Season 28

Episode Guide

Mexican Standoff

S28 E1
May 4, 2016
TJ introduces the competitors to their partners, romances and feuds heat up quickly, and the Give Me Some Slack challenge forces teams to communicate while suspended over a cliff.

The Curse of the Black Skull

S28 E2
May 11, 2016
Johnny and Jessica try to work out their issues, Leroy's back spasms put his ability to compete at risk, and TJ reveals a surprise twist before teams face off in the Back It Up elimination.

The Replacements

S28 E3
May 18, 2016
Ashley gets suspicious of her competitors during a night out, TJ brings in a replacement team, and rivals have to strip down for the Dirty Laundry challenge.

I'm Going Home

S28 E4
May 25, 2016
Nicole questions Camila's loyalty, Brandon and Briana struggle to keep their heads in the game, and teams put their grip strength to the test in Out on a Limb.

Where the Ratchet Things Are

S28 E5
Jun 1, 2016
Simone's behavior puts Tom's alliance with Cory at risk, TJ introduces two familiar faces, and teams try to avoid elimination as they compete in Weight for Me.

The Naked Truth

S28 E6
Jun 8, 2016
Teams make tough decisions in the Laps of Judgment challenge, TJ deals swift justice to a competitor who is caught cheating, and an unexpected departure shakes up the elimination.

Camilanator: Salvation

S28 E7
Jun 15, 2016
Camila receives devastating news from home, the competitors take a leap of faith in the Road to Nowhere challenge, and the Chill Out elimination tests teams' minds over matter.

Stand by Me

S28 E8
Jun 22, 2016
A violent argument at the house forces TJ to send a team home, and the remaining competitors battle sleep deprivation in the Up All Night challenge.

Let Sleeping Dogs Wake

S28 E9
Jun 29, 2016
Exhausted competitors put the night's events in order to complete Up All Night, a day trip on the water establishes new alliances, and teammates rely on each other's senses in Hear Me Out.

Digging Your Own Grave

S28 E10
Jul 6, 2016
Teammates must prove how well they know each other in Take It to the Grave, and Cory and Ashley discover the consequences that come with having multiple alliances.

Rivals: Civil War

S28 E11
Jul 13, 2016
The Spun Out challenge sends one team home, the remaining competitors show off their jumping skills in Catch and Release, and veterans take on underdogs in the Shattered Dreams elimination.

Raging Bullies

S28 E12
Jul 20, 2016
Bridging the Gap forces teammates to work together to solve a puzzle, and the Tunnel Vision elimination challenge decides which four teams make it to the final in Argentina.

Grapes. Wrath.

S28 E13
Jul 27, 2016
A game of chance sets up Don't Wine for Me Argentina, determining the three teams guaranteed a share of the $350,000 prize, and TJ reveals a shocking twist as the final challenge begins.

Split Decision

S28 E14
Aug 3, 2016
The competitors attempt to control their own fate by winning points in each stage of the final challenge, as the teams race to climb the tallest peak in Challenge history.

The Challenge: Rivals III Reunion

S28 E15
Aug 3, 2016
The competitors reunite to discuss Bananas's controversial decision, Cheyenne and Devin's lucky streak, Vince and Camila's possible hookup and more.