Season 18

Episode Guide

Lofty and the Diggers Three

S18 E1
Nov 19, 2011
Bob announces that the team is to build a special park full of rides and games, but when Bob outlines the build, Lofty sees that it's all digging with no need for a crane.

Scoop and the Roller Coaster

S18 E2
Nov 20, 2011
The machines are still excited about having found a dinosaur skeleton. Scoop has been reading Spud's dinosaur book, and is convinced he now knows all about them! And how to find another one!

Rubble and the Seagull Surprise

S18 E3
Nov 21, 2011
Rubble, the dump truck, has been called in to help Bob and the team build a flying ride at the new park. The machines are all excited, especially Scratch, who can't wait to look for more dinosaur bones!

Roley and the Impossible Bump

S18 E4
Nov 22, 2011
Roley is flattered when Scratch tells him that he thinks he's the best flattener in the world. He is determined to live up to Scratch's expectations by flattening the whole of the Dinosaur Fun Park ready for Mr Bentley's inspection later that day.

Muck's Train To Trouble

S18 E5
Nov 23, 2011
Bob announces the day's job - to build a children's railway around the Dinosaur Fun Park. Scoop, Muck and Scratch are asked to dig out the route, and lay the track. Scoop and Scratch get started, but Muck hits a rock, blocking his path.

A Dinosaur For Scratch

S18 E6
Nov 24, 2011
It's the last day of the Dinosaur Fun Park build and the team are building a fence around the whole thing and turning the huge Diplodocus skeleton into the gate. Scratch is determined to find his very own dinosaur skeleton.

Whizzy Dizzy

S18 E7
Nov 25, 2011
The team are building a new workshop for Bob, and Dizzy decides to show him how useful she is by being the fastest machine on the job! As Bob and Wendy clear out the old workshop, Bob finds lots of old things that are precious to him.

Travis' New Garage

S18 E8
Dec 17, 2011
Seeing how happy Bob and Wendy are when he finds their lost property at the yard, Roley wants to find more lost things. He even christens himself Lost Property Officer Roley! But the team have a big job today, building Travis a surprise garage.

Scratch and the Dream Room

S18 E9
Jan 21, 2012
Bob, Wendy and the machines are at Farmer Pickles' Farm, ready to build Spud's new room. When Farmer Pickles says that his farm house is his dream home, Bob modestly says that they just followed the plans.

Stage Struck Dizzy

S18 E10
Feb 24, 2012
Spud is playing a giant in a play at Fixham Theatre. Dizzy thinks this is brilliant but points out that his line is wrong! It's supposed to be 'Fe Fi Fo Fum'! Bob and Wendy tell the team that they are building a storage shed at the theatre.

Roley and the Fox

S18 E11
Mar 8, 2012
The team are building a jungle themed mini golf course. Mr Bentley practises his game, but keeps losing all his balls! As some wild animal decorations arrive, Bob explains to Roley that wild animals are those that live away from people with their friends.

Roley's Weather Rap

S18 E12
Mar 26, 2012
Bob is building a meteorological station for Brad Rad, so that he can make announcements to his surfing students. Roley is having fun making up a surfing rap, but is upset when Brad doesn't have time to carry on with him.

Bob's Big Bounce

S18 E13
Jun 2, 2012
Bob and the team are building a trampoline by the children's playground. Bob is excited and can't wait to have a big bounce. Scoop offers to get all the materials ready. But a problem soon arises when he can't carry them all.

Scrambler and the Clue

S18 E14
Jun 5, 2012
Bob and the team are summoned to Fixham Museum by its curator, David Mockney. The portico pillars are crumbling and on the verge of collapse. They need to be replaced before the new Fixham Museum exhibition opens.

Lofty and the Teddy Bear Rescue

S18 E15
Jun 6, 2012
Toyshop owner Mrs Toosey wants a new, large window put into her Toyshop so Bob and the team head off. Spud and Scrambler join them, still searching for the Golden Hammer - all they have to go on is a picture clue of a bear.

Muck and the Old School Wall

S18 E16
Jun 7, 2012
Following on from the last clue that they discovered - a picture of a dragon - Spud and Scrambler are still searching for the Golden Hammer.

Scoop's Big Job

S18 E17
Jun 8, 2012
Spud and Scrambler are still searching for the Golden Hammer and are trying to figure out what the latest clue means - a trapezium with a line extending from it - and decide to start their search at Fixham lighthouse.

Dizzy Finds a Pirate

S18 E18
Jun 9, 2012
Fixham Theatre needs some work completed in time for a performance of The Legend of Brickbeard with actor and theatre manager Dickie Olivier in the title role. Dickie explains that Brickbeard lived in Fixham for many years and then disappeared.

Roley and the Seagull

S18 E19
Jun 10, 2012
At Fixham Harbour, Bob and the team are in the process of moving the old ship. Roley befriends a seagull but the bird becomes very angry when Lofty and the team begin to lift the old ship out of the water.

Super Scrambler

S18 E20
Aug 15, 2012
Scrambler has been reading about the super-hero machine, Super-Smasher. He decides he wants to be just like him. When Scoop and Muck point out he's just an ordinary machine, it makes Scrambler more determined!