Season 30

Episode Guide

Skeleton Keys

S30 E1
Dec 16, 2014
Seven strangers move into their upscale Chicago loft to start new lives together, but they have no clue that visitors from their troubled pasts will soon be moving in with them.

Love and Other Drugs

S30 E2
Dec 23, 2014
The roommates clash with Madison causing her to reveal a haunting secret from the past. Bruno and Sylvia's hot romance is jeopardized when jealousy unleashes their explosive tempers.

Three Way

S30 E3
Dec 30, 2015
Wild partying and scandalous hookups cause major tension between the guys and girls in the house. Jason's battle with Violetta leads to the revelation of another shocking secret.

Blast From the Past

S30 E4
Jan 6, 2015
The roommates get the shock of their lives when the first Skeleton moves into the house. While Sylvia's temper reaches a boiling point, Violetta leads the charge to kick out the unwelcome visitor.

Dirty Laundry

S30 E5
Jan 12, 2015
The first Skeleton ambushes the roommates as Sylvia's past comes back to haunt her. Tony and Madison reignite their forbidden romance, but they have no clue another shocking visitor is coming.

A Royal Nightmare

S30 E6
Jan 20, 2015
After having sex with roommate Madison, Tony receives the shock of his life when not one, but two of his Skeletons move into the house - both ex-girlfriends - creating a three-way battle to win Tony's affection.

All The King's Women

S30 E7
Jan 27, 2015
Tony's game of playing three different women blows up in his face when all of them must live under the same roof. Violetta's conflict with Madison turns physical and threatens to tear apart the entire house.

Sarasota's Finest

S30 E8
Feb 3, 2015
Two of Violetta's skeletons from back home move into the house at the same time.

Where's the Beef?

S30 E9
Feb 10, 2015
Tough girl Nicole receives two surprise visitors who force her to face her commitment issues and grow up. Bruno clashes with the roommates before facing a Skeleton he hasn't spoken to in three years.

Brother in Arms

S30 E10
Feb 17, 2015
A visit from Bruno's estranged brother, who he has not spoken to in three years, leads to mayhem as the roommates witness Bruno's raging temper.

Breaking Mad

S30 E11
Feb 24, 2015
A bombshell Skeleton forces Madison to confront the damage caused by her past addiction, just as Jason embraces fatherhood - whether he's ready or not.

Wine and Roses

S30 E12
Mar 3, 2015
A surprise mystery Skeleton is revealed to Madison and Tony is not happy with their new guest. Meanwhile, an incident at a bar ignites total conflict in the house, leading to a confrontation between Jason and his best friend.

The Final Skeleton

S30 E13
Mar 10, 2015
After a shocking confrontation between best friends Jason and Nicole,Jason faces the final and biggestSkeleton yet. The roommates leave their last impressions on each other astheir time in Chicago ends.