Season 6

Episode Guide

Bob's Pizza

S6 E1
Oct 06, 2001
Bob is installing a new pizza oven for Mr Sabatini, while Wendy lays a cycle lane in town. Mr Bentley has brought some Stop/Go signs to hold up the traffic while she works, but there is no-one to operate these with him - except Spud! Spud is delighted with the responsibility, and especially with the walkie talkie Mr Bentley gives him. Spud proves too enthusiastic about stopping the traffic, and a long queue soon forms. Meanwhile, Mr Sabatini gets a call to say that his delivery boy is sick, so Bob and Scoop offer to distribute his pizzas for him. However, they soon run into the traffic jam - if they don't get through, the pizzas will be cold! Bob discovers Spud at the heart of the problem, and explains to him that he ought to let the traffic through when the road is clear. The problem solved, Wendy soon finished the cycle lane and Spud gets a special pizza in recognition for all his hard work.

Bob's Metal Detector

S6 E2
Oct 13, 2001
There is great excitement at Bob's yard when his new metal detector is delivered. He plans to use it to find a burst pipe in Farmer Pickles' field, and promises Muck that afterwords they will hunt for buried treasure. Meanwhile Wendy sets off with the rest of the crew to build a car wash; at the site they find an old coin in the dirt. Bob soon repairs the pipe, and he and Muck begin their treasure hunt, but all they dig up is old junk. At the car wash, the Machines cannot fit the furry rollers because they are too ticklish. But Wendy improvises some 'gloves' out of sackcloth, which solves the problem. Bob detects more treasure and Muck hastily digs, only to crack the water mains. Bob and Muck have another dirty repair job on their hands, and then go to meet Wendy with no treasure to show for their efforts. Wendy plants the old coin in the soil for them to 'find'; but Muck's joy is short-lived as Wendy insists he tests the car wash.

Mr Beasley's DIY Disaster

S6 E3
Oct 20, 2001
Bob is building a lean-to for Mr Beasley's allotment. But before he can leave, Bob gets a call from Mr Dixon, who needs a hole in his roof fixed urgently. Wendy drops off the materials at the allotment, then carries on to Mrs Potts' where she is due to paint a fence. Mr Beasley arrives and, finding materials but no Bob, makes a start himself. Bob meanwhile is delayed when he manages to nail his mobile phone under the asphalt on the delivery office roof. Wendy soon finishes the painting and goes to see how Bob is getting on. She is shocked to see the terrible mess that has been made of the lean-to, but soon manages to sort things out and heads back to the yard. Bob finally arrives and is amazed by the great job which he assumes Mr Beasley is responsible for. Mr Dixon calls round to the yard to thank Bob for his efforts, and Wendy realizes what has happened. But she doesn't have the heart to tell Bob that Mr Beasley's DIY efforts were not as successful as they both think.

Wendy's Removal Service

S6 E4
Oct 27, 2001
Mr and Mrs Bentley are moving house, and Bob is carrying out a loft conversion at their new home. Mr Bentley greets Bob and his team, then leaves for work. The removal company call to say that they have several staff off with flu, so they wont be able to move the Bentleys' belongings. Wendy saves the day by suggesting that she and the Machines bring the furniture while Bob works on the loft. It takes Wendy and the gang several trips to move everything, and they pass Mr Bentley as he carries out his inspections, although he does not notice them. Finally, his day's work complete, Mr Bentley heads to his old house to supervise the removal men. He is shocked to see everything gone and races to the new house where Mrs Bentley explains the situation. Relieved, Mr Bentley goes to take a shower. Unfortunately Bob reconnects the water supply just as Mr Bentley inspects the new plumbing, and the Building Inspector gets a soaking.

Lofty and the Rabbits

S6 E5
Nov 03, 2001
Bob and crew are demolishing an old barn for Farmer Pickles, but as Lofty tests his demolition ball he accidentally damages one of the pillars at the entrance to Bob's yard. Wendy offers to stay and repair this while Bob gets on with the day's job. But as they arrive at the farm, Lofty notices a rabbit warren near the old barn. They dare not start the demolition until the rabbits are safe. Bob calls Wendy and asks her to send over some fencing, while Dizzy and Spud go and hunt for something to tempt the rabbits into their temporary pen. The holly that they return with doesn't go down so well with the rabbits, but Farmer Pickles eventually gives them some cabbage leaves, which do the trick. Lofty safely completes the demolition and Bob heads home with the Machines, who are exhausted from their rabbit chasing. At the yard, there is one final job for Lofty - lifting the concrete ball back on top of the newly repaired pillar.

Lofty & The Giant Carrot

S6 E6
Nov 10, 2001
Farmer Pickles asks Bob to build him a roadside stall where he can sell 'Pick Your Own' produce. He has even had a Giant Carrot sign made to go on top of the stall to advertise his wares. Spud, meanwhile, calls by the museum where he finds Mr Ellis practicing some magic tricks. Left alone, Spud cannot resist 'borrowing' the conjuring set. As he demonstrates some sleight of hand to Lofty and Muck, Brenda, Mr Ellis's white rabbit, runs off. Spud organizes a search party, reasoning that if Lofty drives around town with the giant carrot, this will lure Brenda out of hiding. This strategy attracts hordes of rabbits, but unfortunately not Brenda. The rabbits cause chaos in town, and Bob and Mr Ellis are soon on the scene. Mr Ellis is distraught to hear about Brenda's fate, when Dizzy starts to giggle. She has had a funny tickle in her mixer all day. Bob peers inside to discover one missing rabbit. Spud, on the other hand, is pursued out of town by hordes of wild rabbits.

Bob's Egg And Spoon Race

S6 E7
Nov 17, 2001
The whole town is practicing for an egg and spoon race, which Mrs Percival has organized. Trix decides to enter, but unfortunately she practices with fresh eggs and in her usual haste she manages to make a great mess in JJ's yard. Molly tells her she should take things more slowly. Spud decides to enter too, but has problems keeping his egg on the spoon. He comes across Bob and Wendy fitting some new sliding glass doors for Mr Sabatini's pizza parlour - their putty is just what he needs! At last the whole town is ready for the race. Most of the competitors drop their eggs and it is finally a showdown between Spud and the slow, steady Trix. Spud crosses the line first, but Mrs Percival discovers the putty on his spoon so he is disqualified, and Trix declared the winner.

Trix's Tiles

S6 E8
Nov 24, 2001
Bob is tiling a roof and calls at JJ's yard to pick up the materials. But there is only one pallet of the requisite red tiles in stock, so JJ promises to send the remainder of the order as soon as his delivery arrives. At the site, Lofty drops some tiles, and it is not long before Bob can do no more. Having forgotten his phone, Bob sends Lofty to JJ's to see if the order is ready. Meanwhile, the new delivery arrives and JJ goes into his office to call Bob. Trix takes matters into her own hands and scoots off with a palette of green tiles. Back at Bob's yard, Wendy hears a phone ringing - it is Bob's, and she takes JJ's call, agreeing to go and tell Bob that his tiles have arrived. While Bob is at lunch, Wendy and Trix turn up and, not seeing the red tiles, Wendy tiles the other side of the roof in green. Lofty reaches JJ's and the mistake is discovered. Lofty and JJ race to the site, just in time to replace the green tiles before Mr Bentley arrives to inspect the job.

Mr Sabatini's Smashing Day

S6 E9
Dec 01, 2001
Bob is rendering a wall for Mr Sabatini. The job is straightforward, but the finished result looks rather plain, so Bob offers to get some tiles from JJ's yard to decorate it. While Bob is gone, Mr Sabatini demonstrates his soccer skills to Dizzy, but manages to put the ball through his shop window. He calls Bob to tell him of the disaster, so Bob heads back to JJ's for a new pane of glass. All the Machines are busy, and Trix has already left with the tiles, so Bob and JJ have to carry the glass through the streets. Meanwhile Trix meets Spud, who has found a stopwatch. He decides to time how long it will take her to cross town with the tiles. Bob and JJ arrive at the pizza parlour, having narrowly avoided a succession of disasters. But just then Trix speeds along, and has to slam on her brakes to avoid hitting the glass. The tiles are thrown to the ground and smash. But Bob saves the day by making a mosaic from the broken pieces.

Roley To The Rescue

S6 E10
Dec 08, 2001
Wendy has to mend a chimney pot at Mrs Potts', while Bob repairs a drainage pipe for Farmer Pickles. As Bob and crew finish the job, Squawk arrives and starts cawing to Bird. The feathered friends fly off, upsetting Roley who had been composing a song with Bird. In fact, Squawk takes Bird to a field where a fledgling has been blown out of its nest. They set off in search of its mother, pausing for rest on Mrs Potts' roof. A gust of wind blows the fledgling into the chimney, and Bird jumps down after it. Squawk heads for Bob's yard to raise the alarm. Realizing something is wrong, Roley follows Squawk, with Bob in tow. They find Wendy and Lofty heading to Mrs Potts' with the new chimney pot, but the road is blocked by Farmer Pickles' wire fence. Roley squashes it flat and they continue on their rescue mission. Bob unblocks the fireplace and two sooty birds emerge. Wendy repairs the chimney and finally the mother bird arrives and is re-united with her baby.

Spud's Big Splash

S6 E11
Dec 15, 2001
Bob is building a water feature in Mrs Potts' garden, while Wendy and Scoop are demolishing a dry stone wall. Bob and the Machines are greatly amused by the statue Mrs Potts has chosen for her centerpiece - so much so that they forget to take the stones for the water feature. Muck also fails to listen when he is asked to take the rubble from the wall to the dump, and he mistakenly takes Mrs Potts' stones instead. En route, he meets Spud who challenges him to see who can make the biggest splash by throwing the stones into the pond. Wendy returns to Bob's yard and the mistake is discovered. She sends Scoop off to catch Muck, but he gets there too late! The stones are at the bottom of the pond. Scoop has a brainwave why not use the stones from the demolished wall for the water feature instead? Mrs Potts is delighted with the results, and Spud ends up getting his biggest splash yet as he stands too close when Bob turns the water feature on!

Spud The Musketeer

S6 E12
Dec 22, 2001
Wendy is making a floral display for the town square while Bob repairs a fence in Farmer Pickles' field. Spud comes across Mrs Percival putting up posters for the school play - The Three Musketeers. Intrigued, Spud decides he'd like to be a musketeer. He makes a paper hat out of the poster and sets out in search of a make-believe sword. Bob soon has the fence fixed and Scruffty rounds up the sheep. But once everyone is gone, Spud arrives and decides that a fence post would make the perfect sword. He pulls one out, bringing down the fence, and the sheep escape. A horrified Farmer Pickles discovers this and calls Bob, who returns to mend the fence, while Wendy goes in search of the missing flock. The sheep turn up in the town square and munch away on the flower baskets. Mr Bentley and Spud try to shoo them away, and Bob's team joins in the chaos, until Farmer Pickles arrives with Scruffty, and the sheep are safely herded into Travis's trailer.

Wendy's Magic Birthday

S6 E13
Dec 29, 2001
It is Wendy's birthday, but she insists she doesn't want any fuss - such as a surprise party. She heads off to start the day's work, laying a Heritage Trail around the town, and Bob reveals to the Machines that he is not planning a party - but a surprise magic show instead! Muck goes to help Mr Ellis bring his conjurer's equipment, which includes a large 'disappearing' cabinet. The Machines are so excited by the thought of the magic show that they keep finding excuses to leave the job and head back to the yard to see how the preparations are going. Unfortunately, in his eagerness Roley runs into the cabinet and crushes it flat. Bob manages to make a new one from some wooden panels, and the show finally does go on, much to Wendy's delight.