Season 5

Episode Guide

Death Is a Company Policy

S5 E1
Sep 12, 1972
McGarrett is puzzled when a computer programmed to help solve the slaying of an underworld figure's "business associate" indicates that the culprit is one of McGarrett's own people.

Death Wish On Tantalus Mountain

S5 E2
Sep 19, 1972
Ricardo Montalban plays Alex Pareno, a wealthy auto-racing enthusiast whose mechanic is slain on the eve of Hawaii's most important road race.

You Don't Have to Kill to Get Rich - But It Helps

S5 E3
Sep 26, 1972
A series of deaths of well-to-do businessmen puts the Hawaii Five-O unit into the investigation of a lucrative blackmail operation.

Pig in a Blanket

S5 E4
Oct 03, 1972
Danny Williams is involved in the shooting of a teenager following the death of a fellow police officer, and a cry goes up to sacrifice the lawman to public opinion.

The Jinn Who Clears the Way

S5 E5
Oct 10, 1972
Khigh Dhiegh returns as the sinister criminal genius Wo Fat to match wits with McGarrett. This time, a petty criminal is slain during the theft of a secret ballistic missile device, and McGarrett suspects that his arch nemesis, Wo Fat, is behind the theft.

Fools Die Twice

S5 E6
Oct 17, 1972
Army officer Jack Gulley, played by Clu Gulager, devises a bizarre scheme to kidnap a top government scientist and collect a ransom of one million dollars in diamonds.

Chain of Events

S5 E7
Oct 24, 1972
The slaying of a public health official while conducting an investigation into venereal disease leads McGarrett into the world of politics and intrigue.

Journey Out of Limbo

S5 E8
Oct 31, 1972
Keenan Wynn guest stars as the trusted friend of a Chinese diplomat who is the object of an assassination plan which Danny Williams stumbles upon, but whose details he cannot remember when he is injured.

V for Vashon: The Son, Pt. 1

S5 E9
Nov 14, 1972
McGarrett's investigation into a new crime outbreak leads to a band of youths led by Chris Vashon, a third generation member of a crime family headed by his grandfather, Dominick.

V for Vashon: The Father, Pt. 2

S5 E10
Nov 21, 1972
The Vashon family buries young Chris Vashon and launches a vendetta against Five-O's chief investigator, whom they hold responsible for the boy's death.

V for Vashon: The Patriarch, Pt. 3

S5 E11
Nov 28, 1972
With his son in prison and his grandson dead, both as a result of McGarrett's actions, the patriarch of the Vashon crime syndicate, old Dominick, devises a cunning scheme to frame the chief of Five-O and send him to prison in disgrace.

The Clock Struck Twelve

S5 E12
Dec 05, 1972
A series of bomb threats follows the arrest of a band of Hawaiian vigilantes, and McGarrett is assigned to preserve security and ensure an orderly trial.

I'm a Family Crook - Don't Shoot

S5 E13
Dec 19, 1972
Andy Griffith and Joyce Van Patten pay a husband-and-wife team of confidence operators who get caught between two of the islands' most powerful mobs, almost touching off a war among competing underworld factions.

The Child Stealers

S5 E14
Jan 02, 1973
An infant is taken from his stroller on a Honolulu street as McGarrett and his Five-O forces wait unsuccessfully for a ransom demand in order to trap the kidnappers.

Thanks for the Honeymoon

S5 E15
Jan 09, 1973
Patty Duke and Carol Lawrence are the guest stars as McGarrett goes after the untouchable king-pin of narcotics traffic in the islands.

The Listener

S5 E16
Jan 16, 1973
Dr. Eric Fowler, a psychiatrist, becomes the victim of an extortion effort by a clever paranoiac found too disturbed to treat.

Here Today, Gone Tonight

S5 E17
Jan 23, 1973
McGarrett and Danny Williams must solve the riddle of how a suspected killer can appear to be in two places at one time.

The Odd Lot Caper

S5 E18
Jan 30, 1973
Richard Basehart plays the mastermind behind a 40-million-dollar conspiracy to rob the Honolulu Stock Exchange.

Will the Real Mr. Winkler Please Die

S5 E19
Feb 06, 1973
Nehemiah Persoff plays an obscure shopkeeper who calls himself Peter Winkler and becomes the catalyst in a plot to assassinate a high-level Iron Curtain defector.

Little Girl Blue

S5 E20
Feb 13, 1973
Nina Foch plays a grandmother whose only grandchild is kidnapped by two ineffectual crooks.


S5 E21
Feb 20, 1973
A travel agent operating gambling junkets is slain as a warning to his partner to stop competing for the gambling business.

Engaged to Be Buried

S5 E22
Feb 27, 1973
McGarrett attempts to crack an extortion ring preying on small business men.

The Diamond That Nobody Stole

S5 E23
Mar 06, 1973
A cat burglar strikes at the home of a socially prominent island family, setting off a fast-moving series of events that lead to a death.

Jury of One

S5 E24
Mar 13, 1973
A police informer tells McGarrett that one of the jurors in the murder trial of an island strong-arm has been bribed in an effort to produce a hung jury.