Season 28

Episode Guide

Johnny & Avery: Real World Portland

S28 E1
Mar 27, 2013
Seven strangers move into their Portland loft and amidst some initial flirtation, animosity sets in between the sexes, culminating with one roommate exploding when the boys bring girls home.

Hot Air Jordan

S28 E2
Apr 3, 2013
After getting into it with Anastasia, Jordan has a huge fight with Jessica that culminates in a bizarre jump-the-couch moment. Averey and Johnny's relationship comes to a head and Marlon reveals a secret to his new roommates.

Hot and Bothered

S28 E3
Apr 10, 2013
Jordan angers everyone with his behavior.The roommates interview for jobs, leaving a roommate upset enough to want to leave. Johnny struggles to keep up with Averey's sexual appetite,They get caught in a compromising position.

New Chick, Little D***""

S28 E4
Apr 17, 2013
New roommate Nia is drawn to Jordan, but her motives change. She makes it her mission to manipulate and take him down. Marlon sets his sights on Nia and they flirt heavily. Everyone thinks they have another couple on their hands.

I Wanted Romance Not No Pants

S28 E5
Apr 24, 2013
The aftermath of the Jordan and Nia incident leaves the roommates feeling uneasy. While on a snowboarding trip, a wild night and miscommunication drives a wedge between Averey and Johnny. Jessica struggles with letting Tyler into her heart and her bed.

How To Play The Game

S28 E6
May 1, 2013
Nia continues to mess with Jordan's head, culminating in a knock-down, sexual and ultimately, bizarre confrontation.

The A-Nia-lation Proclamation

S28 E7
May 8, 2013
In the aftermath of Jordan and Nia's explosive encounter, the whole house gets worked up once again and it's surprising who ultimately comes to Jordan's defense. Johnny's drunken rantings drive a wedge between him and Averey.

Pink Wigs, Pink Slips

S28 E8
May 15, 2013
Nia loses a fight with a sex toy. Jessica and Nia confront Averey and the chaos that ensues afterwards doesn't end until Johnny's pants hit the floor. Nia gets fired.

Heartbreak Hotel

S28 E9
May 22, 2013
All hell breaks loose when Anastasia's boyfriend visits, forcing her to consider leaving Portland. Meanwhile, tension in the house rises among the roommates and Nia keeps overfeeding Daisy and making her fat.

Sins of the Flesh (eaters)

S28 E10
May 29, 2013
Jessica's relationship with Tyler hits a snag. Marlon struggles with his faith after a night of casual sex. Averey and Johnny's relationship takes a turn for the worse when Averey flirts with another guy.

Welcome To The Sh*t Show!

S28 E11
Jun 5, 2013
Just when all seems to be heading in a better direction between Nia, Johnny, and Averey, Daisy gets in the middle and a huge brawl erupts. Anastasia's dislike for Jessica comes to a head.

Out with a Bang!

S28 E12
Jun 12, 2013
As the roommates prepare to say goodbye, at least one roommate may be forced to leave the house early. Old hostilities between Nia and Jordan re-emerge, this time with Nia threatening to have Jordan "taken care of."


S28 E13
Jun 12, 2013
The eight Portland roommates, plus Daisy, reunite and dish on the drama of the season, which clearly is not over yet. And, one cast member reveals a hidden crush on another roommate. Real World Veteran Coral Smith hosts.