Season 24

Episode Guide

Rumble in the Jungle

S24 E1
Jul 10, 2013
16 pairs of rivals arrive in Thailand and the rookies cause trouble quickly: a fight in the pool, two surprising hookups involving bad boy CT, and one competitor going home early- the fate of her partner up in the air.

New Girl

S24 E2
Jul 17, 2013
A new player enters the game, the rivals get closer than ever in XXX Games, a hookup ends badly, and two teams head to the Jungle to compete in Hanging by a Thread.

The Dark Knight Rises

S24 E3
Jul 24, 2013
A contestant mocks someone else's sexuality, competitors face a race against the clock in Mind Over Splatter, and one team must hit the road after a loss in Snapper in the Jungle.


S24 E4
Jul 31, 2013
Communication is key as the contenders face a maze in Stumped, a competitor uses his ex's fears against her, and a shocking game of Who Can Take It? in the Jungle puts everyone on edge.

What the Phuket?!

S24 E5
Aug 7, 2013
One challenger reaches their breaking point; balance, agility and alliances come into play during Frog Smash; and two teams go head-to-head in Breaking on Through in the Jungle.

Revenge Is a Dish Best Not Served

S24 E6
Aug 14, 2013
A game of Frenemies reveals how well the players know their teammates and leads to friction in the house, alliances are tested, and two teams compete in Catch-22 in the Jungle.

Crossing Jordan

S24 E7
Aug 21, 2013
The teams compete in an electrifying game of Blind Leading the Blind, a rookie and a vet clash, and one team is eliminated after a hard-hitting bout of Last Chance in the Jungle.

Thrilla in Camila

S24 E8
Aug 28, 2013
The competitors take flight in a high-stakes game of Swingers, a player jeopardizes a close friendship, and the pressure's on as two teams head to the Jungle to face off in Snapper.


S24 E9
Sep 4, 2013
Sparks fly between exes, an old rivalry heats up following a game of Rampage, and a win in Breaking on Through in the Jungle determines the last guys' team to move on to the final.

True Colors

S24 E10
Sep 11, 2013
The remaining women compete in Color Correction as the winning team secures a spot in the final, and one competitor faces regrets as her alliances crumble.

Final Destination

S24 E11
Sep 18, 2013
A spot in the finals is at stake as two women's teams go head-to-head in Hanging by a Thread in the Jungle, TJ throws a curve ball, and the remaining six teams begin the final.

The Island of Misfit Challengers

S24 E12
Sep 25, 2013
The final four teams battle through physically and mentally excruciating obstacles on Nightmare Island before two men and two women walk away with the grand prize.


S24 E13
Sep 25, 2013
Jonny Moseley sits down with 15 of the season's top competitors to discuss their performances in the game and reveal where they stand with their teammates now.