Season 12

Episode Guide

Kickin' Things Off

S12 E1
May 30, 2006
Things are a little different on the Challenge this time around, 12 brand new, never on TV competitors join the veterans to battle it out for crazy cash in Australia.

Anxieties Run High

S12 E2
May 30, 2006
The contestants test their balance in Bush Whacked, and two teams head into Exile with a hefty challenge that sends one team packing.

Hanging Tough

S12 E3
Jun 5, 2006
Diem opens up to Derrick about her cancer diagnosis, the Austin crew has a target on its backs in the strength challenge, and one contestant volunteers to go into Exile.


S12 E4
Jun 12, 2006
Melinda struggles in the house without Danny, one team loses its power position in the competition to an unlikely pair, and the contestants go head-to-head in Exile.

Climbers Paradise

S12 E5
Jun 19, 2006
Wes takes it personally when Johanna's team faces the possibility of being sent into Exile, and tensions rise when Johanna refuses to do things Wes's way in the deliberation.

Costume Extravaganza

S12 E6
Jun 26, 2006
The roommates cut loose with a costume party, and Casey reaches her limits with Wes after yet another grueling trip to Exile.

Crossing Paths

S12 E7
Jul 3, 2006
Tonya and Johnnie find a way to be better teammates to each other, an injury threatens to sideline one contestant, and alliances and friendships are tested during a difficult deliberation.

Kayak Challenge

S12 E8
Jul 10, 2006
Tonya puts a target on the back of her longtime rival Tina as she heads into Exile, a romance sparks between two of the housemates, and another team goes home after a frustrating challenge.

Kenny vs. Tina?

S12 E9
Jul 17, 2006
Panic sets in as the contestants must solve a puzzle while swimming in a shark tank, and a last-minute decision in deliberation leaves one team in shambles.

Game Over?

S12 E10
Jul 24, 2006
Wes gives Eric and Katie pointers on how to tackle competing in Exile, injuries threaten to take one team out of the game, and two more contestants are sent home.

Money or Friendship?

S12 E11
Jul 31, 2006
One team receives devastating news, the game is proving to be too much for Diem, and friendships are on the line at deliberation.

Jump Down Under

S12 E12
Aug 7, 2006
Linette confronts Diem about her decision to send her to Exile, one contestant's fear of heights threatens their team's standing in the Jump Down Under challenge, and one team is sent home.

Diving In

S12 E13
Aug 14, 2006
The teams dive out of their comfort zones in Deep Blue, and alliances are tested when the weaker teams attempt to take out a top team in deliberation.

Kenny and Tina's Triumph

S12 E14
Aug 21, 2006
The battle for immunity is at an all time high when the players navigate a tough obstacle course, and then shock and awe abound when the Exile ends in surprise.

The Death Roll

S12 E15
Aug 28, 2006
A twist in the Death Roll challenge gives the winning team an advantage, Diem and Tina come to blows over deliberation, and two teams in Exile are neck and neck for a spot in the finals.

And The Winners Are...

S12 E16
Sep 4, 2006
The remaining three teams compete in an intense final challenge for a chance to take home $250,000.