Season 17

Episode Guide

Scratch's Hidden Treasures

S17 E1
Apr 12, 2010
It's Scratch's first day, and he's a bit scared. Today they are helping David Mockney by working on the Fixham Museum gardens. However, instead of giving Scratch a job to do, Bob asks him to watch everyone else - you can learn a lot from watching! Scratch spends the day watching the other machines but still isn't satisfied - he wants to do something! He decides to practice digging by himself. Whilst digging Scratch's bucket hits something! Hes found treasure! But Scratch is too scared to dig it up himself - what if he messes it up? When Scoop and Muck arrive and begin squabbling over who should dig up the treasure Scratch decides to take charge! Bravely, he tells the diggers that he is the best digger to get the treasure! Concentrating hard, Scratch remembers everything hes learned from watching the other machines and manages to dig up the great Mockney "Mung Vase" made by David Mockneys Great, Great Grandfather!

Scrambler's Best Idea

S17 E2
Apr 13, 2010
Scrambler decides to build a tree house on his own! Bob puts Roley in charge of the build. When the materials arrive, they discover a family of field mice nesting in them! Meanwhile, Scrambler sneaks off to search for the perfect tree for his tree house and he comes across the materials for the Timber Trail. Surely no one will notice if he takes just a teeny bit?! Scrambler tries to build his tree house - but its much harder than he thought on his own. The Timber Trail is almost finished but there are some things missing! Scrambler sees how upset Roley is - and its his fault! He took those materials to build his tree house and he can't build it by himself! Scoop replaces the missing materials, and the team finish the Timber Trail. Scrambler turns up, and is impressed. He tells Roley the truth - he took the missing materials to build his tree house. Suddenly, Roley has an idea. Scrambler's tree house could make the perfect home for a family of field mice!

Scoop The Artist

S17 E3
Apr 14, 2010
Today's job is to build a new wing on the museum, before David Mockney's grand exhibition opening. At the Museum, Scoop decides he wants to be a great artist. Scoop asks David to teach him how to be an artist! He persuades David to paint picture after picture. At last, David insists they must go - it's getting dark. Scoop rushes to the Supplier's Yard only to find it shut! He wanted to be an artist as well as a digger, but he didn't actually paint anything! He just asked David to do it! Back at the museum, Bob asks Scoop to dig some flowerbeds. Scoop works extra fast, to make up for being out so long! He got so carried away wanting to be an artist, that now David can't paint his picture! Scoop digs the beds with gusto, and Bob, Wendy and David follow behind, planting the flowers. Scoop has dug the flowerbed out - in the shape of a beautiful flower! Now David doesn't need to paint his picture Scoop is chuffed - he's a digger, and an artist!

High Tide For Lofty

S17 E4
Apr 15, 2010
Bob gets a call from the Harbor Master and finds out that the old wooden pier in the harbor has disappeared overnight! Using an old picture postcard of the harbor as a reference to rebuild the pier, Lofty has the job of lowering new wooden posts into the sand. Lofty gets the wrong idea, and thinks that if he gets his tires wet, they'll disappear like the pier! Bob sends him off to the Suppliers Yard by the coast road, but Lofty doesn't want to be anywhere near the sea, so he takes a different route and gets lost. At the harbor, Lofty hurries to finish. Dizzy drives out onto the new pier, but noticing the water is getting closer, Lofty swings round in fright and knocks some planks. Dizzy is stranded at the end, with a gap between her and the shore! Lofty hurries to repair the pier to save his friend. He concentrates so hard, he doesn't notice that the tide has come in and hes standing with his tires in the sea! Bob explains that his tires won't wash away - they're waterproof!

Roley's Rovers

S17 E5
Apr 16, 2010
The machines find an old soccer ball and toss it around. Roley gets interested in this idea of a mascot, just as Bob arrives with Mr Bentley. He announces that the team are going to be fixing up the old Fixham Rovers soccer ball field in time for the school's first game that afternoon! Mr Bentley points out that the Fixham Rovers club green exactly matches Roley's color - making him perfect for being the team mascot! Bob shows Roley the plans. But Roley is too wrapped up in his new world of chants to take them in and absent mindedly agrees to being in charge of the job! When Scoop, Muck and Scratch arrive, Roley is far too busy working on his chants, and hopelessly misdirects them, and by the time Bob and Mr Bentley arrive back, they have ended up with a flat pitch - but with no lines on it and no time to put it right before the first match! Roley uses his talent for inspirational chants to encourage the team to work faster than ever before.

Start From Scratch

S17 E6
Apr 19, 2010
Scoop shows Scratch how to kick a soccer ball. Bob is impressed with Scoop's skills. At the ground, Bob puts the job stages into the right order and they get to work. But Bob and Scoop have to go and pick up some materials - so the other machines are left to carry on the job as planned. Scratch finishes his part of the job early so he can practice with the soccer ball. But it's not easy, and one by one Scratch enlists all the others to help him. Soon the job grinds to a halt. And when the soccer ball smashes into the construction, the machines realize the job is unfinished and Bob will be back any moment. They all start to panic! But Scratch keeps his head and remembers the right order to do things. With his calm instruction, they are able to finish the job just as Bob returns. Scratch sadly owns up that he had prioritized his soccer ball practice over the job but Bob is impressed with Scratch both for owning up - and putting things right and - for his soccer ball skills!

Night Time Scratch

S17 E7
Apr 20, 2010
The other machines worry that Scratch is too tired but he insists he's not - nothing will stop him seeing the floodlights tested and turned on for the first time ever! During the build, Scratch is disappointed to find out that the floodlights will be tested after his bed-time. Frantic to be allowed to stay up, Scratch asks if he can have a nap during the day so he will be rested for that night. Bob agrees. But Scratch can't help but sneak back to peek at the floodlights as they are built - when he is supposed to be napping! Finally, Scratch does nap - but not for nearly long enough. And when he is entrusted with the job of getting a cable for the floodlights, he falls asleep on the way! Scratch wakes with a shock and only just makes it back in time to get the floodlights working. He realizes how important having enough sleep is and after being impressed at seeing the floodlights being tested, it's home - and straight to bed!

Lofty and the Monster

S17 E8
Apr 21, 2010
Bob and the team are rebuilding an old shack on the beach and transforming it into a surf school. Brad Rad, the awesome new surf instructor is there to help. Meanwhile, Scoop, Dizzy and Scrambler are playing a game of monster chase. At the beach Brad notices that one of his floats has gone missing and the school can't open until the missing float is found. Bob and the team say they'll keep an eye out for it as they work on the build. As the build progresses, Scoop, Dizzy and Scrambler take turns to be the monster. But every time they whiz past, screaming with excitement, Lofty closes his eyes tight. Bob and Wendy reassure Lofty that there's no such thing as monsters. However, when Brad Rad emerges from the water in his diver's mask and snorkel, Scoop, Dizzy and Scrambler think he's a real monster! But this time it's Lofty who keeps his cool - there's no such things as monsters - remember! And by keeping his eyes open, he spots something else too - the missing float!

Dizzy In Charge

S17 E9
Apr 22, 2010
Bob notices that the yard needs tidying and the driveway needs fixing. He asks Dizzy to stay behind with Scratch to do this important job. Scratch is worried about being at the yard without Bob - but Bob eases his mind by putting Dizzy in charge. It's a big responsibility; Dizzy will be like Scratch's big sister! Scratch is very excited to have a big sister and Dizzy is very excited to be a big sister. At first, their tasks go well, but Dizzy and Scratch soon discover that they share a sense of humour and fun, and joking around begins to take the place of being responsible. Enjoying being a fun big sister so much, Dizzy fails to guide Scratch in his work. It's only when he makes a huge mistake that Dizzy realizes how she has let Scratch down. As he panics, Dizzy finally takes responsibility and calms Scratch down. She shows him how they can work together to fix the mess before Bob and the team return. Job done, big sister!

Lofty's Helpful Day

S17 E10
Apr 23, 2010
On his way to helping Bob, Lofty comes across others who need his help, and in his quest to be super helpful - he accepts. Scruffty is happily playing a game of hide and seek with Spud, when a flustered Lofty zooms by, nearly knocking him flying! Scruffty scampers into the toyshop, and up the stairs into Mrs Toosey's flat - but he gets shut in. Meanwhile, Lofty continues to try and do his jobs, but each time he arrives somewhere, he's asked to do something else! At the Toyshop, the team discover that Scruffty is locked inside Mrs Toosey's flat! But Mrs Toosey has lost her keys, so there's no way of rescuing him! Lofty realizes that he hasn't actually helped anyone! So he asks his friends to help him be helpful! He shares out the jobs, and the team are happy to help. Suddenly, Scruffty barks at the window, and then Lofty knows how he can help! He lifts Bob up to the window to rescue Scruffty. Lofty finishes the staircase, and all the jobs are done.

Scoop's Sea Rescue

S17 E11
Apr 26, 2010
Scoop is excited when he hears that today's job is to change the big lens in the lighthouse before dark! Scoop misses Bob asking him to collect the special fixings for the new lens. Later, Bob asks Scoop to collect a special tool but Scoop doesn't listen again. On his way back, he bumps into David Mockney, who tells him a story about his Great Grandfather saving a glass bottle from smashing on the rocks! Scoop is enthralled! But Bob and Wendy are wondering where he is. They call Scoop, and ask him to come back immediately. Scoop rushes guiltily back - unaware that Splasher is on his way. Splasher sees Scoop and swerves but the lens topples from his trailer into the sea! Scoop confesses he wasn't listening. Scoop hurtles onto the beach, and scoops out the lens, moments before it hits the rocks! The team finish the job, and the lighthouse beams light across the sea. Scoop feels terrible for causing so much trouble - he promises to never not listen again!

Scratch's Star Turn

S17 E12
Apr 27, 2010
Bob and the team are turning an old ship into a stage for Fixham History Day. Scratch is thrilled when he lands a part in the play but is worried he won't be any good at acting. Dickie tells Scratch that the key to acting is to find out lots about the character and the play. When Scratch is sent off to collect a special poster from the museum, he is soon distracted. But its only when Scratch sees Bob and the team working hard in the distance that he remembers he was supposed to be helping! And when Scratch looks for the special poster, he finds it lying in a nearby puddle - ruined! So Scratch races back to Bob and the team, with the ruined poster. Now there's no time to make a new poster - not without someone who knows all about Fixham's history. But that's Scratch! He's learned about it! And with the children's drawing skills, they make a brand new - and even better - poster just in time. Now the stage is ready and finally it's time for Scratch's star turn.

Pineapple Scratch

S17 E13
Apr 28, 2010
Bob and the team are building Brad Rad's new Surf School beach cafe and wants more than anything to be cool like Brad. So when Brad says that Scratch is a cool dude, he's determined to live up to this praise! Brad is planning a beach party to celebrate the opening of his beach cafe but he realizes that he has lost his pineapple and his conch shell - both needed for the party. Brad remembers that he left them at Mr Bentley's house. Eager to impress his hero, Scratch volunteers to get them for Brad. Bob is unsure - it's a long way. But Scratch insists he knows the way there and back - he's cool! Scratch picks the pineapple and conch shell up from Mr Bentley but then gets lost on the way back! Meanwhile, the surf cafe job is put on hold so that everyone can search for Scratch. Scratch remembers what Brad did - he took a big breath and had a think. And yes! Being cool like this works! Scratch remembers the way back and the cafe is finished in time for the party to begin!

Scrambler's Stage Surprise

S17 E14
Apr 29, 2010
A storm has damaged the control booth and lighting rig at the theatre. Dickie Olivier's play opens tonight, so the team have to work fast to get them repaired! When the new control desk arrives at the theatre, Scrambler and Spud start pressing buttons every time Lofty is on the stage! Lofty is terrified and tells the others, but whenever they go on stage, nothing happens! Lofty can take no more and whizzes off into the countryside! Bob and Wendy test the new control desk! Smoke billows out, scenery moves, and the curtains open and close! The machines are frightened - especially Scrambler! He realizes it must have been him that frightened Lofty! He has to find him. In the countryside, twigs break and the wind howls. Lofty hears Scrambler, and zooms out - scaring him to death! Scrambler owns up. It was him making all those things happen on stage. He knows now, that not all surprises are good! They return to the theatre, and Lofty finishes the job.

Wendy's Birthday Surprise

S17 E15
Apr 30, 2010
It's Wendy's birthday and Bob wants to arrange a surprise party for her. Much to Wendy's surprise, Bob tells her to take the day off, and the team zoom away - without mentioning her birthday! At the well, the team learn it's a wishing well! They start work, and Bob goes to hide the present. Meanwhile, Scoop has taken on far too much, and is very confused. Bob returns with the necklace, but before they can hide it, Wendy arrives! Scoop insists on hiding it in his bucket, while Bob distracts Wendy. But then he worries that Bob isn't there to lay the new paving! He decides to do it himself! But he's in such a fluster, the necklace flies into the well! Scoop realizes he's taken on too much, asks the team to help, and Wendy's present is saved! They finish the job, just as Wendy turns up, feeling blue. She thinks they've forgotten her birthday! Scoop takes her back to the Yard, where she finds her friends waiting for her! Bob gives her the necklace, and Wendy is over the moon!

Scratch Goes Solo

S17 E16
May 03, 2010
Bob builds a new bell tower for the school roof. Scratch becomes keen on the idea of doing his first "solo" job, so Bob asks him to go dig some holes in which Farmer Pickles will plant trees. Scratch takes the bell to ring it if he feels too alone. The moments of missing his friends continue, so he devises a new plan: he sculpts the pile of mud he's dug out into the shape of another machine! Unfortunately, his mud machine collapses on him and Scratch gets trapped! Desperate, he tries to persuade some squirrels to ring the bell for him. When the squirrels ring the bell, the team rescue Scratch, and he explains all. Scoop explains that it's actually really grown-up to face up to your feelings, as Scratch has done. Delighted by this praise, Scratch finishes the digging job, although he asks all his friends to help with him, so that he doesn't get lonely. Bob finishes the tower, the bell is hung, and Scratch is the first one to ring it.

Dizzy and the Wheelies

S17 E17
May 04, 2010
Scrambler and Scratch can't wait to see Dizzy's wheelies and Dizzy can't wait to show everybody! However, when they get to the lighthouse ramp, Scrambler accidentally does an amazing wheelie of his own first. And when Dizzy attempts a wheelie, her wheels clip a stone and she messes it up. Dizzy is determined to show everybody that she is the best at wheelies. But every time Dizzy tries, it goes wrong; she ruins concrete and she crashes into the piles of paving stones. Finally Dizzy admits that Scrambler is the best, not her. Bob and Wendy tell Dizzy that it doesn't matter who is the best - if you love doing wheelies - just do them! But now that she's knocked over all the paving slabs, one has gone missing. It's only when she accidentally bumps into it - and finally rises up in the first great wheelie she's managed all day - that it's found and the job is completed.

Muck's Beach Tower

S17 E18
May 05, 2010
While Bob, Wendy, Scoop and Lofty build a lifeguard tower for Brad Rad, Muck and the others are happy to build sandcastles. Bob then realizes that the lifeguard tower needs a foundation made out of boulders so he calls Muck in on the job. Muck is determined to be able to do both her job and build the castle. Sent to the Supplier's Yard, Muck picks up some extra boulders to use in the foundation when she has a chance to build her castle. But it's only when Bob and Brad stop work to redesign the tower that Muck is able to try to build her best castle ever! Muck mistakenly thinks she must have put her extra boulders in the lifeguard tower foundation and so takes some out to build her castle with. When Brad tries out the finished tower, it tips over! It's now that Muck realizes her mistake but she knows how to fix the mess! She demolishes her castle and uses the wood and extra boulders to build a ramp for Lofty to rescue Brad. Well done, Muck!

Here Comes Muck

S17 E19
May 06, 2010
Bob is building a new garage for the team. Muck is particularly thrilled and decides that she wants to be first out the door! Muck's big opportunity comes when her old garage shed, complete with doors, is left in a field to serve as a sty for Farmer Pickles' pigs. Muck happily goes in and out of it, practicing her entrance. Meanwhile, her friends decide that they want to come out of their new berths all together: making a big entrance as a team. Muck doesn't know this, and continues doggedly practicing, determined to be first out through the door. Unfortunately, the shed sinks in the boggy field and Muck finds herself stuck inside! Trapped, she sadly comes to the same conclusion as her friends: that the best entrance is one made all together. Lofty and Scoop, driving past nearby, alert Bob, who rescues Muck from the shed. Bob completes the garage and the machines all join together to perform their spectacular entrance, with Muck at their center!

Scrambler Gets Clean

S17 E20
May 07, 2010
A machine wash is to be built at the yard and Scrambler secretly thinks it sounds pretty scary! When he sees all the huge fixtures and fittings, Scrambler's fears grow - he must avoid getting washed! When Bob confirms that only machines who are dirty are washed, Scrambler realizes what he has to do is not get dirty. But staying clean during the build is difficult - especially as Scrambler is trying to look brave and not tell anyone about his fears. When the opportunity to get off site and collect a shower head presents itself, Scrambler is relieved to head off on the errand. But on his way back, Scrambler skids and the shower head gets dropped in a large puddle of mud. Realizing that the others are relying on him, Scrambler bravely ventures in to the mud, knowing he'll need a wash! But in the end the bravest thing Scrambler does is to own up to everyone about his fears. With the others' encouragement he has a wash and it's not scary at all... it's totally wicked!