Season 4

Episode Guide

Scoop's Stegosaurus

S4 E2
Sep 19, 2000
Bob is digging a ditch for Farmer Pickles when he notices something in the trench. Suspecting it might be a dinosaur bone, he rings Mr Ellis the museum curator. There appears to be an entire stegosaurus skeleton.

Sneezing Scoop

S4 E3
Sep 26, 2000
Farmer Pickles asks Bob for some old tyres to hold down a tarpaulin in his field. Bob agrees to drop them off on his way to the Lazenby’s. At the field, Scoop starts sneezing. Bob realises he has hay fever, and sends him home.

Roley's Animal Rescue

S4 E4
Oct 3, 2000
While refurbishing Farmer Pickles’ cottage, Bob finds a hibernating hedgehog. Scoop takes it to the yard for Wendy to look after, but she has gone to the builders’ merchants. Scoop leaves the hedgehog with Roley and goes off to join her.

Scarecrow Dizzy

S4 E5
Oct 10, 2000
Bob is building a shed in Farmer Pickles’ field while Wendy whitewashes his farmhouse. Pilchard comes too in Dizzy’s mixer. As Bob lays the shed’s foundations, some mice appear and Pilchard gives chase.

One Shot Wendy

S4 E6
Oct 17, 2000
While Wendy takes the Machines to build a Crazy Golf course, Bob stays at the yard to assemble one of the novelty ‘holes’ – a miniature windmill. Wendy discovers the instructions in her toolbox and phones Bob, who says he doesn’t need them.

Spud Lends A Hand

S4 E7
Oct 24, 2000
Bob is putting up a rainwater tank in Farmer Pickles’ field, while Wendy builds a toy sailing boat for her nephew’s birthday. A curious Spud sees Lofty pass by with the tank, and decides to help.

Bob and the Bandstand

S4 E8
Oct 31, 2000
Bob is refurbishing the bandstand in the park for a concert which Farmer Pickles will conduct. Roley is excited about meeting the band, and the machines provide their own ‘Oom-pah’ accompaniment as they work.

Farmer Pickles Pigpen

S4 E9
Nov 7, 2000
Farmer Pickles calls by to ask Bob to build a run for Scruffty, but he drops his mobile phone. Wendy is about to leave to build a bike shed at the school, when she hears Farmer Pickles’ phone ringing.

Bob On The Run

S4 E10
Nov 14, 2000
Mrs Percival is raising money for a new sports pavilion but, despite Bob going on a sponsored run, she is still far from reaching her target. The Machines volunteer to undertake a ‘sponsored demolition’ of the old pavilion.

Forget-Me-Knot Bob

S4 E11
Nov 21, 2000
Bob has a new personal organizer, which has details of all his jobs for the day. However, as soon as Wendy sets off to build a garden wall, the screen goes blank.

Scruffty The Detective

S4 E12
Nov 28, 2000
Mr Ellis, the museum curator, is planning a Time Capsule, to which everyone in town contributes an item. Bob builds a metal chest to be used as the Capsule.

Watercolour Wendy

S4 E13
Dec 5, 2000
Some paving slabs are delivered to Bob’s yard for a special job which Mr Bentley the Buidling Inspector wants done. Meanwhile, Wendy is taking a day off to do some water-colour painting in the country.