Season 31

Episode Guide

The Big Leap

S31 E1
Mar 17, 2016
A wild and flirtatious first day leads to sexual tension for Dione and two of his female roommates. Jenna, proud of her Southern roots, and not afraid to express her opinions, tests the patience of the roommates.

If the Dress Fits...Wear It

S31 E2
Mar 24, 2016
The second mission, dress in drag, is just for the guys in the house and has one of them doubting if he can go through with it. Dione and Kailah's flirtation heats up and takes an unexpected, and wild turn.

Disaster Down Under

S31 E3
Mar 31, 2016
After a scandalous night with male strippers, Jenna clashes with CeeJai over a regretful decision. Dione stirs up major girl drama after sleeping with Kailah, while an injury threatens to send one roommate home.


S31 E4
Apr 7, 2016
Jenna's fate takes a surprising turn as the roommates face another wild mission. Jealousy sparks for Kailah when Dione meets another girl, and a scandalous internet post shocks the entire house leaving one roommate to wonder who she can trust.

The Leak

S31 E5
Apr 14, 2016
Jenna's life crumbles when an anonymous internet leak by one of the roommates creates major drama, both inside and outside the house. A mystery unravels as the roommates try to uncover "the leak", while a broke Dione must repay his gambling debts to Dean.

Take a Hike

S31 E6
Apr 28, 2016
A grueling new mission has severe consequences for one of the roommates when a personality clash divides the house. Kailah battles with Dione when she's excluded from the "cool kids" group, while Chris makes an emotional trip to Utah.

The Tipping Point

S31 E7
May 5, 2016
After a trip to the gun range, Ceejai struggles to keep her cool when Jenna triggers painful feelings from her past. Dean's surprise divorce party leads to an awkward hookup between two roommates, while Sabrina chases her dream of being a singer.

The Carny Queen

S31 E8
May 12, 2016
Dione's ex-girlfriend makes a surprise visit to the house with revenge against his former flame, Kailah, on her mind. A shocking accusation by Jenna leads to an emotional and explosive night for Dean and Ceejai.

Shaken and Stirred

S31 E9
May 12, 2016
A potential eighth roommate, Dylan, shakes up the entire house! Dylan pursues two female roommates in a juicy love triangle, while the newly-divorced Dean must flaunt his stuff on stage at a male strip club.

The Hits Keep Coming

S31 E10
May 19, 2016
After a wild night, Dylan and Jenna must figure out the next step in their budding relationship. Sabrina and Jenna debut their new song, and an epic meltdown by one roommate leads to a physical fight with CeeJai.

Southern Shame

S31 E11
May 26, 2016
The roommates deal with escalating racial tension in the house after a physical fight between Jenna and CeeJai. Sabrina finally meets her biological mother to get answers to her biggest questions, while Dylan pursues a hookup with Kailah.

They All Go Home

S31 E12
May 26, 2016
A racial slur brings both CeeJai and Jenna to the brink of physical confrontation and threatens to send both girls home for good. As the roommates prepare to leave Las Vegas, Dylan makes an unbelievable revelation.