that cats can't enter dog shows. His attempts to teach Pilchard tricks meet with feline indifference, and hilarity from the other Machines. So Scoop takes Pilchard up to the enclosure to practice, while Wendy joins Bob who is building a barn at the farm. Pilchard starts chasing mice, and Scoop runs after her, but his scoop gets tangled in the banner over the gate - he daren't move in case everything comes crashing to the ground. He whistles hard - and for once Pilchard responds. He sends her to get help, and she dashes off to find Bob and crew. Thanks to Pilchard, Scoop is rescued and as a reward he is allowed to enter Pilchard in the show, where she is declared a unanimous winner.

Bob's Hide

S5 E9
Mar 03, 2001
Bob and Mr. Bentley are both members of the bird-watching society, for whom Bob is building a 'hide'. Spud is intrigued, but Mr. Bentley tells him he is only allowed into the nature reserve if he promises not to scare any birds. So Spud decides to find something else to scare. Mr. Bentley hopes to see the Grebe Warbler which is due to pass by on its way south, and the Machines speculate as to the Warbler's appearance. Their vision of a monstrous bird inspires Spud to disguise himself as the Warbler to scare them. The hide complete, Mr. Bentley and Bob go inside, while the Machines camouflage themselves. Spud appears and his hilarious disguise makes the Machines laugh. Scared by the disembodied voices, Spud runs off - only to meet the real Warbler, who follows him back to the hide. Spud keeps very still as Mr. Bentley takes some photos, but the sight of the camera scares the Warbler into a tree.

Bob's Auntie

S5 E10
Mar 10, 2001
Wendy is planning a picnic, when a call comes from Mr Ellis. He has hammered a nail through a water pipe at the museum, short-circuiting the electricity. Bob and crew arrive, meeting Mr Dixon on his delivery round. He slips as he gives Bob his letters, dropping them in the water. But Bob is just able to make out one from his Aunt Dora who plans to visit. Bob is worried - she is a stickler for tidiness and the yard is in a terrible mess. Wendy tells him to sort out the yard while she repairs the damage. Bob leaves the Machines in charge of tidying while he fetches his suit from the cleaners - and chaos ensues! However, help arrives in the shape of an old lady, whom the Machines assume to be Aunt Dora. Bob comes back to find the yard spick and span, with 'Aunt Dora' making tea in the kitchen. Wendy returns, shortly followed by Mr Ellis bringing the rest of Bob's mail.

Bob and the Big Freeze

S5 E11
Mar 17, 2001
It has been snowing, and some trees have blown over at Farmer Pickles' farm. Wendy and Scoop go to clear the country lanes, while Bob, Lofty and Dizzy chop up the trees for firewood. Dizzy discovers that the duck pond has frozen over, and Spud is skating on it. But the ice starts to crack so Dizzy goes for help. Meanwhile, Scoop knocks into a strange object covered in snow. Wendy digs it out, to discover it is the entrance to the hedgehog tunnel, and they have woken up the hedgehogs hibernating inside. Bob and Lofty rescue Spud, when they notice the hungry ducks beside the pond. Back at the yard, Bob fills Dizzy's mixer with birdseed, which she takes out to the ducks. Wendy returns with the hedgehogs, and Bob builds them a hedgehog house - and a bird table for Bird and his friends into the bargain. Now the animals won't have such a hard winter.

Clumsy Roley

S5 E12
Mar 24, 2001
Wendy is building some decking in Mr Beasley's garden, while Bob installs a flat-pack kitchen for Mr Fothergill. Roley is working on a new song, and absentmindedly almost runs over Bob's toolbox. He promises to be careful, but his anxiety makes him more accident-prone than ever. Bob meets Hamish, Mr Fothergill's parrot, who is a talented mimic. Wendy rings Bob on his mobile to ask if he's got a spare watering-can, to replace Mr Beasley's which Roley has just squashed. Hamish learns to mimic Bob's phone, and soon has Bob extremely confused as he imitates the ringing phone and Mr Fothergill's voice. But Bob realises what Hamish is up to, and puts on his ear protectors so he can work undisturbed. At Mr Beasley's, Roley bumps into a tree, knocking a squirrels' nest to the ground; but Wendy has enough spare wood left to build them a squirrel house. Roley then squashes some of Mr Beasley's flowers, but that's no problem - pressing flowers is Mr Beasley's hobby!

Eskimo Bob

S5 E13
Mar 31, 2001
Wendy and Jenny return from their skiing holiday, but a heavy snow-fall means Jenny has to stay a few more days. Mr. Bentley asks Bob to clear the roads with Scoop's snow-plough. While he is gone, Wendy gets a call from Farmer Pickles - the snow is threatening to make his roof collapse. None of the Machines can get there till Scoop is free to clear the way, so Wendy and Jenny head over on their skis. Wendy rings Bob and asks him to bring some battens, then goes inside the farmhouse to wait. Spud finds their skis, and decides to have a go - however, he ends up crashing into Scruffty's kennel and destroying it. Bob arrives to repair the roof, but he doesn't have the materials to fix the kennel. But Jenny has an idea - while Bob and Wendy work on the roof, she builds a little igloo for Scruffty with Muck and Scoop's help. Mission accomplished, Jenny and a reluctant Bob ski back to the yard.