Season 13

Episode Guide

Mr Bentley's Assistant

S13 E1
Jul 04, 2006
Bob is erecting a tent to accommodate some newcomers to the valley. Mr Bentley is organising everything, but unfortunately leaves his phone with Spud who promptly declares himself 'Mr Bentley's Assistant'. When Mrs Bentley calls with some information about the newcomers, Spud answers. The line is bad and when Spud hears that forty-five 'extra' people are coming, he takes it upon himself to find places to stay for them all, mainly in other peoples homes or shelters. Straw bales are stuffed in to every available space in the valley - and everyone is very put out, until Mrs Bentley arrives with the newcomers - five, just right for Mr Bentley's tent. Spud is very sorry for the trouble he has caused.

Roley's Moleys

S13 E2
Jul 05, 2006
The Team are converting Mr Sabatini's windmill into a café. Roley is rolling the ground flat for all the tables and chairs while Bob makes the awnings. Roley hits trouble when molehills keep appearing where he's just been rolling. He tries to convince the moles to move away, which proves harder than he thought. Disaster strikes when, in his efforts, Roley flattens all the tables and chairs for the café. Roley has a brilliant idea for some new ones just in time for the grand café opening - tables and chairs made from concrete molehill shapes!

Spud Rushes It

S13 E3
Jul 06, 2006
Bob and the team are installing a bull-rush water recycling system to clean water from Farmer Pickles' cottage. The clean water will be used to water Farmer Pickles new orchard. Bob explains that everything needs to be built in order - it's a 'process'. Spud decides that the 'process' is holding up his yummy apples so tries to speed things up - he fills in the wrong holes, assembles the flow-forms incorrectly and plants the trees in the wrong place. Spud is horrified to lean that none of his 'help' will speed up the apples - he'll have to wait a long time for the apples to grow! Bob, Spud and the team put everything right and, as Bob turns on the recycling system, Spud announces that he'll be Spud The Apple Guard and protect the trees till the apples are ready - he's part of the process!

Scrambler's Seaweed Delivery

S13 E4
Jul 07, 2006
Bob is building a Seaweed Farm for Annie Pickles - Farmer Pickles cousin. Scrambler volunteers to help Annie collect seaweed seedling on the beach. He's certain that he and Annie will have enough seedlings for the farm before the machines' have finished their job - it's a race! The beach, however, is tricky terrain and Scrambler has to go much slower and more carefully than he expected - he'll never win the race like this! He tries to speed things by leaving his collected seedlings with Sunny and Saffron, meaning he'll have to make fewer trips. When the children disappear with his seedlings, he thinks he's lost the race and let Annie down. Sad Scrambler finds some strange red seaweed which he hopes will be okay. Back at the farm he's amazed to find that the Children had taken his seaweed to the farm for him - winning him the race after all. And the red seaweed turns out to be very very rare! Scrambler is pleased to be the most careful wheels in the valley!

Massive Muck

S13 E5
Jul 08, 2006
Whilst Bob and the team build Annie Pickles new seafront house, Muck is worried that Scoop is a better digger than he is and decides to prove himself with a sandcastle competition. Scoop builds a huge sculpture of himself, while Muck only manages a big hole. Spud offers to help Muck build a sculpture even bigger than Scoops and together they collect drift wood to make a frame. They spend so much time collecting wood that Muck is late collecting some important tiles for a mosaic wall on the house. Muck races along with the tiles, but accidentally drops them in his large hole. While Muck is getting help, Scoop sees the hole and fills it in to stop people falling in. When Muck returns, the beach is all flat and he can't see the tiles anywhere. He has a great idea for a different sort of mosaic for Annie's house - using the drift wood! Spud meanwhile manages to dig up the tiles and puts them to a very different use.

Roley's Apple Press

S13 E6
Jul 09, 2006
Roley is desperate to help with the apple harvest, but there's not much a road roller can do to help. Farmer Pickles, meanwhile, asks Bob to build him a new press to make apple juice. Roley tries to help Spud collect a load of apples. They manage to shake a load from the tree but Roley rolls into a stone wall, flattening it. He's very sorry and wishes there was some way he can make things better. Then when Bob finds he needs some extra pressure to squash the apples, he realises he has the perfect job for Roley the Apple Press!

Travis's Giddy Day

S13 E7
Jul 10, 2006
Bob is building a goat run for Farmer Pickles new goat - Giddy. It's Travis's job to collect Giddy from Meg MacDonald the goat breeder. Spud teases Travis about being slow and Travis resolves to collect the goat very quickly. With the goat in his trailer, Travis goes so fast that he hits a bump. The trailer door opens and the goat escapes! Travis and Spud frantically look everywhere for Giddy. When the stop rushing around, who should appear, but Giddy. Travis and Spud escort the Giddy to her new goat run... very slowly indeed.

Muck's Drying Tunnel

S13 E8
Jul 12, 2006
Bob's building a 'drying tunnel' for drying Annie seaweed. Muck passes Mr Beasley who's having a spot of bother with his washing. He decides to build Mr Beasley a drying tunnel for his washing. Watching Bob make each section, Muck does his best to replicate the seaweed tunnel at Mr Beasley's yurt, with disastrous results. Muck confesses what he's done and Bob points out that while tunnels are good for drying seaweed, they're not good for drying clothes. Muck has another idea - and help build Mr Beasley a brand new rotary washing line - much more appropriate!

Benny's Jungle Trouble

S13 E9
Jul 21, 2006
Bob is building a marshland walkway with his Dad's help. Benny hears that the marsh is 'like a jungle' and becomes determined to finds some jungle animals like tigers. Every time he spots one, however, it turns out to be something very ordinary. So keen is Benny to find an animal that he wanders off on his own! Bob and his Dad find worried Benny - he's sorry he ran off! Bob's dad points out that the marsh isn't full of jungle animals, but there is lots of amazing wildlife if you know where to look - he lifts up a stone showing Benny all sorts of little creatures - unreal!

Dizzy The Walking Bus

S13 E10
Jul 24, 2006
Bob is putting up some new signs in Sunflower Valley to help people find their way round the valley. Meanwhile Dizzy has been asked by Ela Stevenson if she'll be the 'walking bus' and help the children get to school. Dizzy is so excited that she doesn't make a very good job of mixing the concrete for the signs. The signs are soon leaning over in the watery concrete. Passing Spud tries to help straighten them but makes matters worse by leaving them pointing in the wrong direction. With her work done, Dizzy and the children try to follow the signs, but are soon lost thanks to the incorrect signs! Dizzy doesn't panic and instead gives the children a wonderful nature lesson in the forest until Bob and Ela find them. Dizzy is sorry for not mixing the concrete properly but is thrilled when Ela says that she did a great job of being the Walking Bus!

Packers First Day

S13 E11
Jul 25, 2006
A new machine has come to the Valley - Packer the Delivery Truck. He's to work with Farmer Pickles team. Farmer Pickles gives Packer his jobs and he sets off on his first delivery round. Packer, however, is very easily distracted and by all the sights and sounds of the valley and gets his jobs wrong. Farmer Pickles hears about this and soon catches up with Packer. Packer is very sorry and promises that he'll concentrate on his jobs from now on. Just pack him up and watch him go go!

The Bob House

S13 E12
Jul 26, 2006
Bob has a plan to accommodate all of the newcomers. He's designed a kit house that clips together quickly and easily. Bob's dad Robert comes to the valley to help build the houses, while Mr and Mrs Bentley conduct a survey on the newcomers' requirements. When the newcomers all want different things, Bob worries that his design for the house won't be right for absolutely everyone. His solution is to change his design so that the house can clip together in absolutely any way at all, in any formation so that it can be perfect for whoever wants to live there! The new 'Bobhouses' are a big success - a new era for the valley has begun.