Season 16

Episode Guide

Howdy, Welcome to Austin

S16 E1
Jun 21, 2005
Seven strangers arrive in Austin and embark upon their journey. All the new members seem to mash very well and crushes develop fast. However, Johanna's druken craziness leads to a street brawl and a serious injury that could cost Danny his sight.

One Man's Loss; Another's Gain

S16 E2
Jun 28, 2005
Melinda comforts Danny, who is in extreme pain from his broken cheekbone, while the roommates have another night on the town. The roommates also learn they will be making a documentary on the South by Southwest Film and Music Festival.

Danny's Surgery

S16 E3
Jul 5, 2005
Danny's dad flies in from Boston to see his injured son through a serious operation. Also, Rachel likes Wes but he wants Johanna.

Love & War

S16 E4
Jul 12, 2005
Rachel expects respect for her service as an Army nurse in Iraq, but Nehemiah is anti-war and the two soon clash. Also, Danny, recovering at home from surgery, becomes jealous when he learns that Melinda, while out partying, kissed Wes.

First Dates

S16 E5
Jul 19, 2005
Rachel's back home boyfriend, Erik, wants to marry her. But those plans almost get derailed when Rachel meets a new Austin guy, Collin. Also, Wes and Nehemiah attract lots of groupie girls, but do the guys have any game?

Mel and Danny Get Up-Close and Personal

S16 E6
Jul 26, 2005
Danny, finally recovered from his injury, wants to hit the bars and copy Wes and Nehemiah's party life style, but Melinda threatens to end her relationship with Danny if he brings home a groupie.

A Heartbreaking Valentine's Day

S16 E7
Aug 2, 2005
On Valentine's Day, Danny plans to treat Melinda to a romantic dinner. Instead, he has to fly home after receiving devastating news from his father.

Heading Home

S16 E8
Aug 9, 2005
Melinda worries that Danny may never return to Austin after helping his family bury his mother. Also, the unexpected death of Danny's mother causes Nehemiah to re-evaluate his relationship with his own mother, who is in a drug rehab clinic.

Jo and Leo Sittin' in a Tree?

S16 E9
Aug 16, 2005
Wes becomes jealous when Johanna begins dating Leo, a handsome Austin bartender. He retaliates by bringing a groupie back to the house for an unintentionally funny one-night stand.

Danny's Back!

S16 E10
Aug 23, 2005
To Melinda's joy, Danny finally returns to Austin, but his grief over losing his mother makes it hard for him to resume their once intimate relationship. Also, the roommates begin a job training exercise: making video portraits of each other.

Things are Heating Up

S16 E11
Aug 30, 2005
Rachel has a melt down during a quarrel with Nehemiah and thinks her outburst is probably symptomatic of having a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder due to her Iraq war service. Also, Wes' long-running pursuit of Johanna finally leads to some sexy kissing.

Trouble's in the Air

S16 E12
Sep 6, 2005
Nehemiah risks his future ambitions by street brawling. Also, the roommates complete their video portrait assignments and begin quarreling about which bands they want to feature in their documentary on the South by Southwest music festival.

Ranchin' It

S16 E13
Sep 13, 2005
Danny and Wes both have a decision to make: do they want to date exclusively their present crushes, Melinda and Wren, or play the field? This becomes the main topic of discussion when the roommates spend a weekend on a Texas dude ranch.

Johanna's Jailbreak

S16 E14
Sep 20, 2005
Johanna gets arrested and held overnight in the Austin jail for public intoxication. Meanwhile, Danny returns home with a girls' numbers written on his hand, and Melinda erupts.

Jo and Leo: To Be or Not To Be?

S16 E15
Sep 27, 2005
Johanna's competitive spirit is aroused when she suspects that Leo, her bartender crush, has a girlfriend. Her previous cool attitude toward him becomes distinctly warmer and Leo spends the night. A frustrated Wes trashes the house.

The Best Documentarians Yet

S16 E16
Oct 4, 2005
South by Southwest, the annual Austin music festival, starts, and the roommates begin shooting their video documentary. But Danny becomes jealous and angry at Melinda when he thinks she's flirting with some of the hot young musicians they are recording.

SxSW All the Way

S16 E17
Oct 11, 2005
As the roommates continue to document the South by Southwest music festival, Rachel's team feels that Lacey is not doing her share of the work, while Lacey vents to her back home boyfriend Ryan that Rachel's propensity for creating drama is irritating.

Love Hurts

S16 E18
Oct 18, 2005
Rachel tells her back home boyfriend that she's ready to end their break, but when Erik comes for a visit she finds she still has mixed feeling. Also, Danny finally decides to file a complaint with the police against the guy who assaulted him.

The Pressure's On

S16 E19
Oct 25, 2005
The roommates have to get a first cut of their SXSW documentary approved by the Austin Film Society before they can go on their trip, but they are depending on Nehemiah's skills as an editor and he's not coming through for them.

Watch Out, Costa Rica

S16 E20
Nov 1, 2005
While the other roommates enjoy a dream vacation surfing and white water rafting in Costa Rica, Danny's jealousy causes him to break off his relationship with Melinda.

Nehemiah's Actin' Up

S16 E21
Nov 8, 2005
The roommates are scheduled to show their SXSW documentary to a large audience, but just days before the event, when his editing skills are most needed, Nehemiah is arrested and jailed. Also, Wes kisses Johanna in front of Wren to make her jealous.

Who's In Jail?

S16 E22
Nov 15, 2005
The roommates have to post bail to free Nehemiah from jail so he can finish editing their SXSW documentary; then there's a frantic last minute rush to get a finished show to the big premier scheduled by the Austin Film Society.

Goodbye Austin

S16 E23
Nov 22, 2005
Danny and Melinda contemplate their future as the roommates prepare to leave Austin. Also, on the roommates' last night in Austin, Wren slaps Wes for letting his roommates know they had sex.