Season 37

Episode Guide

Launch Special: Spies, Lies & Allies: Global Activation

S37 E0
Aug 9, 2021
TJ's newest crop of global Agents move into Headquarters, where the twists and turns are already at play. Agents catch up with one another and get to know their Rookie competitors.

The List

S37 E1
Aug 11, 2021
TJ's Agents meet during a high stakes mission that will have a massive impact on the game. Love is in the air at headquarters, but some new romances may spell danger in the game. A scandalous list emerges and threatens to expose a strong player.


S37 E2
Aug 18, 2021
Agents take to the skies in the "Heli Heist" mission and a "mystery agent" joins the game. Nelly T gets himself into hot water when he starts flirting with two different agents. One unsuspecting Agent becomes the target of a Veteran alliance conspiracy.

Truce or Dare

S37 E3
Aug 25, 2021
An agent is tempted to ditch the Veteran Truce and exact revenge on an old rival. The Challengers must compete in the terrifying "Sea Cave Recon" mission, where one agent pukes out of fear and then kisses his partner on the mouth.


S37 E4
Sep 9, 2021
A notoriously controversial player stirs up some drama that threatens his alliance. Kyle and Devin's tender bromance is put to the test during the "Undercover Comms" mission. Absolute hell breaks loose during the "Down to to the Wire" elimination.

Good Vibes and Gladiator

S37 E5
Sep 8, 2021
The muddy "Mindfield" mission dirties up the game when players must use their brains and brawn in order to succeed. Two Rookie players debate making a very risky move in order to secure a strong partner.


S37 E6
Sep 15, 2021
The slow burning tension between Fessy, Josh, and Amber erupts into all out chaos. Agents are taken for a spin during the dizzying "Turning Agents" mission. Two players have a shocking secret hookup.

Uncle CT

S37 E7
Sep 22, 2021
Agents are on edge when TJ comes to Headquarters with a stunning directive that changes the game. CT comes to a troubling realization about his partner, Berna. Players compete in the brutally epic elimination, "Rage Cage."

The Threat

S37 E8
Sep 29, 2021
After the Veterans threaten the remaining Rookies, one bold Rookie comes up with a plan to detonate the Veteran's stronghold. Berna calls out all of her rivals in an explosive manner. The competitors take on the deep seas during the "Dive Bomb" mission.

The War

S37 E9
Oct 6, 2021
At long last, the Veteran War has arrived testing everyone's loyalty. The muddy "Bombshell Battle" mission shows who is truly playing dirty. TJ shocks the agents at elimination with a massive twist that will change the game.

Precious Stones

S37 E10
Oct 13, 2021
TJ's shocking twist is revealed at the "Diamond Dash" mission and the players struggle to adjust the new rules. Feeling like he is a constant target, one vet attempts to make a fresh start. Amanda is reminded of her reasons for fighting for the money.

Mucus Plug

S37 E11
Oct 20, 2021
One player makes a devastating mistake at the "Satellite Sabotage" mission that could put his team in jeopardy. A Rookie makes a bold, but questionable, game move. Two players battle for survival in the classic elimination game, "Pole Wrestle."


S37 E12
Oct 26, 2021
Players commemorate the 500th episode of The Challenge with the physically demanding "Brush Contact" mission. Players get into a heated argument at the club. Players try to pressure one agent into volunteering for elimination in order to infiltrate cells.


S37 E13
Nov 3, 2021
Cory worries that as the game gets more cutthroat the Vets might turn on him. Players compete in the "Sunken Intelligence" mission, where one player's lack of effort sinks their team's chances of winning. One player's loyalty is tested by a new bond.


S37 E14
Nov 10, 2021
Agents must turn into mavericks in a Top Gun inspired mission. With her back against the wall, Amanda looks to secure her future in the game. When Josh goofs up and says too much, one player holds it against him during a tense nomination.

The Cave of the Wolf

S37 E15
Nov 17, 2021
After a sneaky plan to sabotage one team is exposed during the "Boom Raiders" mission, massive rifts appear in numerous friendships. The Compromised Agent makes a bold move at the Lair as two fight for survival during the "Burning Bridges" elimination.


S37 E16
Nov 24, 2021
Agents feel what it's like to get their hands on one million dollars during an exhausting mission. Emy worries that the rivalry between her teammates could result in her going to elimination. Two agents' broken friendship gets tangled up in the game.

Drop Dead

S37 E17
Dec 1, 2021
With the Finals approaching, players scramble to stay out of elimination. No one can predict who the Compromised Agent will choose to battle in The Lair. Just when the players think they are in the clear, TJ drops a bomb that puts everyone in danger.

Night of Mistakes

S37 E18
Dec 8, 2021
TJ's shocking twist sends the players into a panic as they battle for survival before the Final. One player finds themselves on blast for trying to help another player during a tight elimination. The remaining players begin TJ's Final.

The Decision

S37 E19
Dec 15, 2021
The remaining Challengers fight for their share of the $1,000,000 prize. A close relationship faces a devastating test. Agents are crowned winners of "Spies, Lies, and Allies" but are then faced with a daunting decision.

Reunion Part 1

S37 E20
Dec 22, 2021
You can't spell "Allies" without "Lies!" The world's greatest agents are back to breakdown the covert game moves from Season 37. Maria Menouonos gets to the bottom of every conspiracy and finds out if the Big Brother alliance is dead.

Reunion Part 2

S37 E21
Dec 22, 2021
The interrogation continues in Part Two of the Spies, Lies, and Allies Reunion. The agents reveal the current state of their house hookups, Emy transports us to outer space with a performance, and a surprise guest drops in to our top secret headquarters.