Season 16

Episode Guide

Spud and the Hotel

S16 E1
Apr 10, 2008
Bob is building the first Bobland Bay hotel. When the first guests arrive before the hotel staff, Spud decides to help out by trying to do every job in the hotel with chaotic results.

Clean As A Whistle Bristle

S16 E2
Apr 26, 2008
It’s the grand opening of the Bobland Bay Promenade. As Bob and the team put up some spectacular lights for the big ceremony, a new machine arrives to help keep the new town at Bobland Bay spotlessly clean - Bristle the street-cleaner.

Zoomer's Snowy Adventure

S16 E3
Apr 28, 2008
Zoomer the skidoo is staying with Bob in Sunflower Valley. And, when a huge snowfall blocks the whole valley, Zoomer’s caterpillar tracks are ideal to help Scoop find his way through the snow with his snowplough to unblock the valley.

Scrambler Gets Prepared

S16 E4
Jun 5, 2008
Chip Chipper and Scrambler are taking the Sunflower Valley kids on an overnight “Badger Patrol”. Their motto is “Be prepared” – advice that Scrambler is determined to follow.

Radio Bob

S16 E5
Aug 11, 2008
Horticultural Flex is busy studying some rare plants when he hears about Sunflower Valley’s very first radio station and Bob and the team get to work building the studio and erecting the transmitter.

Sumsy's Special Building

S16 E6
Aug 28, 2008
Mr Bentley is in need of a proper Mayor’s office so he can stop filing his paperwork in Mrs Bentley’s greenhouse. Bob sets about constructing a special earthship out of unusual recycled materials.

Lofty's Banana Tree

S16 E7
Oct 10, 2008
Bob and the team are building a Hot House in Bobland Bay for tropical plants, it’s a big job and will require lots of concentration. Lofty asks Mr Beasley if he can take care of a Banana tree until the Hot House is finished but looking after a tropical plant is hard work.

Tumbler and the Ice Rink

S16 E8
Nov 23, 2008
It’s snowy and icy in Sunflower Valley and Bob is building an ice-rink at Bobland Bay. Dizzy is delighted as she loves to ice-skate. Tumbler declares that loves to skate too and will show her how it’s really done!

Roley's Flat Garden

S16 E9
Jan 24, 2009
Roley is keen to get some flattening done and when he bumps into Mr Bentley designing the new botanical garden Roley thinks a flat garden would look beautiful.

Super Splasher

S16 E10
Mar 17, 2009
Splasher arrives in town and with a - well - splash! Saving Lofty’s wood from floating away down the river, Splasher becomes known by Bob and his team as Super-Splasher.

Breezy Bristle

S16 E11
May 14, 2009
It’s a hot day in Sunflower Valley and Bob and the team are going to surprise Gripper and Grabber, who are coming from the city, with a new shelter. But that’s not all, the shelter is also for Bristle, Flex and Tumbler!

Splasher's Two Stops

S16 E12
Sep 9, 2009
Everybody is getting ready for the Big Summer Party in Bobland Bay and Bob and his team are going to build two shelter stops for Splasher’s new ferry route. Splasher just can’t wait for them to finish!

An Inspector Calls

S16 E13
Feb 6, 2010
Mr Carruthers the Chief Building Inspector arrives in Sunflower Valley to inspect the Teams work, but what if he doesn’t think Bob’s team have done a good job!