Season 26

Episode Guide

Where Is the Love?

S26 E1
Jan 6, 2015
The players arrive in Panama and discover they'll be paired with one of their exes, an aerial challenge determines the first Power Couple, and one duo is made aware of a game-changing twist.

I Will Always Hate You

S26 E2
Jan 13, 2015
The players try to reach home with their exes in the Rounding the Bases challenge, Nany confronts Theresa for spreading rumors, and Diem's health raises concerns.

Love Sick

S26 E3
Jan 20, 2015
The house is rocked by the unexpected departure of two competitors, a new Power Couple sets a plan in motion, and a night of celebration results in a flirty exchange.

Crazy Stupid Love

S26 E4
Jan 27, 2015
Team bonds are threatened as new romances emerge, a secret crush is revealed, and the exes get too close for comfort in the Brush Off challenge.

Love, Sweat and Tears

S26 E5
Feb 3, 2015
An alliance shows signs of breaking, TJ offers a tantalizing incentive in the Open Arms challenge, and Wes and Bananas's power struggle heats up.

Love Hurts

S26 E6
Feb 10, 2015
Tempers flare when teammates struggle to complete a mountaintop puzzle, and the players up for elimination engage in a harrowing crate-stacking contest.

That's the Way Love Goes

S26 E7
Feb 17, 2015
Jordan and Sarah's perfect partnership hits a snag, the teams match wits in a trivia challenge, and a battle of wills breaks out in the Dome.

You've Lost That Loving Feeling

S26 E8
Feb 24, 2015
Sarah pours her heart out to Jordan in a letter, the Speed Dating challenge results in some crossed wires, and one smooth-talking player has the new Power Couple second-guessing themselves.

Total Eclipse of the Heart

S26 E9
Mar 3, 2015
Wes stirs up drama between Jordan and Theresa, two teams from the secret losers' bracket battle it out for a chance to get back in the game, and the Power Couple makes a difficult choice.

Lovers in the Dark

S26 E10
Mar 10, 2015
The return of a previously eliminated team upends alliances and plans, a brutal Hall Brawl battle narrows the field, and the first-ever night challenge secures one duo's place in the finals.

Bye Bye, Love

S26 E11
Mar 17, 2015
A cloud of bitterness dampens the players' excitement about going to Norway, one competitor lets her anger get the best of her, and a challenge of brute strength rounds out the finalists.

The Greatest Love of All

S26 E12
Mar 24, 2015
The three remaining teams endure a punishing two-day journey traversing the majestic fjords, countryside and mountains of Norway in a quest for first place and a share of $250,000.


S26 E13
Mar 24, 2015
Host Zuri Hall gathers the top six teams to discuss the season's big twist, the shocking disqualification and last-minute substitution, and the tragic deaths of Diem Brown and Ryan Knight.