Season 6

Episode Guide

Bob's Pizza

S6 E1
Oct 6, 2001
Bob is installing a new pizza oven for Mr Sabatini, while Wendy lays a cycle lane in town. Mr Bentley has brought some Stop/Go signs to hold up the traffic while she works, but there is no-one to operate these with him – except Spud!

Bob's Metal Detector

S6 E2
Oct 13, 2001
There is great excitement at Bob’s yard when his new metal detector is delivered. He plans to use it to find a burst pipe in Farmer Pickles’ field, and promises Muck that afterwards they will hunt for buried treasure.

Mr Beasley's DIY Disaster

S6 E3
Oct 20, 2001
Bob is building a lean-to for Mr Beasley’s allotment. Wendy offers to pick up the materials from JJ's yard, while Bob makes a start on the cement floor. But before he can leave, Bob gets a call from Mr Dixon, who needs a hole in his roof fixed urgently.

Wendy's Removal Service

S6 E4
Oct 27, 2001
Mr and Mrs Bentley are moving house, and Bob is carrying out a loft conversion at their new home. Mr Bentley greets Bob and his team, then leaves for work. The removal company call to say that they have several staff off with flu.

Lofty and the Rabbits

S6 E5
Nov 3, 2001
Bob and crew are demolishing an old barn for Farmer Pickles, but as Lofty tests his demolition ball he accidentally damages one of the pillars at the entrance to Bob’s yard. Wendy offers to stay and repair this while Bob gets on with the day’s job.

Lofty & The Giant Carrot

S6 E6
Nov 10, 2001
Farmer Pickles asks Bob to build him a roadside stall where he can sell ‘Pick Your Own’ produce. He has even had a Giant Carrot sign made to go on top of the stall to advertise his wares.

Bob's Egg And Spoon Race

S6 E7
Nov 17, 2001
The whole town is practicing for an egg and spoon race, which Mrs Percival has organised. Trix decides to enter, but unfortunately she practices with fresh eggs and in her usual haste she manages to make a great mess in JJ’s yard.

Trix's Tiles

S6 E8
Nov 24, 2001
Bob is tiling a roof and calls at JJ’s yard to pick up the materials. But there is only one pallet of the requisite red tiles in stock, so JJ promises to send the remainder of the order as soon as his delivery arrives.

Mr Sabatini's Smashing Day

S6 E9
Dec 1, 2001
Bob is rendering a wall for Mr Sabatini. The job is straightforward, but the finished result looks rather plain, so Bob offers to get some tiles from JJ’s yard to decorate it. While Bob is gone, Mr Sabatini demonstrates his soccer skills to Dizzy.

Roley To The Rescue

S6 E10
Dec 8, 2001
After a stormy night, Wendy has to mend a chimney pot at Mrs Potts’, while Bob repairs a drainage pipe for Farmer Pickles. A wire fence has been blown away at the farm too, but fixing the pipe takes priority.

Spud's Big Splash

S6 E11
Dec 15, 2001
Bob is building a water feature in Mrs Potts’ garden, while Wendy and Scoop are demolishing a dry stone wall. Bob and the Machines are greatly amused by the statue Mrs Potts has chosen for her centrepiece.

Spud The Musketeer

S6 E12
Dec 22, 2001
Wendy is making a floral display for the town square while Bob repairs a fence in Farmer Pickles’ field. Meanwhile, Spud comes across Mrs Percival putting up posters for the school play – The Three Musketeers.