Season 4

Episode Guide

Highest Castle, Deepest Grave

S4 E1
Sep 14, 1971
A ten-year-old missing persons case is reopened when the bodies of a man and a woman are found during an archeological dig and medical reports show the pair to have been murdered.

No Bottles, No Cans, No People

S4 E2
Sep 21, 1971
A small-time hoodlum tries to eliminate the competition and open the way for a mainland crime syndicate to operate in Hawaii.

Wednesday, Ladies Free

S4 E3
Sep 28, 1971
A strangler murders five women, leaving each wearing a blonde wig and their faces garishly made up.

3,000 Crooked Miles to Honolulu

S4 E4
Oct 05, 1971
Buddy Ebsen guest stars as a cunning college professor who plots an elaborate scheme to cash $750,000 worth of stolen travelers checks.

Two Doves and Mr. Heron

S4 E5
Oct 12, 1971
Vic Morrow guest stars as Edward Heron, a tourist in Hawaii, who, after being mugged and hospitalized, becomes the object of McGarrett's suspicions when he refuses to press charges and disappears from the hospital.

And I Want Some Candy, and a Gun That Shoots

S4 E6
Oct 19, 1971
A psychotic sniper endangers the lives of motorists as he fires at cars from a hillside bunker overlooking a major highway.

Air Cargo - Dial for Murder

S4 E7
Oct 26, 1971
McGarrett, while investigating the death of an airport security undercover agent, comes upon an air cargo hijacking ring.

For a Million, Why Not?

S4 E8
Nov 02, 1971
Five upstanding citizens seek their own revenge through a criminal act - the theft of $6 million.

The Burning Ice

S4 E9
Nov 09, 1971
Jackie Cooper guest stars as Dr. Alex Southmore, who becomes a suspect in the investigation of his wife's murder when McGarrett finds holes in the confessed killer's story.

Rest in Peace, Somebody

S4 E10
Nov 16, 1971
McGarrett receives calls and clues from a man saying he will kill somebody important in 48 hours.

A Matter of Mutual Concern

S4 E11
Nov 23, 1971
McGarrett fears a gangland war is imminent when it seems a mainland syndicate is trying to take over criminal operations.

Nine, Ten, Your Dead

S4 E12
Nov 30, 1971
A syndicate boss seeks revenge when his light-heavyweight boxer's hand is smashed by a punchy ex-fighter.

Is This Any Way to Run Paradise?

S4 E13
Dec 14, 1971
McGarrett searches for an ecology fanatic whose pranks are harmless until he threatens the lives of those he feels are the cause of the island's pollution.

Old Man In

S4 E14
Dec 28, 1971
Hume Cronyn returns in a guest star appearance as Lewis Avery Filer, the criminal with a thousand faces, who escapes from the Oahu prison after devising a scheme to steal $4 million from drug smugglers.

Bait Once, Bait Twice

S4 E15
Jan 04, 1972
A young woman is forced to fake a suicide attempt so that her fiance will come out of hiding - a gambling czar wants him dead.

Ninety-Second War, Pt. 1

S4 E16
Jan 11, 1972
A powerful unknown source sets up an elaborate scheme to frame McGarrett as a thief.

Ninety-Second War, Pt. 2

S4 E17
Jan 18, 1972
McGarrett learns that communist agent Wo Fat needs 90 seconds in order to carry out his plot against a U.S. missile tracking base.


S4 E18
Jan 25, 1972
A young Hawaiian girl is assaulted in a parking lot and a braggart soldier is arrested and tried for the crime.

While You're At It, Bring in the Tile Moon

S4 E19
Feb 01, 1972
Barry Sullivan guest stars as an eccentric billionaire suspected of killing one of his business associates, but who is afraid to leave his antiseptic yacht, even to clear himself of the crime.

Cloth of Gold

S4 E20
Feb 08, 1972
Members of a not-too-legitimate real estate company become victims of a poison contained in a rare shellfish.

Goodnight Baby, Time to Die

S4 E21
Feb 15, 1972
A convicted murderer escapes from prison and threatens to kill his former girl friend, so McGarrett sets up an elaborate police protective system around the girl in an effort to capture the killer.

Didn't We Meet At a Murder?

S4 E22
Feb 22, 1972
A wealthy young widow is one of the victims in an intricate blackmail plot that leads to the murder of a Chicago mobster.

Follow the White Brick Road

S4 E23
Feb 29, 1972
Danny Williams goes undercover as a sailor to flush out a drug ring operating from a vessel in the U.S. Seventh Fleet.

R & R & R

S4 E24
Mar 07, 1972
McGarrett seeks a killer whose targets have been wives of army men who have come to Hawaii to meet their husbands on furlough.