Season 29

Episode Guide

Gimme Shelter

S29 E1
Feb 7, 2017
Eighteen Underdogs land in Thailand to live in The Shelter, Ashley seizes opportunity in the Over Under challenge, and Tony shows restraint during a heated exchange.

Skeletal Fracture

S29 E2
Feb 7, 2017
Kailah feels her alliance with Tony and Jenna might make her a target, Nicole and Sylvia get heated after the elimination vote, and four people compete in the first elimination challenge.


S29 E3
Feb 14, 2017
Teams compete for voting advantage and spots in The Oasis in Shell Shocked, Cory seeks a chance to prove himself, and players test their composure in the Who's Got Balls? elimination.

Four Tickets to Paradise

S29 E4
Feb 21, 2017
Competitors roll to freedom in Caged and Confused, Thai Rise is the last opportunity to win a spot in The Oasis, and the remaining players enjoy their first night away from The Shelter.

Underdog-Eat-Underdog World

S29 E5
Feb 28, 2017
TJ introduces the Champions, the rubgy-inspired Knockout challenge gives each team an opportunity to show their physicality, and Team Underdog struggles to form a plan for elimination.

The Mile-High Club

S29 E6
Mar 7, 2017
Nelson blows up when Sylvia turns down his advances, two members of Team Underdog hit a wall during the Tuk Tuk Bang Bang elimination, and a rumor threatens Jenna's reconnection with Zach.

Achy Breaky Heart

S29 E7
Mar 14, 2017
Bananas makes Roll with the Punches work to his advantage, rumors continue to circulate about Jenna and Bruno, and Pole Wrestle sends two competitors home.

A Low Down Dirty Shane

S29 E8
Mar 21, 2017
Teams test their fortitude in a race that combines running, spicy curry and puzzles, Shane's team loyalty gets questioned, and two competitors go home after the Bell Ringer elimination.

An Officer and a Gentlewoman

S29 E9
Mar 28, 2017
Nicole's flirtations with Cara Maria and Laurel backfire, TJ introduces the teams to a grip challenge called Fallout, and four competitors enter the Balls In elimination.

Go Your Own Way

S29 E10
Apr 4, 2017
Ashley's relationship with Hunter is fodder for Shane's political strategy, Nicole engages Laurel on a more emotional level, and mixed-sex teams compete in Crossover.

The Bloodbath

S29 E11
Apr 11, 2017
The competitors face cuts in the X-It challenge and the Inside Out elimination, each of which will eliminate two players.


S29 E12
Apr 18, 2017
Nicole investigates who hid her peanut butter, four Champions compete against four Underdogs in Caved In, and Knot So Fast sends two members of a team home.

A River of Endless Light

S29 E13
Apr 25, 2017
A meltdown threatens to break apart the Underdog team. An ancient Thai lantern festival prompts reflection among the Challengers. TJ shocks everyone with a twist to the Final that no one saw coming.

Math Is Hard

S29 E14
May 2, 2017
The comeptitors begin a three-day final in which they change partners every day, solve puzzles, complete grueling physical challenges and sleep in a hauntingly familiar location.

The True Champions

S29 E15
May 9, 2017
TJ is disappointed by the players' efforts during their time buster, and the competitors team up in kayaks before an individual leg to determine who will win part of the $350,000 prize.


S29 E16
May 16, 2017
The Miz hosts, Laurel discusses her feelings about Nicole and Cara Maria, Cory defends his hookups, Amanda addresses her issues with Camila, and awards are handed out.