Season 10

Episode Guide

Bob's Fresh Start

S10 E1
Oct 08, 2004
It's the team's first full day in Sunflower Valley and the machines are all a bit nervous of the mammoth job ahead. All except for Muck who is determined to show that he's not a bit worried. Travis arrives with Bob's new mobile home, along with Stowaway Spud. Bob announces that the very first job in Sunflower Valley will be to build a hard standing to support the mobile home. It's getting dark and they have no electricity, so Muck volunteers to collect some firewood from the forest. Spud offers to help. With the building job underway, Muck and Spud venture further into the forest, collecting more and more wood until they realize that they are lost.

Lofty's Shelter

S10 E2
Oct 15, 2004
Today's the day that the machines get to build their brand new shelter. It's going to be built into the side of a hill and made using found materials. Lofty, who slept outside at the old yard, decides that he'd like a place in the new shelter - but doesn't know how to let Bob know. Bob and the Machines get to work and every time Lofty tries to let Bob know that he'd like a place in the machine shelter, he is interrupted. Bob asks Lofty to head back to the old yard in Bobsville to pick up some important plastic sheeting. At the yard, Lofty tries out the old machine shelter, wondering how to let Bob know.

Dizzy and the Talkie Talkie

S10 E3
Oct 22, 2004
Bob and the team are drilling a special well at their homestead. The well has its own water tank, which needs to be raised from the ground on rocks. Wendy and Scrambler arrive for the first ever time in Sunflower Valley. Wendy has even brought a surprise - Talkie Talkies - A radio-headset system to help them in Sunflower Valley. Dizzy and Scrambler offer to find some rocks for the tank, taking their Talkie-Talkies with them. Muck can come and collect the rocks when they've found them. Wendy reminds them not to get lost! Lofty, with his new drill attachment, gets to work drilling the well while Scrambler and Dizzy explore the valley.

Scoop's Recruit

S10 E4
Oct 29, 2004
Scoop and Dizzy have spent the night at Bob's old yard in Bobsville to help Wendy with some digging and mixing. The machines all wish that Wendy could come and live out in Sunflower Valley, but realize that she needs to find someone to take over the old yard first. Bob and the rest of team get to work clearing the site for Bob's new yard, and while Wendy repairs a leak at Mr. Sabatini's, Scoop resolves to find a new builder to take over the old yard for Wendy. He asks Mr. Beasley if he knows any good builders - with no joy. Next he tries the library. The librarian helps by looking in the phone book for builders, but there is only one listed - Bob!

Where's Robert?

S10 E5
Nov 05, 2004
Now that Robert has taken over at the old yard, Wendy can finally move to Sunflower Valley! Bob is still in Bobsville, while the machines are in charge of setting up Wendy's caravan, complete with solar panels, as a special surprise - Wendy thinks she'll be staying in a tent! Back in Bobsville, Dot cooks everybody eggs for their breakfast. Bob needs to collect some special materials for Wendy's caravan and head off to Sunflower Valley. Wendy meanwhile is showing Dot how the office works, before packing up and moving.

Wendy's Welcome

S10 E6
Nov 12, 2004
Scoop and the machines are in Sunflower Valley setting up Wendy's caravan. Scoop contacts Muck to find out where Bob has got to. Muck explains that they haven't left Bobsville yet because they've lost Bob's Dad! Wendy is at home packing with some help from her sister Jenny. Bob, meanwhile, searches high and low for Robert. Where has he got to? Bob realizes that he still hasn't delivered Wendy's boxes. Muck points out that at least she can't finish her packing without them. Bob, still worried about his dad, heads back to the old yard to deliver Wendy's boxes. Bob is amazed to discover Robert in his workshop! Robert explains that Farmer Pickles' hens gave him an idea for a surprise for Wendy - a hen house!

Roley's New Friend

S10 E7
Nov 19, 2004
Bob and the gang are building the road connecting Bob's mobile home site with the location of the new yard. It's a big job for Roley, but just as Bob's explaining the job, a pretty little bird flies overhead clutching some twigs in her beak. The bird reminds Roley of his friend Bird back in Bobsville and he realizes she's off to make a nest. Without listening to Bob, distracted Roley decides to follow the bird. As the rest of the team get to work, Roley realizes that the bird is about to build her nest right in the path of the new road and He persuades the bird to find a new place for her nest. The bird moves on, but to an even worse place!

Two Scoops

S10 E8
Nov 26, 2004
It's a big day, as the team are building Bob's new workshop at his new yard. Scoop is desperate to get stuck in and beavers about doing everything he can to help. Bob needs some old floorboards collecting from Bobsville, and sends Scoop to pick them up. Meanwhile, at the old yard, Robert has got a booked in - planting some trees for Mr. Bentley. He's rather taken aback when he sees how many there are, and how big! It's a lot of digging for one person!

Benny's Back

S10 E9
Dec 03, 2004
Scoop has spent the night in Bobsville and is off back to Sunflower Valley early in the morning. Benny is desperate to go too so Scoop promises to come back and take him as soon as he can. Scoop arrives back at the new yard where Bob is starting work on his new workshop and storerooms. When Farmer Pickles arrives earlier than expected with a load of straw to store in the storeroom, Bob promises to get them finished that day. There's rain on the way! Farmer Pickles sets off for another load and Scoop becomes worried that Bob won't have enough time to get everything finished. He has an idea to ask Scrambler and Benny to slow down Farmer Pickles to give Bob more time.

Spud's Straw Surprise

S10 E10
Dec 10, 2004
Whilst Spud is collecting some eggs for breakfast, he spots the large amount of straw delivered the previous day and overhears Bob and Farmer Pickles having a conversation. They discuss how they are making "something new out of straw", and that "Spud wasn't supposed to be there". Spud concludes that they must be building a new super-sized scarecrow to replace him - what sort of surprise is that? Devastated, Spud wanders off to decide what to do. Bob reveals that today's job is to build Farmer Pickles a special new house - out of straw - and the team get to work.

Off Road Scrambler

S10 E11
Dec 17, 2004
Scrambler is desperate to help Bob build a drying barn for Farmer Pickles sunflower farm. Scruffty is also excited about the building job and runs and jumps about getting in everyone's way. Bob gives Scrambler the job of taking Scruffty for a walk to keep him out of trouble. Reluctantly, Scrambler agrees while Bob and the other machines get to work on the barn. Scrambler decides to try and wear Scruffty out so that he can get back to the building job, but soon realizes that Scruffty has even more puff than he does!

Meet Marjorie

S10 E12
Dec 24, 2004
It's a big day. The team are building Farmer Pickles new factory which will turn sunflowers into sunflower oil. Everyone is excited to meet Marjorie, who arrives by bicycle. Marjorie has been brought on board by Farmer Pickles to manage the factory. Dizzy is fascinated and is full of questions - where? What? Why? Muck teases Dizzy about all her questions and Dizzy resolves to work without having to ask anything. The team get to work and after pouring the factory foundations, Dizzy finds she has some left over cement. She figures that the leftover is for the sunflower storage bay and, enlisting the help of some of the other machines, Dizzy decides to build it herself - without asking!

Muck's Mudhut

S10 E13
Dec 31, 2004
Bob and the team are building a special flat-packed eco-home for Marjorie. When Muck and Benny spot Marjorie's canvas tent and Spud's straw-house, they wonder what else houses can be made from. With their part of the build completed, Muck and Benny go off exploring with Spud. The trio find a river bank full of mud and Muck decides to build a mud-hut. The gang use some old recycled posts to make a frame work. Then they mix up some mud using water from the river and are soon having a huge mud fight!

Wendy's Party Plan

S10 E14
Jan 07, 2005
The team are building Sunflower Valley's first geodesic dome. As Wendy has organized the dome and knows how it all fits together, Bob suggests that she might like to take charge of the job. Reluctantly Wendy agrees. The machines wonder why Wendy is acting so strangely and when Bob's out of earshot, she reveals that she's organized a surprise party for Bob. It's to be the following night at the dome. Mr. Bentley is inviting everyone from Bobsville and there's a lot to get ready - and now she has to build the dome too!