Season 16

Episode Guide

Welcome to the Island

S16 E1
Sep 10, 2008
The contestants arrive on the island and find their accommodations are not what they expected, TJ reveals the unique rules of the game, and three players battle it out in the first Face Off.

Calling It Quits

S16 E2
Sep 17, 2008
A veteran plays two rookies against each other, one contestant reaches his breaking point, a physical game of Ring Wrestle takes place in the Face Off, and a player makes an unusual plea.

Girl Fight

S16 E3
Sep 24, 2008
A lack of food causes conflict among the contestants, The Rack Face Off is a battle of wills and endurance, and a player weighs the cost of compromising her integrity.

Are You a Quitter?

S16 E4
Oct 1, 2008
Players needing keys jockey to get into the Face Off, an injury puts a contestant's stay on the island in jeopardy, and challengers partner up to compete in the bruising Ball Buster event.

Ev vs. the Island

S16 E5
Oct 8, 2008
An airdrop delivers a much-needed diversion for the challengers, TJ reveals a game-changing twist, the Bridge It Face Off winner gets an extra treat, and a possible power shift emerges.

Island King

S16 E6
Oct 15, 2008
A player plots revenge, an island romance wilts, a contestant risks safety for the good of his alliance, and Face Off competitors try to untangle and escape the Rat in a Cage game.

Down to the Wire

S16 E7
Oct 22, 2008
Building the boats leads to conflict, the Timber Face Off requires a mix of strength and endurance, and TJ offers one last glimmer of hope for the players still needing keys.

Sailing to Victory

S16 E8
Oct 29, 2008
The Water Bound Face Off provides one last chance to win a key, one competitor sees their opportunity snatched away, and two teams of four keyholders set sail for a treasure worth $300,000.