Season 18

Episode Guide

Wes Side Story

S18 E1
Sep 30, 2009
As the players arrive in Phucket, Thailand, Wes concocts a plan to help the rival team, and the competitors must climb a rope together while hovering over water in the Chain Gang challenge.

The Booby Trap

S18 E2
Oct 7, 2009
One player hits a wall in the Swing on By challenge, the competitors conspire to pit two friends against each other, and the war between Wes and his teammates heats up.

The Road to Ruins

S18 E3
Oct 14, 2009
The Champions question Wes's peace offering after he claims to have charitable motivations, and the players rush to build a horizontal human later in the Repo Race challenge.

Reversal of Fortune

S18 E5
Oct 28, 2009
Wes believes KellyAnne is getting too close to her ex, the competitors wrestle each other and build a stairway in the Block Party challenge, and one player is blindsided in the Ruins.

Ruining on Empty

S18 E6
Nov 4, 2009
Veronica is rattled after learning about a plot against her, Johnny grows increasingly insecure, and the teams get creative to move produce in the Fruits of Your Labor challenge.

Silence of the Ruins

S18 E7
Nov 11, 2009
Brad grows frustrated with his team's losing streak, it's all downhill in the Rotary Club challenge, and the Challengers set their sights on the weakest link.

Thai Me Up, Thai Me Down

S18 E8
Nov 18, 2009
KellyAnne accuses Dunbar of spreading rumors, two players get into a physical altercation, and the On the Fences challenge has the teams racing across fences suspended off a skyscraper.

Muay So-Called Ruins

S18 E9
Dec 2, 2009
Longtime nemeses go head-to-head in the Ruins, Johnny tries to thwart Susie's plans, and the players collect flowers on a platform extended off a skyscraper in the Wall Walker challenge.

Good Thai and Good Luck

S18 E10
Dec 9, 2009
Johnny questions Susie's abilities as their team heads into the final, Sarah and KellyAnne size up the competition, and the Champions and Challengers face off for the $300,000 grand prize.