Season 17

Episode Guide

Welcome to Key West

S17 E1
Feb 28, 2006
Seven strangers descend upon Kew West, FL to wreak havoc and leave their mark...but Hurrican Katrina beats them to the punch.

Club Hoppin'

S17 E2
Mar 7, 2006
The roommates urge Paula to get help dealing with her issues. Tyler shows the others the gay nightlife in Key West, then argues with John when he prefers chasing girls.

Svetlana's Tough Times

S17 E3
Mar 14, 2006
As the roomates begin the job of opening a Mystic Tan Salon, Tyler declares that he finds Svetlana immature and irritating and he doesn't want to work with her.

Troubled Waters

S17 E4
Mar 21, 2006
Svetlana argues with her boyfriend, Martin, and considers dumping him in favor of her roommate, John.

No Friends of Mine

S17 E5
Mar 28, 2006
Because Svetlana had managed one of her dad's businesses, she expects to manage the roommates' Mystic Tan Salon, but Zach challenges her for the job.

Zach Steps It Up

S17 E6
Apr 4, 2006
After the others put time and effort into decorating the Mystic Tan Salon, Svetlana decides to re-decorate without consulting anyone.

John's Got Game

S17 E7
Apr 11, 2006
Paula reveals a shocking secret about her ex-boyfriend. Jose has to play wingman for John when he brings home two girls for a late night frolic.

John and Paula's Fight

S17 E8
Apr 18, 2006
When Paula interferes with John's date, he angrily accuses her of being a lesbian. Hurricane Rita blows apart the roommates' plans for opening their Mystic Tan Salon.

Getting Stormy

S17 E9
Apr 25, 2006
When evacuating from Key West for Hurricane Rita, the roommates party in West Palm Beach-until John and Tyler fight over John's insensitive comments about gays.


S17 E10
May 2, 2006
Paula knows she needs to deal with her issues but fears therapy. Zach tentatively beings a romance with a local Key West girl.

Tyler's Night of Fun

S17 E11
May 9, 2006
Tyler brings home an attractive guy for a rowdy one night stand. Svetlana, who didn't think Tyler's friend was gay, beings to wonder if her boyfriend is.

Opening Day

S17 E12
May 16, 2006
When the roommates finally open their Mystic Tanning Salon, Paula is angered because John sleeps on the job.

Janelle and Jose's Fight

S17 E13
May 23, 2006
It takes a lot to rile up mild-mannered Jose, but Janelle seems to have a knack for it when she accuses him of not pulling his weight at the tannery.

The Burn Book

S17 E14
May 30, 2006
Svetlana stirs things up by telling John that Tyler said he's better than him. Plus, the roommates react when to Paula's plan to have her abusive ex-boyfriend visit.

Zach's Girl Trouble

S17 E15
Jun 6, 2006
Zach has to decide whether Crystal is exactly what he wants in a girlfriend. Svetlana hears her boyfriend Martin's father is terminally ill and leaves for home to be with him.

Let's Get Physical

S17 E16
Jun 13, 2006
John and Tyler begin assembling a float for Fantasy Fest, but fear that their fun is going to be interrupted by an approaching hurricane. Also, Janelle gets mad at John when he playfully removes the top.

Hurricane Wilma

S17 E17
Jun 20, 2006
A powerful hurricane forces the roommate to evacuate Key West for Fort Lauderdale. There, Paula blows up at Tyler with a force that presages Hurricane Wilma, which follows them to Fort Lauderdale with frightening results.

Wake of the Storm

S17 E18
Jun 27, 2006
The evacuees return to Key West anxious to find out how their house and business withstood the hurricane. A fight erupts when Svetlana discovers that Tyler has been keeping a "burn book" that mocks her.

Spanish Getaway

S17 E19
Jul 11, 2006
On the roommates' vacation to Spain, John is out every night trying to meet hot girls while Svetlana, angry at Tyler and Janelle, mopes in her hotel room.

Jose Gets Stranded

S17 E20
Jul 18, 2006
Tyler's selfish obsession with arranging for a publicity visit by Olympian Amanda Beard causes strain with the other roommates and a loud fight with John.


S17 E21
Jul 25, 2006
Janelle has reservations when her ex-boyfriend, Kasib, plans a weekend visit. Sure enough, they fight and Kasib finds himself kicked out of the house in the middle of the night with no where to go.

Regaining the Pace

S17 E22
Aug 1, 2006
Tyler offends the other roommates when he makes plans to run a marathon and wants only Jose, Paula and Zach to go cheer him on.

Svetlana's Birthday

S17 E23
Aug 8, 2006
Svetlana is excited that her boyfriend, Martin, is coming to help her celebrate her birthday, unaware that Tyler is planning a surprise for him. Also, Paula attends her last therapy session and reflects on how she's changed.

Fantasy Fest

S17 E24
Feb 28, 2006
Fantasy Fest, which was postponed because of Hurricane Wilma, finally takes place. The roommates participate in costume competitions as John struggles to get the Mystic Tan float ready in time for the parade.

Time to Say Goodbye

S17 E25
Feb 28, 2006
The Mystic Tan Salon closes and Ricky has praise and a surprise for the roommates. Then all that is left is for them is to say tearful goodbyes and head for home.