Season 9

Episode Guide

Moving Into the Big Easy

S9 E1
Jun 14, 2000
Seven roommates with different backgrounds and lifestyles arrive in New Orleans to live and work together.


S9 E2
Aug 1, 2000
As Julie and David each navigate their own romantic interests, Danny awaits a visit from boyfriend Paul.

Secrets and Thighs

S9 E3
Jun 21, 2000
Melissa and David have a confrontation after her wild night out, while Julie struggles with her personal framework with Danny's sexuality and her beliefs.

Frat Matt And Work

S9 E4
Jun 28, 2000
As Melissa explores a new relationship, the roommates begin their first job in New Orleans at a television station.

Let The Games Begin

S9 E5
Jul 5, 2000
A love triangle is in the air as Kelley and Melissa compete for Jamie's attention. Julie convinces Matt to come see her perform in a drag show. Kelley meets a new guy who has just one problem: a girlfriend.

Trepidation and Isolation

S9 E6
Jul 12, 2000
Seven roommates with different backgrounds and lifestyles arrive in New Orleans to live and work together.

Cupid Strikes The Belfort

S9 E7
Jul 19, 2000
While working at a French Quarter bar, Danny struggles to remain faithful to boyfriend Paul, who coincidentally surprises Danny in New Orleans for Valentine's Day. Kelley wants to be Peter's Valentine, but he must first deal with his girlfriend.

The Show Must Go On

S9 E8
Jul 26, 2000
As the producer for the first show, Kelley struggles to find a balance between being a leader and a dictator to her roommates, and is butting heads with David over his creative vision for their opening segment.

A Friendship Is Tested

S9 E9
Aug 2, 2000
Melissa and Jamie's close bond is tested when a local swamp tour guide uses a racial slur to describe the wildlife and Jamie accuses Melissa of overreacting. David and Melissa educate Julie about racial slurs, and Melissa grows weary.

Spotlighted and Unrequited

S9 E10
Aug 9, 2000
As David takes on new responsibility and role there is not only pressure from the roommates, but for his performance at a local hockey game.

Depressed and Impressed

S9 E11
Aug 16, 2000
Melissa begins to struggle with her mental health leading to a disagreement with Julie about her beliefs, all the while, Matt takes an interest in women in the Big Easy.

Mardi Gras Madness

S9 E12
Aug 23, 2000
Mardi Gras is finally upon the Belfort! As the roommates celebrate, some more than others decide to get pretty comfortable with New Orleans locals.

Apartheid and Abseiling and Safaris, Oh My!

S9 E13
Aug 30, 2000
The cast heads to South Afircia for a trip of a lifetime, as tension between David and the roommates begin to rise.

South Africa, Part 2

S9 E14
Sep 6, 2000
On the second leg of their African adventure, the roommates continue to recognize David's isolation from the rest of the group and attempt to draw him out of his shell.

All Talk And No Walk

S9 E15
Sep 13, 2000
Danny is nervous about an upcoming visit from Paul that coincides with a visit from Danny's parents, who only recently learned that he's gay. Danny confronts Matt over his controversial views on homosexuality.

Men, Music, and Malice

S9 E16
Sep 20, 2000
Hungry for adventure, Julie juggles two potential suitors and steps out of her comfort zone by performing at an open mic night and joining a fightclub. After weeks of tension, Jamie and Kelley finally discuss their strained relationship.

Stormin' Mormons

S9 E17
Oct 4, 2000
When Julie's family and friends pay a visit to the Belfort, Julie's new lifestyle is put under a microscope. Danny attempts to open the minds of Julie's brother's homophobic friends.

Love Is War

S9 E18
Oct 11, 2000
During a visit from her family in which she feels judged for her lifestyle choices, Julie confronts her father about his overbearing ways. Peter pushes Kelley to make a decision about staying with him in New Orleans and the future of their relationship.

S9 E19
Oct 18, 2000
Melissa finds a new friend and a new talent when she meets a local painter named Lionel. Searching for spiritual guidance, Jamie tries to enlist Julie as his mentor, but their closeness leads to an unexpected romance.

David Strips Down

S9 E20
Oct 25, 2000
Jealous Julie starts meddling with Matt's relationships after he falls for a girl he met at a club. David's roommates accuse him of misogny when he plans a fashion show for The Real Seven with models who also happen to be strippers.

Taming Of The Woo Woo

S9 E21
Nov 1, 2000
David's issues with his roommates escalate when he plans a party at the house and his guest list consists of mostly strippers, forcing the roommates to call a house meeting to confront him. Julie writes Matt a letter detailing her feelings for him.

The Never Ending Story

S9 E22
Nov 8, 2000
After being confronted by the roommates, David tries to change his ways. Julie and Matt discuss their true feelings about each other. Melissa and Kelley put their differences aside and team up to produce the final NOATV show.

Leavin' Louisiana

S9 E23
Nov 8, 2000
David finally makes himself vulnerable to his roommates and opens up about his mother's issues. Julie and Matt try to make sense of their feelings for one another. Julie must make a decision regarding her future at BYU.