Season 4

Episode Guide

Episode 1

S4 E1
Jul 01, 1995
A montage of London scenes set the stage as three Americans and four Europeans move into the London loft. Mike's dad fills his head with stereotypes of British culture as he waits to depart for London. When Mike arrives, he is descended upon by the exuberant Sharon who wants to teach him about the city. Kat and Jay bond as they make their way across the Atlantic. Jacinda convinces a slightly homesick Jay to call his girlfriend back in Oregon.

Episode 2

S4 E2
Jul 02, 1995
The sexual tension in the house drives Kat and Neil together, despite Chrys, Neil's girlfriend of five years. Mike finds his bond with Kat shaken by her new friendship with Neil and becomes jealous of their relationship. Mike receives two more setbacks: the woman he was attracted to turns out to be a transvestite and he finds his beloved Ranch Dressing to be a rare commodity in London. Jay's theater mentor arrives and shows him the town.

"A Loaf of Bread, A Jug of Swinem and Thou"

S4 E3
Jul 04, 1995
The enigma that is Neil is explored as the calm intellectual who enjoys manipulating people's minds is juxtaposed with the angry person the roommates see when they go to see his band perform. Kat and Neil both admit to a physical attraction, but neither can consent to doing anything about it. The chasm in communication that threatens Neil's relationship with Chrys becomes wider when she sends him a pig's heart impaled with a nail as a Valentine's Day joke; he fails to see the humor.

"Shush, Shush, Sweet Sharon"

S4 E4
Jul 11, 1995
Sharon's music career is in jeopardy when she is told that she has a nodule on her throat that must be surgically removed. Lars gets sick and has to cancel his appointment with the head of KIIS FM. Everyone complains about how much Sharon is unable to remain quiet, despite doctor's orders, for more than a day.

"Brand New Swords and Formula Fords"

S4 E5
Jul 18, 1995
Mike meets the prep team he wants to race with, but first he needs a sponsor. Mike's dad is unsupportive, but offers him a full sponsorship if he returns home. Kat's confidence in her fencing is improved as she begins to train for the upcoming Junior Olympic trials. Mike and Kat express frustration at pursuing their goals. Kat goes to the Junior Olympics in the U.S. She is disappointed with her results, but hopeful about her fencing career.

"Model Employees"

S4 E6
Jul 25, 1995
Jacinda's lack of interest in her career gets her into hot water with her agency. Sharon's new job as a waitress turns out to be too stressful and she quits on her first day. Mike, concerned about his lack of direction, finds employment giving roller blading lessons. Jacinda takes Mike, Neil and Kat to her agency. The agency expresses interest in Mike's looks and offer him a modeling job. Sharon finds her calling when she obtains a sales position at the shop of a family friend.

"Speaking Parts"

S4 E7
Aug 01, 1995
Neil's tongue is bitten off when he performs to an unruly crowd. He is unable to speak which rouses Chrys's maternal instincts and brings them closer together. Jay's lack of motivation is challenged when he goes to see Blues Traveler, a band which inspired his writing. Jay is awestruck when the band remembers him from a letter he had written to them; the lead singer dedicates a song to him and he is invited to hang out with them.

"Hounds Of Love"

S4 E8
Aug 08, 1995
Jacinda'a boyfriend Paul arrives and, despite their differing attitudes towards their relationship, find they are still in love. Jacinda and Paul buy a puppy, much to the dismay of her roommates. Jacinda begins taking flying lessons. Mike admires Lars' ease with meeting women when they go clubbing. An ex-exchange student friend of Mike's from Germany, Mia, provides a diversion for him. Jay lectures Mike about how he treated Mia. Jacinda is comforted by her new puppy, Legend when Paul leaves.

"Innocents Abroad"

S4 E9
Aug 15, 1995
Mike's attempt to find a sponsor on his own is proving fruitless and he's getting "negative help" from his father. Mike is frustrated at his need for his father's approval. Marisa, Jay's friend from writing camp, comes to visit and criticizes his lack of motivation. Mike's "Bundy-like" family descends on the loft and sheds some new light on Mike's personality. Mike's dad notes Mike's loneliness.

"Disfunction Junction"

S4 E10
Aug 22, 1995
The peaceful quality of life at the loft is terminated when the phone is disconnected. In order to have service reinstated, the roommates are required to come up with 530 pounds, a task which proves challenging because the girls have all simultaneously lost their wallets. Jacinda's irresponsibility about Legend and his messes also are a cause for conflict. Lars gets angry with Jacinda when his attempts to collect phone bill money from her are not taken seriously.

"Outward Bonding"

S4 E11
Aug 29, 1995
The roomies unethusiastically go on an Outward Bound trip. They are put through a variety of challenging group tasks, many of prove to be a challenge. The entire weekend ends up being particularly trying for Sharon who is methodically teased and taunted by her roommates as she attempts to complete the different obstacles, despite being out of shape and possessing a fear of heights. Jacinda is especially insensitive and Sharon eventually confronts her. Jay becomes a confidante for Sharon.

"Fast Company"

S4 E12
Sep 05, 1995
Mike finds a team to race with; his dad loans him the money he needs to get started. Jacinda makes her first solo flight. Mike's friend Sean comes to London to see Mike race, and to meet Kat, a match-up which proves unsuccessful. Mike's practice test days are shortened by engine problems which ultimately affect his qualifying time for his first race. On race day, everyone comes to cheer Mike on and are supportive even when he finishes last in the race.

"The Play's The Thing"

S4 E13
Sep 12, 1995
Mike convinces Jay to perform his one-man play at the loft. Jay's relationship with his father is introduced when a letter arrives for "Jay Strait" from Saudi Arabia. Everyone chips in to help with Jay's play, including Sharon who is drafted to run the light board. Mike expresses little faith in Sharon's competency despite Jay's claim that the lighting cues are simple. Jay's play receives an overwhelming response from the audience and the roommates have new respect for Jay's talent.

"Unexpected Developments"

S4 E14
Sep 19, 1995
At the after-party for Jay's play, Mike's desperate attempts to pick up women are ultimately successful when he meets Hannah, a friend of Sharon's. Neil's jazz/funk band performs. The next morning, Mike is teased by his roommates about his new "relationship" with Hannah. Jay was aware of them having sex in the next bed. Jay criticizes Mike for his treatment of Hannah, who ultimately becomes fed up with Mike.

"Oral Examinations"

S4 E15
Sep 26, 1995
The roommates have a scare when Sharon contracts a serious case of tonsilitis that eventually hospitalizes her. Everyone visits Sharon in the hospital. She emerges a stronger, tougher Sharon. Kat has trouble with a drama class which puts her scholarship in jeopardy. Kat has a bout of depression which is cured by Jacinda's purchase of a kitten for her car.

"Homebodies and Free Spirits"

S4 E16
Oct 03, 1995
Jay worries about whether things have changed in his relationship with Alicia as he prepares to return home to Portland for a visit. He is reassured to find that they are still in love. Jacinda's mischievous nature is revealed. She convinces Kat to run naked in the street with her. To Sharon's amusement, Jacinda crank calls one of Sharon's friends and claims to have gotton a veneral disease from him. When Jacinda decides to get her tongue pierced, Neil goes along for moral support.

"Tales From The Confessional"

S4 E17
Oct 10, 1995
Neil tells a story of how a blood vessel in his penis burst while having sex. Neil attempts to rub Legend's nose in the poop he left by Neil's bed; Sharon rescues him. Jacinda, Kat and Sharon picnic on a stormy day; As it begins to hail, they struggle with Sharon's umbrella and Legend, who pees on Sharon as they run. Jacinda is called a demon by an evangelist in the park. Neil leads a discussion with Kat and Mike on American politics; they conclude that in the U.S., Sharon would be dead.

"Words of Love"

S4 E18
Oct 17, 1995
Kat, Mike, and Lars discover a special someone that they are attracted to. Love is definitely in the air. Mike realizes how he comes across towards women and how he treats women.

"Clubs, Pubs and Dubs"

S4 E19
Oct 24, 1995
Sharon, Lars, and Neil's careers are being put to the ultimate test. After Sharon's speech therapy, she has a few rehearsals with her band but a record label informs them that they should change their style, so the band decides to break up. Neil is running out of money so he gets a data entry job then quits. Lars tries to put on a party at a club but runs into a few problems. Eventually, he is signed to DJ at a well known club in London.

"There is no place like there"

S4 E20
Oct 31, 1995
Jacinda goes to Rome and Milan for photo shoots. Her stubborn attitude gets her frustrated with both shoots. Mike goes home to race and does extremely well. He discovers that he misses London and his roommates. He comes to the conclusion that America is not all that it is cracked up to be and realizes that he can do well in England.

"Into Africa"

S4 E21
Nov 07, 1995
The roommates receive the exciting news that they are headed for Kenya. They fly in to the middle of nowhere, caravan to the camp, and climb a nearby hill to watch the sunset and speak with the native Masai warriors. They learn that the Masai way of life is disappearing. They visit a native village, then go on a safari. After setting up camp for the night, the Masai prepare to slaughter a goat for dinner. Sharon, a vegetarian, refuses to have anything to do with it.

"Out of Africa...and Outta Here!"

S4 E22
Nov 07, 1995
The week-long trip to Kenya continues with the slaughter of a goat for dinner. The Masai drink the goat's blood after killing it. Neil tastes the blood, too. Sharon objects to the killing of an animal. The trip brings the group closer together. The guys discuss what they've learned from each other. Even Sharon is brought out of her shell. The trip ends with a balloon safari, and the roommates return to London as close friends, looking forward to their last week together.

"London...Outta Here"

S4 E23
Nov 14, 1995
This is the final week of living in the house. The housemates discover how much they enjoyed living in London with the people in the house. Neil and Mike go to a Pub and talk about the mates and the experience. Kat celebrates her 20th birthday with the mates and friends. They pack up and leave for their separate lives after the Last Supper.