Season 12

Episode Guide

Welcome to Las Vegas!

S12 E1
Mar 23, 2013
Seven strangers are picked to live in a city famous for its showgirls, gambling, and partying all hours of the day. Steven, Trishelle, Irulan, Alton, Frank, Arissa, and Brynn are livin it up in this season of The Real World in Las Vegas.

Love Connection

S12 E2
Mar 23, 2013
The boys subject at hand is girls. Steven is trying to convince Frank that he has it all sewn up with Trishelle, and he is informing everyone that he is not attracted to Brynn. Trishelle, and Brynn talk about Frank and Steven.

Word From Home

S12 E3
Sep 24, 2002
Trishelle was a good girl until she got to Vegas.The excitement of being in this situation has made Trishelle become wild. When she makes out with Brynn, she realizes that she may have stepped outside of her boundaries.

Professional Partiers

S12 E4
Oct 1, 2002
This year, The Real Worlders' job is to throw parties.They are responsible for throwing much of the entertainment for the Palms' signature club,Rain. Everyone is excited, except for Brynn who just wants to have fun and not work.

Touchy Situations

S12 E5
Oct 8, 2002
There is some flirting going on between Marc and Irulan.Which turns into them spending a lot of time together.Since Marc is her boss, she doesn't know how to tell him that it's going too far.The girls then call him a "molester".

Hey, Jealousy

S12 E6
Oct 15, 2002
Trishelle and Steven have a connection. They both love the way they make each other feel. It's a match made in heaven. Brynn becomes jealous because she wants Steven and she can't have him.

Good To Be Bad

S12 E7
Oct 22, 2002
After successfully walking the catwalk, the Real Worlders get to be devils or angels for Rain's "Good To Be Bad" event.There will be a lot of dancing going on,and Alton has to be dragged to the event while Brynn is all about it.

In The Spotlight

S12 E8
Oct 29, 2002
Alton is confused as to why he is still holding out waiting for his ex .In the midst of his frustration, Alton goes clubbing and ends up hooking up with a girl who won first place in the Ghetto Fabulous Bikini Contest.

Stepping In

S12 E9
Nov 5, 2002
The girls think Trishelle has a problem.She doesn't eat much or she'll eat a whole lot and then dissapear to the bathroom.They think that she has "issues with food."Frank doesn't seem to think Trishelle has a problem.

Secret's Out

S12 E10
Nov 12, 2002
Gabe arrives the day after Irulan attempted to get it on with Alton.Alton worries if Irulan will inform Gabe of what went down.Alton must sign some paperwork regarding the case of the man who killed his brother years ago.

Out In the Open

S12 E11
Nov 19, 2002
Steven's best friend from back home came to visit. John is a great guy, and he is also gay. Alton is feeling a bit uncomfortable. He explains that he was almost molested when he was younger.Brynn has a heart to heart with Alton.

Public Displays

S12 E12
Nov 26, 2002
Frank wants a good girl, and he feels that they are hard to find.That is until he meets Melanie. They end up naked in the confessional back in the suite.Arissa becomes angry with Frank because of his actions.

Opening Up

S12 E13
Dec 3, 2002
In an attempt to help the roomies work together better, their boss, Mark, sends them to an all-day team-building workshop with the overly perky, "Awesome Ann." Forced together for a whole day of old-fashioned bonding.

Pregnancy Scare

S12 E14
Dec 10, 2002
Brynn is caught in a love triangle between two men she met recently. Meanwhile, Trishelle thinks she might be pregnant. Her and Steven are prepared for anything. She eventually takes the test and finds out she is not pregnant.

The Next Step

S12 E15
Dec 17, 2002
Dario is coming to town and Arissa couldn't be happier.Her mood took a turn when a woman calls her a bitch in Rain.Arissa goes after the name caller, drawing blood and the possibility of being fired.Alton still likes Irulan.

Happy Birthday

S12 E16
Jan 7, 2003
It's Irulan's birthday, and Alton brings her flowers.She is impressed and amazed with the gesture.The next day she finds out that he brought home a girl.Irulan then realizes she has feelings for Alton and confesses them to Gabe.

Back and Forth

S12 E17
Jan 14, 2003
Jean surprises the cast with a trip to Australia to do some promoting for the Palms.Steven tells Trishelle he loves her.He's drunk so apparently it doesn't count.The two decide to go their seperate ways.

Down Under

S12 E18
Jan 21, 2003
The gang is still in Australia having a great time. Irulan gets upset with Alton because he chose to room with the boys and flirt with girls.Irulan becomes overwhelmed with her emotions and wants to go home.

The Showdown

S12 E19
Jan 28, 2003
Arissa talks Irulan into staying and not letting the situation get the best of her. She confronts Alton about the threesome and wants to know the truth. The two decide to be friends, and that's as far as Irulan wants to take it.

New Beginnings

S12 E20
Feb 4, 2003
Arissa's housemates help her realize that her family is toxic, but Alton tells her that she will need them in the long run.Frank starts to miss his Ex-girlfriend Emily.She comes to visit and they decide to give eachother a shot.

Late Night Attraction

S12 E21
Feb 11, 2003
Trishelle admits that she's jealous of Frank and Emily and wishes she had someone.Trishelle, Frank, and Steven leave for L.A. so that Frank can interview for business school.Sexual tension piles up between Frank and Trishelle.

Singles Club

S12 E22
Feb 18, 2003
Alton and Irulan have a love- hate relationship. They both try and date other people, but somehow end up being in each others company once again.Arissa realizes that she has to let go of her comfort in order to stand on her own.

Change Of Plans

S12 E23
Feb 25, 2003
Tension builds between Steven and Trishelle when she finds out he confessed that he just likes the sex and only wants to be friends.She then decides it's time to start dating, and she does just that.Steven starts to get jealous.

Broken Boundaries

S12 E24
Mar 4, 2003
Steven is starting to realize that he might care for Trishelle.Irulan is having trouble accepting her feelings for Alton and letting go of her relationship with Alton.It's Steven's birthday and him and Trishelle share a moment.

Baggage Problems

S12 E25
Mar 11, 2003
Arissa's lack of faith in men is restored when she meets Alex. Brynn suffers a lot of emotional distress and anxiety. She then finds out her mom has checked back into rehab. Alex gets cold feet and does not come to see Arissa.

All Or Nothing

S12 E26
Mar 18, 2003
Steven realizes again that sex is the only thing he wants from Trishelle. Steven finally tells Trishelle the truth and gets upset. Alton realizes that he truly loves Irulan and wants a commited relationship with her.

Over It

S12 E27
Mar 25, 2003
Arissa is broken up with Dario but continues to talk to him.When Irulan's best friend Dina arrives in town, things take a quick turn.Dina knows Dario, and informs Arrisa that he slept with another woman and got her pregnant.

Season Finale

S12 E28
Apr 1, 2003
The final day comes and everyone prepares to go home. Alton reveals that he is going to New York to spend more time with Irulan.The roommates get one last surprise, thanks to the owners of the Palms.

Reunion Special

S12 E29
Apr 8, 2003
What really happened in the Real World Las Vegas apartment/casino? Seven strangers mix it up and lay it down to the nitty-gritty when they meet up in the MTV Times Square studio for the big Real World Las Vegas Reunion Special, "Seven The Hard Way."