Season 3

Episode Guide

Bob's Boots

S3 E1
Dec 24, 1999
Bob's got some new boots! He walks proudly across the yard - squeaking! Bob decides they just need wearing in so off he sets with Lofty on a job to fix a gate. Meanwhile in Farmer Pickles field Spud has challenged Bird to a race to Bob's yard.

Mucky Muck

S3 E2
Dec 31, 2000
It has been raining hard, and Bob returns to the Yard with a mud-splattered Scoop and Muck. He prepares to wash them down, something Muck dreads as he loves being mucky. But he is saved when Bob gets a call to say that Travis is stuck in the mud

Bob's Day Off

S3 E3
Jan 5, 2000
Bob takes a day off to go bird-watching, while Wendy looks after the only job on the books: rebuilding a wall. However, the computer breaks down and Wendy has to wait in for the repairman. She phones Bob to ask him to handle the wall.

Magnetic Lofty

S3 E4
Jan 8, 2000
Bob, Wendy and the Machines are spending the day doing jobs to make the town a nicer place to live. Bob is off to lay grass over the old rubbish dump and make it into a park. Wendy is off to the old railway line to pull it up and make a new cycle track.

Roley's Tortoise

S3 E5
Jan 15, 2000
Bob, Wendy, Roley and Dizzy are finishing a new Bus Stop. When Dizzy spots a 'stone' moving across the road. Wendy realises that the stone is a tortoise and everyone decides that 'Timmy' as Roley has named his new friend - would be a lot safer at the yard.

Special Delivery Spud

S3 E6
Jan 22, 2000
Bob's saw is so blunt that Mrs Potts's fence is behind schedule. He decides to order Wendy her own saw as a surprise, but unknown to him, Wendy orders a new one for him too.

Pilchard's Breakfast

S3 E7
Feb 5, 2000
Mr Beasley is having a conservatory built. Wendy leaves to dig the foundations, while Bob waits at the Yard for a delivery of bricks. However, he sets off without giving Pilchard her breakfast.

Scoop's In Charge

S3 E8
Feb 12, 2000
Bob and Wendy have been invited to a lunch at the Town Hall. Bob is not keen to go, but Wendy asks Scoop to take charge of that day's work (completing the Mayor's new garage) so Bob cannot escape.

Scoop Has Some Fun

S3 E9
Mar 2, 2000
Bob is erecting some telegraph poles with Scoop, and phones Wendy to say that he will need Lofty and Muck after lunch. During the lunch break, Spud persuades Scoop to help him play some tricks.

Dizzy's Crazy Paving

S3 E10
Mar 10, 2000
Bob and Wendy finish plastering a wall, and while it is drying, Wendy decides to make a start on another job - laying a garden path for Mrs Potts. Things begin badly: Mrs Potts is afraid Roley will crush her flower beds.

Spud & Squawk

S3 E11
Mar 17, 2000
Mr Bentley asks Bob and crew to build a new out-of-town car park. Meanwhile Spud is scaring crows in Farmer Pickles' field, but cannot shake off one particularly persistent bird who follows him everywhere.

Muck's Sleepover

S3 E12
Mar 24, 2000
Farmer Pickles agrees to let Muck sleep over with Travis, while Bob undertakes a night job at the tunnel. Muck cannot sleep because the countryside is so much darker than the town. Spud makes some noises to scare Muck.

Trailer Travis

S3 E13
Apr 1, 2000
Wendy, Muck, and Dizzy head off to put up a new signpost at the crossroads. Meanwhile, Travis and Spud come to the Yard to take a delivery of hardcore to Farmer Pickles. Bob meanwhile goes to Mrs Broadbent's to build a porch.