Season 2

Episode Guide

Episode 1

S2 E1
Jun 26, 1993
As the New York cast reunites for the weekend, the ex-roommates talk about their responses to the show. They amuse each other with stories about the public's reaction and being recognized. Each roommate's life is updated.

Boot Scootin' Boogie

S2 E2
Jun 27, 1993
The New York cast envisions the future of their successors. Heather predicts that someone will leave early, although, Dominic, one of the new housemates, expects no problems at all.

To a New Beginning...

S2 E3
Jul 1, 1993
As Dominic, Tami and Jon continue their trip to Los Angeles, the differences among them become more evident. They discuss religion and Jon feels ganged up on. He feels it is unfair that Tami and Dom are trying to make it sound like Jon is a bigot.

Too Many Cat Fights in this House

S2 E4
Jul 8, 1993
Beth causes a huge rift in the tentative friendship among the roommates when she brings all of them, including Dominic--who initially does not want to go--to a party that she wasn't even invited to. The roommates are asked to leave.

David, David, David

S2 E5
Jul 15, 1993
Tami and David's relationship is explored. Beth predicts that they will end up sleeping together. David offends Tami when a private outing to Melrose includes two of David's friends.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

S2 E6
Jul 22, 1993
Tami and her Studs date Kenya try to cheat on the show, hoping to win the $600. When the other team wins, Tami and Kenya decide to part ways. Though they are very different people, Aaron and Dominic admit to an exclusive friendship.

Is David Going Home?

S2 E7
Jul 29, 1993
Tension in the house erupts when David tries to pull the covers off Tami as a practical joke. Not finding the "joke" funny, Tami retaliates, and she and David fight. Beth steps in and further incites the argument, ultimately accusing David of rape.

No Apologies Necessary

S2 E8
Aug 5, 1993
The housemates invite David to the meeting and ask that he leave the house. David argues that Beth was responsible for escalating the argument, and reminds everyone of the time Beth showed Tami Dom's underwear when he was drunk.

The New Roomate

S2 E9
Aug 12, 1993
A new roommate, Glen, is selected out of the three candidates that were sent to the house. Aaron's attempts to organize the selection process are vetoed by the other roommates. Glen moves in and he and Jon bond while playing basketball.

Is This Group Bonding

S2 E10
Aug 19, 1993
The group chooses to go on an Outward Bound camping trip to Joshua Tree, which proves to be too rigorous, especially when their guides get lost. The trip turns out to be a bonding experience when the roommates band together to confront their leaders.

Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?

S2 E11
Aug 26, 1993
Tami addresses the Outward Bound trip and the revelation of her pregnancy. She then tells the roommates that she has decided to terminate the pregnancy. Tami's announcement sparks various discussions between the roommates.

Wedding Bells Ring

S2 E12
Sep 3, 1993
As Irene's wedding draws near, the roommates are faced with the change that her departure will bring. Irene deals with her last moments with her roommates as we learn more about her relationship with her fiancé.

No More Practical Jokes

S2 E13
Sep 9, 1993
Beth A. moves in to replace Irene as the seventh roommate. Everyone reacts to the new Beth differently as they learn more and more about her life. Tami's initial discomfort with Beth A. increases when she learns that she is a lesbian.

To My Roomies

S2 E14
Sep 16, 1993
Dom is faced with his parent's mortality when he returns home to Ireland to visit his ailing father. Dom's visit has a rehabilitating affect on his father. Dom goes drinking with his sister, Barbara, and his cousin, Peter; they lose track of time.

Troubling Careers

S2 E15
Sep 23, 1993
Beth S. and Tami struggle with the complications of their respective career pursuits. Beth S. has headshots taken which her agency deems inappropriate, forcing her to spend even more money. Tami's music group, Reality, loses their producer.

Home Away From Home

S2 E16
Sep 30, 1993
A movie producer expresses interest in Jon playing the lead in his movie. Following his meeting with the producers, Jon flies home to Owensboro for a visit. Jon is relieved to return to a place where he belongs as he is welcomed home by his family.

Truth Or Dare?

S2 E17
Oct 7, 1993
The roommates' concerns about the house always being overrun by Glen's friends are addressed when Glen is confronted in a house meeting. Perch's seemingly permanent residence in the house strikes a nerve with all of the roommates.

Let the Dating Games Begin!

S2 E18
Oct 14, 1993
The roommates explore their respective romantic relationships. Beth S. receives two prospective boyfriend visitors at the house, both of which she deems to be unsuitable. Tami introduces her relationship with Tootie, but they break up

Dom and His Drinking

S2 E19
Oct 21, 1993
After the initial excitement over the trip to Cozumel, Mexico, tensions between the roommates escalate. Dom and Aaron isolate themselves from the others as Beth A. and Glen follow suit. Everyone thinks Dom's drinking habits are a problem.

Beth Puts the Smackdown in Paintball

S2 E20
Oct 28, 1993
Beth S.'s history is related through her discussions with her roommates and her mother's visit to the loft. Jon observes Beth S. on the phone with an ex-boyfriend and steps in when things get uncomfortable. On her arrival, Beth S.'s mom cleans the house.

The Musical Showcase

S2 E21
Nov 4, 1993
The musically-oriented roommates stage an industry showcase at The Night Wind. Glen's band Perch rehearses and performs despite the incomplete status of their songs. Dom arranges for the band he manages, Stik Kitty, to perform.

Goodbye Roomies!

S2 E22
Nov 11, 1993
As the roommates anticipate the end of the show, everyone discusses the impact that the public's reaction will have on their lives. The roommates analyze the changes they've made and the changes they see in the others, especially Jon.