Season 11

Episode Guide

Scrambler In The Dog House

S11 E1
Jun 01, 2005
The team are taking a break from building so they can tidy-up all the left over materials from around the Valley. Farmer Pickles asks Bob if he'll put together Scruffty's new kennel. Bob's got a busy morning but agrees to build the kennel later on. Bob loads the materials into Scrambler's trailer and tells him to take them to Scarecrow Cottage later that day. Scrambler agrees and heads off with Scruffty and Spud to do some off-roading. Scrambler, Spud and Scruffty spot a beaver's dam and are impressed by the ways it's built - from all-sorts of things.

Benny's Important Job

S11 E2
Jun 02, 2005
It's early morning in Sunflower Valley and Benny arrives bursting with enthusiasm. He's not needed in Bobsville today and he's come to the Valley to help. Today, the team are building Mr. and Mrs. Bentley's special new house - to be built into the side of a hill. There's a lot of digging to be done and not much time. Mr. Bentley has arranged for their new house to be on the cover of "Gorgeous Homes" magazine, as a surprise for Mrs. Bentley. Benny, desperate for something really important to do, decides that his job must be to help Muck and Scoop with the digging. Benny soon finds that keeping up with the big diggers is a lot harder than he thought.

Put It Together Spud

S11 E3
Jun 06, 2005
When Scrambler tells Spud that Bob is putting together the machinery for Farmer Pickles' sunflower oil factory, he decides that putting things together is something he'd be very good at. So he heads off to the factory to lend a hand. At the factory, Bob, Marjorie and Farmer Pickles sort through the machinery boxes. Whilst everyone is inside the factory, Spud takes one of the boxes and races off on Scrambler. Back in his Sunflower Field, Spud's attempt at putting his bit of machinery together aren't too fruitful - Scrambler points out that you don't use twigs and leaves to put machinery together, you use nuts and bolts.

Roley's Round Up

S11 E4
Jun 07, 2005
It's a blistering hot day on Sunflower Valley. Bob and Wendy have got to finish building their workshop - making the workbenches and installing the power tools - it's an inside job so the machines all get the day off. Roley decides to go and look for his new friend Birdie (from Roley's Important Job). Roley soon finds Birdie, and her little chicks, in a wood, by a dried up pond. Roley decides to find Birdie and the chicks somewhere to keep cool back at the yard. Just as Roley leaves, however, a little squirrel appears - also wanting somewhere cool to stay.

Dizzy The Detective

S11 E5
Jun 08, 2005
Bob's renovating a dilapidated old watermill in Sunflower Valley - it's going to make flour from Farmer Pickles sunflower farm. After checking that it's safe, Bob realizes that one of the millstones has gone missing. How very odd! Bob agrees that Dizzy the Detective and Assistant Detective Spud can track it down. Spud discovers the first clue - a huge hole in the watermill's wooden wall The Millstone must have rolled out and down the hill!

Two Jobs Travis

S11 E6
Jun 09, 2005
Travis is delighted to receive his own Talkie Talkie and can't wait to make good use of it. Mr. Beasley arrives in the valley with a load of yoghurt pots as he heard something on the radio about making them into a house. Bob explains that he'd probably heard about yurts - which are special easy-to-build houses. Luckily Bob's had one delivered, so Mr. Beasley decides that he'd like to pitch it somewhere pretty with sunflowers. Enlisting Travis's help with the yurt crate, Bob and Mr. Beasley set off to find a good spot.

Scrambler and the Colorful Cave

S11 E7
Jun 09, 2005
Bob is building an extraordinary new cave-house for Sandy Beach - a caveman expert who's moving to the valley to study how cavemen used to live. The team are all head into the mountains. At the site, Dizzy decides that Sandy's cave-house would look much nicer with a splash of color, and Sandy agrees. Scrambler, who can't wait to do some serious mountain off-roading, is disappointed to be given the job of finding the perfect thing to brighten Sandy's cave.

Spud's Bumper Harvest

S11 E8
Jun 12, 2005
Bob's just finished tidying his mobile home when Farmer Pickles comes and asks if he'll help with his Sunflower Harvest. He needs a silo built in which to store the ripe sunflowers before they're taken to the factory. Spud meanwhile decides that it would be a good idea to harvest the sunflowers now, to stop his old nemesis Squawk getting to them. Spud the Harvester gets to work chopping down the sunflowers - convinced that Bob won't take long to build the silo.

Muck's Convoy

S11 E9
Jun 14, 2005
Bob's built a new waterwheel for the old watermill. He's made it at the yard, but now needs to dismantle it to take it to the mill in sections. Bob needs Benny, Scoop, Lofty and Muck to carry the wheel sections through the marshland to the mill. Muck is surprised to learn that he's going to be convoy leader!

While Bob's Away Robert Will Play

S11 E10
Jun 17, 2005
Robert and Dot, Bob's Mum and Dad are visiting the Valley. Bob shows them around, pointing out their recycling storeroom. Robert notices Bob's old rubble chute. Bob explains that he hasn't had much use for it out in the valley, but he's sure they'll find a use for it. Robert and Dot meet Marjorie's children, Sunny and Saffron, and Robert gets a phone call from Mrs. Potts in Bobsville. There's a hole in the roof, and school will have to be closed until it's fixed. Bob and Wendy volunteer to fix it so Robert and Dot can stay a little longer and look after Sunny and Saffron - who have no school to go to now!

Bob's Three Jobs

S11 E11
Jun 21, 2005
Robert's come to the valley to spend some quality time with Bob. They have a plan to spend the afternoon birdwatching - Robert wants to see the very rare lesser-striped sunflower warbler. Bob has three very quick jobs to do and arranges to meet Robert at the birdhide as soon as he's done. First Bob heads to Scarecrow Cottage where he's to put up a shelf in Spud's room. However, when Bob realizes that Spud's already had a go at the shelf, and made a huge hold in the wall - this jobs going to take longer than he thought.

Scoop Knows It All

S11 E12
Jun 24, 2005
Farmer Pickles is about to declare his Sunflower Oil business open, but there's just one more job that he needs Bob to do. He needs a depot to store all the bottles of oil. And to help shift the oil bottles, he introduced the latest member of his team, Sumsy the fork-lift! Scoop introduces himself to Sumsy and, while Farmer Pickles heads back to the farm to collect something, offers to show her around.