Season 15

Episode Guide

Welcome To Philly!

S15 E1
Sep 7, 2004
Karamo worries how his straight guy roommates will react when they learn he's gay. MJ tries to remain faithful to his girlfriend as flirtatious Sarah goes after him.

"Out" in Philadelphia

S15 E2
Sep 16, 2004
Karamo worries how his straight guy roommates will react when they learn he's gay. MJ tries to remain faithful to his girlfriend as flirtatious Sarah goes after him.

Bed-Swapping Begins

S15 E3
Sep 17, 2004
When MJ breaks up with his girlfriend, Sarah hopes he will hook up with her-but MJ prefers blondes. Landon doesn't know how to pursue his crush on Shavonda.

Boys Will Be Boys

S15 E4
Sep 21, 2004
Willie explores the "Gayborhood" of Philadelphia and, to the shock of his straight roommates, brings home an old flame, Dan. Sarah confronts Melanie about being too judgmental.

Gunning For Karamo

S15 E5
Sep 28, 2004
The Philadelphia police get a report that Karamo's carrying a gun and search him. Karamo turns his anger at this on MJ, accusing him of not having his back. Shavonda is hurt when her father once again fails to support her.

The Roomies Have Soul

S15 E6
Oct 5, 2004
As Karamo struggles to deal with his anger at MJ, the roommates learn they will work as interns for the Philadelphia Soul, an arena football team, and their boss will be co-owner Jon Bon Jovi.

Ivana Have Some Fun!

S15 E7
Oct 12, 2004
The air conditioner is broken and Shavonda and Sarah use this as an excuse to sleep in Landon's and MJ's beds. One guy loves it, the other doesn't.


S15 E8
Oct 19, 2004
Karamo likes Dorian a lot but fears he will be condemned for publicly having a homosexual relationship. The roommates begin a community service project sponsored by the Soul and quickly find themselves irritated by Melanie's attitude.

Landon & Leo

S15 E9
Oct 26, 2004
Shavonda finds Landon to be sexy and fun when he's sober, but she comes to fear his aggression when he's drinking. An alienated Melanie seeks new friends outside the house. Only Sarah tries to understand her.

Things Change

S15 E10
Nov 2, 2004
When Landon ex-girlfriend unexpectedly arrives in Philadelphia, Landon hopes for reconciliation. Shavonda learns that her ex-boyfriend has lied to her about what he's doing in her absence.

Happy Birthday MJ!

S15 E11
Nov 9, 2004
Landon gives up on Shavonda and hooks up with a Coyote Ugly barmaid he meets while celebrating MJ's birthday. Will Shavonda's accept her ex's apologies for his lies?

Passive Aggression

S15 E12
Nov 16, 2004
Landon struggles to find his place in house. He is faulted by Willie and Sarah for not cleaning enough. But when he takes the lead in preparing a work report, some of his roommates think he's just trying to show them up.

Switchin' Teams

S15 E13
Nov 23, 2004
Sarah is desperate for some male attention but the guy she goes after is gay. Will MJ regret bringing home a blonde for a drunken one night stand?

Forbidden Affair

S15 E14
Nov 30, 2004
Landon is attracted to a Soul employee but he could get fired for breaking company rules against fraternization. When the Soul interns are assigned to help with an Easter Seal Walk, Shavonda has to overcome an old phobia of handicapped children.

Gone Sour

S15 E15
Dec 7, 2004
The Karamo and Dorian romance is tested when Karamo begins to wonder if he's forced feeling for someone who's not really his type. When Sarah's family visits, she can no longer avoid dealing with the fact her mom is ill with cancer.

MJ's Having Trouble With The Ladies

S15 E16
Dec 28, 2005
The roommates have to spend the day clearing brush for their playground project, but, after a long night partying in the Gayborhood, Willie can't get out of bed.


S15 E17
Jan 4, 2005
When a drunken Landon feels threatened by Melanie's punk friends, he reaches for a kitchen knife. Karamo challenges Shavonda on why she doesn't relate more to her black culture.

Ew, Scabies!

S15 E18
Jan 11, 2005
Melanie has a mysterious rash that could spread to the whole house. The roommates present plans for their playground project to their bosses and are rewarded with the promise of a great vacation.


S15 E19
Jan 18, 2005
On vacation in Fiji, a sexually frustrated Sarah hooks up with three guys in one night, then fights with Melanie when she acts judgmental.

Romantic Getaway

S15 E20
Jan 25, 2005
Romantic Fiji and the sight of Landon's sexy tan body overwhelm Shavonda's resistance. She and Landon become a couple-to Karamo's disgust.

Back To Reality

S15 E21
Feb 1, 2005
Shavonda has to make some decisions: Will she confess her unfaithfulness to her homeboy Shaun? Will she and Landon remain a couple? Karamo surprised his roommates by hooking up with a sexy Puerto Rican guy, Ed.


S15 E22
Feb 8, 2005
MJ and Shavonda confront Melanie about her preference for her punk bar friends over her roommates. The roomies return to work-well, four do and three stay home.

Willie's Love Triangle

S15 E23
Feb 15, 2005
While his boyfriend Dan is away, Willie begins a flirtation with a young guy from the Gayborhood. Happy with Ed, Karamo decides to reconcile with Landon.

Ashley's Visit

S15 E24
Feb 22, 2005
Ashley's visit to Philly becomes a monster of a journey for MJ as he is torn between entertaining his girlfriend and his best friend on the same night.

Motherly Love

S15 E25
Mar 1, 2005
The roomies struggle to finish their playground project on time, as Sarah's anxiety over her body image threatens to hold up the progress.

Losing You: Season Finale

S15 E26
Mar 8, 2005
When Landon brings home another girl, Shavonda reevaluates her feelings. Willie discusses his family struggles to MJ. Our seven strangers bid farewell to Philadelphia.

Out of My Way, I'm Moving In: Tips for Getting Into the Real World Philadelphia

S15 E27
Mar 9, 2005
MTV interviews13 former Real Worlders about what it takes to be a great housemate. They also critique the new cast and offer predictions for Real World Philadelphia.

Fistful of Philly: The Real World Philadelphia Reunion

S15 E28
Mar 15, 2005
Return to South Street once more as The Real World's MJ, Landon, Shavonda, Sarah, Melanie, Willie & Karamo discuss the most memorable moments during their stay in Philly.