Season 3

Episode Guide

"Planes, Trains, and Paddywagons"

S3 E1
Jun 23, 1994
On the train to San Francisco, Pedro and Cory become friends; Pedro tells Cory he's HIV+. Puck gets "door prized" and arrested. All the roommates move in. Pedro uses his scrapbook to tell them he has AIDS. Rachel walks away.

"Love Stinks"

S3 E2
Jun 23, 1994
The Puck/Rachel flirtation begins with a trip to Mass.Pedro is repulsed when Puck dips his fingers into the peanut butter. Puck feels picked on by all, for his unsanitary habits. Valentines day brings everyone back together.

"White Like Me"

S3 E3
Jun 30, 1994
Rachel's trip to a Jack Kemp rally leads to an argument with Mohammed.Pedro has his first date with Sean.Cory offends Mo's girlfriend Stephanie by asking if she's half white.The group finds a new way to communicate at the house.

"From a Six to a Nine and Back Again"

S3 E4
Jul 7, 1994
Puck invites roomies to a screening of his soapbox derby video and is hurt when no one attends except Rachel.Puck skips Pedro's birthday breakfast in retaliation for the soapbox snub; then he confronts Cory about the same thing.

"You Gotta Have Art"

S3 E5
Jul 14, 1994
Judd tries to find work cartooning but is frustrated at every turn, until he gets invited to pitch his idea in Hollywood. Mo works with his band, and gets into an argument with Puck about rap music.

"Trouble In Paradise"

S3 E6
Jul 21, 1994
Pedro overhears Puck and Rachel telling gay jokes on the phone.Pedro grapples with the fear that his relationship with Sean is going too fast. Puck's flirtation with Heather leads to an argument between Rachel and Heather.

"Coffee and Sympathy"

S3 E7
Jul 28, 1994
Puck goes to drunk driving school and comes home with a lost dog he's found.Puck (and everyone) loves the dog, but they decide they should post flyers to find the dog's owners.Rachel is upset by a rejection from Princeton.

"Together and Apart"

S3 E8
Aug 4, 1994
Pedro's annoyance with Puck increases over Puck's interruptions.Pedro finds out that his T-Cell count has dropped to 32;Pam and Judd are upset.Pedro goes to LA to do a talk show.He and Rachel discuss their opposing views on HIV.

"Collision Course"

S3 E9
Aug 11, 1994
Tensions deepen between Puck and Pedro despite Puck's contention that they're merely the "Odd Couple."Pedro's engagement to Sean is discussed by all;Puck questions their motives.Pedro isolates himself from them because of Puck.

"Kiss And Tell"

S3 E10
Aug 18, 1994
Rachel and Puck are not getting along;she reveals that they've kissed.At the Marina,they meet Toni;Puck hits it off with her and Rachel leaves.Puck argues with Rachel.Later,Puck announces that he's marrying Toni.

"Getting Dropped"

S3 E11
Aug 25, 1994
The group has a house meeting to persuade Puck to change his behavior. He steadfastly refuses. Pedro gets enraged and says that either he goes or Puck goes. They have a vote and decide to evict Puck.

"Rebel, Rebel"

S3 E12
Sep 1, 1994
Rachel brings Pedro home to Arizona. He makes a presentation at a Jr. High and wins over Rachel's mom.Pam misses her boyfriend; Judd organizes a plan to bring him up for her birthday.The house bonds over the absence of Puck.


S3 E13
Sep 15, 1994
Pedro visits his family in Miami; he's worried about telling them of his plans to marry Sean.Before the visit, he and Sean bicker out of nervousness.While in Miami, Pedro gets sick, and does not tell his family anything.

"Old Fish, New Fish"

S3 E14
Sep 22, 1994
The roommates simultaneously grapple with the prospect of getting a new roommate and Puck's invitation to see him again.They decide on Jo.Rachel meets Puck at the Marina and they argue.She decides to call it quits with him.

"Why Is Love Like An Elevator"

S3 E15
Sep 29, 1994
Jo settles in to the house. She gets a call that upsets her, her husband is appealing the restraining order.Cory accompanies Jo toTahoe for the court hearing. Judd decides he's been a jerk about women. Jo's hearing goes well.

"Love And Death"

S3 E16
Oct 6, 1994
Pedro gets sick with pneumonia.Mohammed breaks up with Stephanie.After a visit to the emergency room,Pedro starts to recover;he talks with the household about how they feel.The roomates find out that they are going to Hawaii.


S3 E17
Oct 13, 1994
Jo and Rachel become the "wonder twins".In general the women outshine the men in the various activities.Judd seems jealous of the two scuba instructors that Jo and Rachel like so much.Rachel has a scary fall while cliff diving.

"Just Friends"

S3 E18
Oct 20, 1994
Jo's relationship with best friend Steve goes sour as she realizes that his feelings for her run deeper.Rachel clashes with Judd after he, Pam, and Cory accompany her to an Empower America rally.

"Love Rules"

S3 E19
Oct 27, 1994
Pedro, Sean and the kids prepare for the big engagement party.Puck calls with an invitation to his soapbox race; the kids debate it, but Cory alone seems torn.Meanwhile,Puck and Toni's romance continues apace.

"Last Call"

S3 E20
Nov 10, 1994
As move out day approaches, Cory plans a final group trip to Monterey.But only she,Judd,Pedro and Pam wind up going.Mo works hard on his bands first video and explains that he's had to be a loner in order to get it done.