Season 6

Episode Guide


S6 E1
Sep 11, 1973
An amputee with no hands sets out to kill every police officer who contributed to his injury, and that includes Steve McGarrett.

Draw Me a Killer

S6 E2
Sep 18, 1973
Random murders are being committed every six weeks. McGarrett struggles to understand the motives behind these crimes. A newspaper may hold the answer.

Charter for Death

S6 E3
Sep 25, 1973
When a large amount of diseased rats are found on a boat with all the crew dead, Five-O must contend with an outbreak of bubonic plague.

One Big Happy Family

S6 E4
Oct 02, 1973
A murderous family makes their way to Hawaii after leaving behind a trail of devastation on the mainland.

The Sunday Torch

S6 E5
Oct 09, 1973
Buildings are being set on fire on Sundays, and a known firebug is the top suspect. However, McGarrett begins to think that others may be responsible.

Murder Is a Taxing Affair

S6 E6
Oct 16, 1973
The killing of an important pimp threatens an all out war between two competing vice empires.

Tricks Are Not Treats

S6 E7
Oct 23, 1973
A corrupt federal agent who is tracking a man under indictment for tax evasion kills him for the $600,000 he is carrying, and then loses the money.

Why Wait Till Uncle Kevin Dies?

S6 E8
Nov 06, 1973
A string of five murders of wealthy men leads McGarrett to a crooked inheritance scheme.

Flash of Color, Flash of Death

S6 E9
Nov 06, 1973
A glamorous woman sets up an opal smuggler so her accomplices can rob both the smuggler and a jewelry store at the same time.

A Bullet for El Diablo

S6 E10
Nov 13, 1973
A dictator must evade a female assassin sent to kill him, one that looks just like his own daughter.

The Finishing Touch

S6 E11
Nov 20, 1973
McGarrett brings in a document expert to help him crack a case involving forged government securities, but he soon becomes suspicious of the expert as well.

Anybody Can Build a Bomb

S6 E12
Nov 27, 1973
A nuclear scientist becomes involved in an extortion plot when a gang threatens to set off a small nuclear weapon in Honolulu.

Try to Die on Time

S6 E13
Dec 04, 1973
Harry Foxton, a gambler, is himself the subject of huge bets over what hour he will die. McGarrett must work out the gambler's complex relationships to get to the bottom of this case.

The $100,000 Nickel

S6 E14
Dec 11, 1973
A thief known for using sleight-of-hand is hired to steal a valuable nickel, but the coin ends up on a journey across many miles and through many hands.

The Flip Side Is Death

S6 E15
Dec 18, 1973
A mock military emergency leaves a bank open for a robbery, and Five-O must travel to the opposite side of Oahu to find out more in their investigation.

The Banzai Pipeline

S6 E16
Jan 01, 1974
When a man is found dead with gold dust on him, McGarrett and his team must investigate where the stolen gold came from and how it is being bought onto the market.

One Born Every Minute

S6 E17
Jan 08, 1974
An exciting surf beach is the location for a filming session, where a man catches a killer on camera.

Secret Witness

S6 E18
Jan 15, 1974
A pair of crooks, teaming up with local criminals, uses phony diamonds as bait to prey on wealthy male tourists.

Death With Father

S6 E19
Jan 22, 1974
The son of a Federal Narcotics officer becomes involved in a heroin refining operation.

Murder With a Golden Touch

S6 E20
Jan 29, 1974
A young man witnesses a murder, and finds himself and his family are now the killer's targets.

Nightmare in Blue

S6 E21
Feb 05, 1974
A series of rapes and murders occur, and the main suspect seems to be a police officer.

Mother's Deadly Helper

S6 E22
Feb 12, 1974
A right-wing crackpot, Cord McKenzie, metes out 'justice' to people who have been found innocent on technicalities or released early.

Killer At Sea

S6 E23
Feb 19, 1974
While investigating a robbery and kidnapping, the trail of clues leads McGarrett and the team to an ocean liner with a deadly passenger.

30,000 Rooms and I Have the Key

S6 E24
Feb 26, 1974
An aging jewel thief steals from rooms at Waikiki hotels, and taunts Five-O by leaving a trail of clues behind.