Season 13

Episode Guide

RW/RR Challenges: The Duel

S13 E1
Oct 11, 2006
Hit the beaches of Brazil for the newest Real World / Road Rules Challenge. It's every man or woman for themself. New rules. New games. New battle. Let the Duel begin!

RW/RR Challenges: The Duel

S13 E2
Oct 17, 2006
Get ready for the first female Duel. It's one that you won't soon forget!

Goodbye Tina and Tyler

S13 E3
Oct 18, 2006
Beth and Tina face-off, and after having thrown a punch that cut Beth, Tina is sent packing. The guys are up for The Duel, and Casey has the decision of choosing between Kenny (Fresh Meat) and Tyler (Key West). When Tyler learns he'll be entering The Duel again, he makes the bold choice of calling out Derrick. While Aneesa realizes she needs to slither up to Beth, Derrick tells Beth that he's done trying to be nice to her - and that her nasty energy will come back and bite her in the ass.

Paul vs. Aneesa

S13 E4
Oct 25, 2006
Aneesa feels the pain when she realizes that she cannot trust anyone in this game. A violent roller derby proves to be one of the toughest challenges in history - with one of the greatest prizes in Challenge history.

RW/RR Challenges: The Duel

S13 E5
Nov 01, 2006
In another amazingly physical challenge, the guys face against the guys, and the girls face off against one another in "Push Over", where the last man standing wins safety. Beth is continuously irritated by the "Drama Mafia" (Diem, Jodi, Kina, and Robin) and finds an unlikely ally in Aneesa. A burgeoning romance between Beth and Nehemiah raises eyebrows in the house.

Goodbye Casey

S13 E6
Nov 08, 2006
Romantic sparks fly between CT and Diem (who continues to be supported by the Drama Mafia). In a height-related challenge, Casey faces her fears about jumping over large bodies of water - and loses. The secret alliance of Aneesa, Beth, Casey, Nehemiah, Svetlana, and Wes is exposed.

Nehemiah's Last Days

S13 E7
Nov 15, 2006
Evan becomes paranoid that he's the one who will be sent into the Duel. CT and Diem continue their romance. Beth and Nehemiah continue their showmance as well - but things get dicey when Aneesa botches the challenge for Nehemiah - and he ends up facing off against Eric in the Duel.

What Goes Around, Comes Around

S13 E8
Nov 22, 2006
The once symbiotic alliance between Beth and Svetlana is severed when Brad accuses them both of being back-stabbers and pot-stirrers. Two fresh faces win the initial challenge - and a fierce competition in the Duel brings about a surprise ending.

Until Next Time Derrick

S13 E9
Nov 29, 2006
It's Diem's birthday and the cast celebrates by having another mission - this time involving greased-up poles and slip 'n' slides across the beaches. When the choosing begins for the male Duel, Wes bravely steps into the fray - and chooses Derrick for one of the most exciting Duels in the history of the Challenges.

Harsh Words

S13 E10
Dec 06, 2006
After a hard night of drinking, Robin decides to question everything about Aneesa's identity, including her race and sexual orientation. Not one to shy away from controversy, Aneesa strikes back - and reveals that she's truly hurt by Robin's actions. At the Dine 'N' Dash challenge, CT pulls out a win until it's revealed that he hasn't followed the instructions, giving the win to Evan. When Aneesa is the last one picked, she decides to get her revenge on Robin in the Duel.

RW/RR Challenges: The Duel

S13 E11
Dec 13, 2006
As we get down to the final five guys, Brad and Eric discuss strategy while Evan and Wes hope to get Eric to take CT out of the competition. The Stacking Stairs challenge almost takes a surprising turn, but some previous winners pull out another big win. Diem and CT take their relationship to another level.

Two for Two

S13 E12
Dec 20, 2006
As we whittle down to the final five girls - the stakes get higher as CT and Diem continue their love fest, and the girls realize that Jodi is their strongest competitor. While the other girls gossip that Svetlana wants to abandon the game, Svet and Aneesa bond together to try to stay to the finals. After the Ice Breaker challenge, Jodi and Evan once again emerge victorious - and Svetlana decides to take on Kina to prove that she wants to stay and win the Challenge, once and for all.

Fallen Alliances

S13 E13
Jan 03, 2007
Tensions run high as the guys face their second to last Duel challenge, and the surprising alliance of Evan and Wes comes to the surface. An incredibly challenging mission - Sunken Treasure - disqualifies all but one of the teams, leading to an incredibly tense Duel challenge.

The Big Split

S13 E14
Jan 03, 2007
The girls are all very anxious as they acknowledge that one of them would be going home. Diem works with her boyfriend C.T. on her strategy for The Duel. After Aneesa promises not to vote for Diem, she goes back on her word, surprising everyone - especially Diem.

Final Four

S13 E15
Jan 10, 2007
The 'Paddle Me' challenge puts the final six's swimming skills to the test when they're told the male and female winners alone will be safe from The Duel and automatically going into the finals. Some serious alliances are tested in the women's Duel while C.T. and Wes have it out when they disagree on who the rightful winner is of the men's Duel.

The Big Payoff

S13 E16
Jan 17, 2007
The final four meet for their last mission - and the largest cash prize in Challenge history.


S13 E17
Jan 24, 2007
20 cast members live in a palace on a beach overlooking the jungles of South America and compete in 16 different challenges with the ultimate winners taking home a purse of $300,000.