Season 18

Episode Guide

3-Way Premiere, Part 1

S18 E1
Nov 22, 2006
When seven sexy strangers move into the spacious loft located in the LoDo district of Denver, sexual tension soars. Colie tells Jenn that she has a crush on Alex, but a drunken Jenn betrays her new "best friend" and hooks up with Alex herself.

3-Way Premiere, Part 2

S18 E2
Dec 4, 2006
When seven sexy strangers move into the spacious Real World loft located in the LoDo district of Denver, sexual tension soars. Colie tells Jenn that she has a crush on Alex, but a drunken Jenn betrays her new "best friend" and hooks up with Alex herself.

The Morning After

S18 E3
Dec 5, 2006
Colie, feeling hurt and betrayed when Jenn confesses her hookup with Alex, takes revenge by bringing home a hot Denver guy and kissing him in the hot tub. Will this "hate dating" make Alex jealous?

Davis vs. Tyrie

S18 E4
Dec 6, 2006
While partying out, Stephen almost gets into a fight over a racist remark. Tyrie thinks that Davis abandoned Stephen when he needed help and confronts a very drunken Davis. The resulting fight is so intense, Davis considers going home.

Dark Kent

S18 E5
Dec 13, 2006
Tyrie meets two girls he's attracted to: Ashley and Jazalle. He gets into trouble when, after a night of partying, both girls want to go home with Tyrie.

Bus Brawl

S18 E6
Dec 20, 2006
Jenn warns Tyrie that he reminds her of her ex-boyfriend, whom she broke up with because they fought so much. History repeats itself when, after a night spent drinking on a party bus, Jenn and Tyrie get into a huge fight.

The Kissing Disease

S18 E7
Dec 27, 2006
Colie becomes so ill she has to go to the hospital. Brooke warns her roommates that she is sensitive and given to anxiety attacks, then proceeds to have one.

Crossing the Line

S18 E8
Jan 3, 2007
When Jenn brings home a sexy guy for some intimate cuddling, the teasing she gets from her male roommates results in a big fight with Alex. Also, the roommates learn what their job in Denver will be.

Outward Bound

S18 E9
Jan 3, 2007
When the roommates begin their job as Outward Bound interns, Brooke has an anxiety attack while struggling to complete the rigorous training exercises assigned them.

Breaking Point

S18 E10
Jan 10, 2007
As the roommates continue training to become Outward Bound interns, Brooke's lack of inhibition almost gets her fired.

Hit Where It Hurts

S18 E11
Jan 17, 2007
When Stephen and Alex bring home hoochies for an evening in the hot tub, Jenn erupts in anger. Brooke and Davis cause their roommates' jaws to drop with their "love" for each other.

The Diabled List

S18 E12
Jan 24, 2007
As the roommates prepare for their second week's training to become Outward Bound interns, three declare themselves too "sick" to participate. Colie ignores the objections of Outward Bound and begins dating former counselor, Adam.

Reaching the Peak

S18 E13
Jan 31, 2007
Brooke, Stephen and Davis loll comfortably at home as the other roommates struggle through their second week of Outward Bound training in the rugged Rocky Mountains.

Playing the Field

S18 E14
Feb 7, 2007
Colie is hurt when Alex has a noisy hook up with a Denver hottie, but he defends that he is not interested in sharing her attention with the other guys she's dating.

Out and Proud

S18 E15
Feb 14, 2007
Stephen finds homosexuality hard to deal with when Davis's boyfriend, PJ, comes for a visit. Fortunately Stephen is distracted by Mercii visiting at the same time.

Lashing Out

S18 E16
Feb 21, 2007
Corey, Colie's ex boyfriend, visits her to discuss whether or not they have a future together. Brooke's repressed anger finally explodes at the other girls.

Letting Go

S18 E17
Feb 28, 2007
Even though her ex-boyfriend is visiting, Colie shows jealousy when Jenn hook up with Alex again. A calmer Brooke makes up with Jenn.

Butting In

S18 E18
Mar 7, 2007
Davis's visiting boyfriend, PJ, is jealous of Davis's close relationship with Brooke. This leads to tensions that result in Brooke throwing water in Davis's face.

Juggling Act

S18 E19
Mar 14, 2007
Tyrie confesses to Jazalle that he had sex with rival Ashley and a fight ensues. Jenn hears her back-home crush, Justin, is not being faithful while she's gone and turns to Stephen's visiting friend for consolation.

Locked Up

S18 E20
Mar 21, 2007
Tyrie's drunken fight with Jazalle over his past infidelity leads to his being arrested. He considers going home. Jenn hooks up with Stephen's visiting friend, Darnell.

Leaving Early

S18 E21
Mar 28, 2007
Tyrie considers proving himself through his Outward Bound work. But when seven teen boys impacted by Katrina show up for their Outward Bound course, Stephen shows no dedication and leaves for home to attend his sister's wedding.

Personal Evaluations

S18 E22
Apr 4, 2007
Tyrie and the other roommates, sans Stephen, offer the Katrina affected teen boys a challenging Outward Bound course.

False Appearences

S18 E23
Apr 11, 2007
Davis's gossip about the girls' appearance causes Brooke to freak out and trash his room. Tyrie considers breaking up with Jazalle.

Loose Lips

S18 E24
Apr 18, 2007
When Jenn's visiting crush, Jared, learns from Davis that she hooked up with Alex twice, he demands that Jenn confess all her infidelities. Also, Brooke looks for a Denver boyfriend.

Conquering Fears

S18 E25
Apr 25, 2007
Brooke is anxious to show how much she has grown when the Katrina affected teen girls arrive for an Outward Bound course. But will she be able to rappel?

Make-Out Bandits

S18 E26
May 2, 2007
Colie is disappointed in Alex when he talks about their close sexual encounter and, in revenge, picks up a new guy. Davis's mother and sister pay a surprise visit.

Welcome to Paradise

S18 E27
May 9, 2007
On vacation in Thailand, Brooke learns to quit worrying and enjoy life, while the split between Colie and Alex widens.

Out with a Bang

S18 E28
May 19, 2007
In the final episode, Davis cheats on PJ with a new crush, while Stephen cheats on Mercii with roommate Jenn. How will these romances resolve before the cast leaves Denver for home?


S18 E29
Nov 22, 2006

S*#! They Should've Shown

S18 E30
May 30, 2007
Check out a whole new crop of Denver goodies, from mass makeouts and naked roommates to pooping problems.