Season 1

Episode Guide

Full Fathom Five

S1 E1
Sep 25, 1968
Steve McGarrett is assigned by the governor of Hawaii to break up a confidence racket that is bilking rich visiting widows of their fortunes.

Strangers In Our Own Land

S1 E2
Oct 02, 1968
A native's love of his unspoiled homeland, a mysterious woman with a camera, a man with a briefcase, and a millionaire industrialist are pieces of the strange puzzle confronting McGarrett.

Tiger By The Tail

S1 E3
Oct 09, 1968
A Kidnap hoax and publicity stunt by a young rock 'n' roll singer who decides his career needs a publicity boost backfires when his father offers a huge reward for his return.


S1 E4
Oct 16, 1968
McGarrett and his squad must protect a crime boss, facing prosecution, from a society of Japanese assassins.

They Painted Daisies On His Coffin

S1 E5
Nov 06, 1968
McGarrett must prove his second-in-command, Danno, is innocent of shooting an unarmed teenage suspect.

Twenty-Four Karat Kill

S1 E6
Nov 13, 1968
McGarrett lands a big case when he discovers a fishing boat owner is smuggling gold bars into Hawaii.

The Way of Love

S1 E7
Nov 20, 1968
A girl's murder tied to the theft of priceless jewels sends McGarrett undercover as a convict, where he tries to extort information from his cellmate, the dead girl's partner.

No Blue Skies

S1 E8
Dec 04, 1968
Joey Rand, a young singer, turns to crime when he finds his singing career provides insufficient funds to pay his gambling debts.

By the Numbers

S1 E9
Dec 11, 1968
Steve McGarrett and his special investigative team are called in when a winning ticket in a numbers game turns out to be a loser and a young Army corporal is accused of a crime.

Yesterday Died and Tomorrow Won't Be Born

S1 E10
Dec 18, 1968
When Steve McGarrett is injured by an unknown assailant and hospitalized, Danny Williams takes over the Five-O department and starts a desperate search for clues.


S1 E11
Dec 24, 1968
McGarrett must make sure his key witness, a mobster's associate, lives to testify against the crime kingpin.

Pray Love Remember

S1 E12
Dec 31, 1968
A female student at the Pacific Cultural Institute is strangled and all the evidence points to her boyfriend until a little girl's "fish story" leads the investigation in another direction.

King of the Hill

S1 E13
Jan 07, 1969
McGarrett must devise a battle plan to rescue a shot Danno from a deranged soldier's commandeered hospital room.

Up Tight

S1 E14
Jan 14, 1969
Danno poses as a surfer to infiltrate a professor-turned-gurus's circle, who may me dispensing more than just notions of peace and love to his followers.

The Face of the Drago

S1 E15
Jan 21, 1969
The Five-O team races against time to track down the source of a bubonic plague outbreak which is threatening the Islands.

The Box

S1 E16
Jan 28, 1969
McGarrett plays a long shot and offers himself as the key hostage in an attempted prison break.

One For The Money

S1 E17
Feb 04, 1969
After an aging baroness disappears, her two nephews become key suspects in a surprise-filled case that pits McGarrett against a serial killer.

Along Came Joey

S1 E18
Feb 11, 1969
McGarrett rushes to find a young prize fighter's killer, before the deceased boxer's father, a Maui policeman, exacts his own brand of justice.

Once Upon a Time, Pt. 1

S1 E19
Feb 18, 1969
McGarrett flies to Los Angeles to investigate a quack doctor he suspects is victimizing his sister and her cancer stricken infant.

Once Upon a Time, Pt. 2

S1 E20
Feb 25, 1969
McGarrett wages a one-man battle to collect evidence that will prove to his sister, and the local authorities, that the doctor who treated his nephew is a fraud.

Not That Much Different

S1 E21
Mar 04, 1969
McGarrett's attempt to prove he's an officer-of-the-peace, after a protester is shot during an anti-war demonstration, is met with resistance from the slain man's pacifist associates.

Six Kilos

S1 E22
Mar 11, 1969
Danno and Chin attempt to arrest an expert safe cracker but Danno is forced to shoot him. McGarrett goes undercover as the safe cracker Harry Brown to discover why he came to Hawaii.

The Big Kahuna

S1 E23
Mar 18, 1969
Apparitions of an ancient goddess of the volcano, avant-garde underground movies, and a concerned nephew and his wife all tie together in the apparent efforts of someone trying to do away with an old man in order to gain control of his valuable land.

Cocoon, Pt. 1

S1 E24
Jun 03, 1969
McGarrett probes the death of a close friend, only to discover that the man did not drown as was commonly believed. Clues lead to a foreign ship in the harbor manned by an unusual crew. (Part 1 of 2)

Cocoon, Pt. 2

S1 E25
Jun 10, 1969
McGarrett probes the death of a close friend, only to discover that the man did not drown as was commonly believed. Clues lead to a foreign ship in the harbor manned by an unusual crew. (Part 2 of 2)