Season 10

Episode Guide

Surf Torture

S10 E1
Mar 7, 2005
The contenders are split into two teams -- the Good Guys and the Bad Asses -- and after a brutal test of endurance in Surf Torture, two players are picked to face off in the Inferno.

Juice It Up

S10 E2
Mar 14, 2005
Time is of the essence as the teams compete in Juice It Up, one player makes a big sacrifice, and two contenders go head-to-head in Hang Tough in the Inferno.

X Marks the Spot

S10 E3
Mar 21, 2005
A rumor ignites a feud between two members of the same team, the X Marks the Spot challenge lowers morale for one group, and a competitor is caught by surprise during the Inferno vote.

Run for Your Money

S10 E4
Mar 28, 2005
One team tries to save a player during Run for Your Money, but an unexpected twist threatens their plan, and a competitor is sent home after Shack Attack at the Inferno.

Shirt Off My Back

S10 E5
Apr 4, 2005
A player makes an unexpected announcement, one team's strategy during Shirt Off My Back backfires, and rumors about alliances push one competitor to their breaking point.

Dodge Yer Balls

S10 E6
Apr 11, 2005
A player jeopardizes their team during Dodge Yer Balls, one of the Life Shield winners has a decision to make, and two competitors go head-to-head in Knock Your Block Off in the Inferno.

Fill in the Gaps

S10 E7
Apr 18, 2005
The teams battle it out in a game of Fill in the Gaps, and the Bad Asses lash out when they realize they've been outsmarted by the Good Guys ahead of the Inferno.

Zip Up

S10 E8
Apr 25, 2005
There's a television and Life Shields on the line as the teams test their strength in Zip Up, and two players race to mummify themselves in That's a Wrap in the Inferno.

Never-Ending Climb

S10 E9
May 2, 2005
One player must decide if they can face their fear of heights as the teams compete in Never-Ending Climb, two guys are picked for the Inferno, and cattiness plagues the Bad Asses.

What a Drag

S10 E10
May 9, 2005
A fun night out takes a turn after a prank, the teams put the pedal to the metal in What a Drag, and two guys let their aggression out as they face off in Balls In at the Inferno.

Riddle Me This

S10 E11
May 16, 2005
After a night out, two players take their rivalry to the next level, one team deals with communication issues during the Riddle Me This challenge, and two women are selected for the Inferno.

Time to Ride

S10 E12
May 23, 2005
The teams race mini hogs through a complicated course in the Time to Ride challenge, and one woman is ripped out of the game following a loss in Patchwork at the Inferno.

If Memory Serves

S10 E13
May 30, 2005
The two teams must pay attention to details in the If Memory Serves challenge, and one player fears their time in the competition may be coming to an end.

Crab Grab

S10 E14
Jun 6, 2005
Two players are determined to win Life Shields as the teams compete in the Crab Grab challenge, and another person's time in the competition ends after a loss in Pegged at the Inferno.

Heart Rate Bungee

S10 E15
Jun 13, 2005
Keeping calm is key as the teams face off in the Heart Rate Bungee challenge, and the final women's Inferno tests two players' abilities to push themselves to the limit in Spinner.

Montezuma's Revenge

S10 E16
Jun 20, 2005
The teams compete in the final challenge, Montezuma's Revenge, an intense triathlon with a $150,000 prize that will determine this season's champs.

To Hell & Back: Hot Gossip from The Inferno II

S10 E17
Jun 27, 2005
Cast members looks back at their time on the show and discuss rivalries, alliances, behind-the-scenes stories and the season's biggest moments.