Season 1

Episode Guide

This is the True Story...

S1 E1
May 21, 1992
It all begins with small-town country girl Julie and her family in Birmingham. Her family is nervous about the whole thing, but Julie is stoked about spending three months in the big city.

Julie and Eric...Could it be Love?

S1 E2
May 21, 1992
The sexual tension between Julie and Eric is highlighted The roommates discuss image and pornography after watching Eric's half-naked debut on a talk show. Heather brings Eric and Julie to the studio where she is recording, "The System Sucks."

Leather Chaps and Sequins? What is Eric Getting Himself Into?

S1 E3
May 28, 1992
Julie fumbles her way across town to get a new dance studio. Eric does a nearly nude photo shoot with Taryn, a model. He begins a relationship with her he doesn't understand. She takes him shopping and dresses him up.

Trouble Throughout the House

S1 E4
Jun 4, 1992
Becky sings in the studio. Becky's sexual drive is evident at the Limelight party, which disturbs Heather. The roommates talk about sex. Kevin is upset about being woken up by the roommates coming home from the party and invading his room.

Kevin and Eric mend Their Relationship

S1 E5
Jun 11, 1992
The tension in the house is tangible as Eric and Kevin square off. Kevin's letter to Eric addresses the cultural and socio-economic differences between them. Kevin and Eric talk it out on the front steps. Eric discusses his checkered past with Julie.

Kevin...Come Back

S1 E6
Jun 18, 1992
In this episode Kevin urges Julie to keep her virginity as she goes on a date with an artist. The roommates decide to play a practical joke on Kevin, which unfortunatly backfires, causing Kevin to bolt from the loft.

Heather Wants to Grab His Booty!

S1 E7
Jun 25, 1992
The joke backfires! Kevin returns after leaving the house in horror at his roommates' transformation. Julie and Norman explain and apologize.

Becky Falls into Troubled Love

S1 E8
Jul 2, 1992
The girls leave a house full of jealous men in snowy New York as they head off for a sunny Jamaica. They decide that the goal of their vacation is to meet men, only later find that the choices of men in Jamaica are slim.

Julie in a Homeless Shelter?

S1 E9
Jul 9, 1992
Politics is the focus as Norm takes everyone to a pro-choice rally (and gets a speeding ticket) and, in a sea of 1 million people, runs into Charles. Norm's obsession puts too much pressure on Charles and he puts the brakes on their relationship.

He's So Ugly He's Cute!

S1 E10
Jul 16, 1992
Julie's mother comes to visit and is the cause of much anxiety as Julie enlists her roommates assistance to keep her mother entertained for the weekend.

Julie Thinks Kevin is Psycho!

S1 E11
Jul 23, 1992
In this episode, which takes place against the backdrop of the LA riots, Julie and Kevin's friendship explodes. Heather is interrogated by the police.

WWF is in the House!

S1 E12
Jul 30, 1992
The friction in Heather and Eric's relationship comes to an end when they finally confront each other. Reigndance shoots their video, with the help of Bill, the former Real World director.

Goodbye to the Big Apple!

S1 E13
Aug 8, 1992
As the end draws near, everyone reflects on what they've learned from their experiences together. All of the roommates analyze each other. While playing "The question game", Eric inarticulately admits that he wants to sleep with Julie.