Season 2

Episode Guide

A Thousand Pardons - You're Dead

S2 E1
Sep 23, 1969
After the brides of three G.I.s killed in Vietnam turn up dead, Steve McGarrett uncovers an insurance scam run by a soldier with a murderous grudge.

To Hell With Babe Ruth

S2 E2
Sep 30, 1969
The Five-O team races against time to find a ticking time bomb hidden by a Japanese mental patient determined to carry out the mission he was assigned 28 years earlier.

Forty Feet High and It Kills!

S2 E3
Oct 07, 1969
Fear spreads through Hawaii after rumors of an imminent tidal wave, but McGarrett discovers the true threat; villainous Red Chinese agent Wo Fat.

Just Lucky, I Guess

S2 E4
Oct 14, 1969
A prostitute has been murdered by a gangster, but the sole witness to the crime - a respectable small-town hardware salesman - is afraid to testify.

Savage Sunday

S2 E5
Oct 21, 1969
After a band of foreign revolutionaries steal weapons from an armory, McGarrett mobilizes the Five-0 force to bring down the terrorists.

A Bullet for McGarrett

S2 E6
Oct 28, 1969
A psychology professor and disciple of Wo Fat is using the power of hypnosis to turn citizens into assassins.

Sweet Terror

S2 E7
Nov 04, 1969
When Hawaii's sugar industry is threatened by a terrorist who plans to use germ warfare, the Five-0 team springs into action to stop the sabotage.

King Kamehameha Blues

S2 E8
Nov 12, 1969
After the robe of King Kamehameha, one of Hawaii's most treasured symbols, is stolen, McGarrett traces the theft to a group of anti-establishment university students.

The Singapore File

S2 E9
Nov 18, 1969
To nail a local gangster for a murder, Steve must travel to Singapore to transport the witness to the crime - an alluring woman who is tired of running from her past.

All the King's Horses

S2 E10
Nov 25, 1969
Enlisted to investigate an ex-racketeer suspected of heading a local crime syndicate, McGarrett follows a hunch that the politician seeking to indict the accused man is involved in some dirty dealings of his own.

Leopard On the Rock

S2 E11
Dec 02, 1969
When the plane carrying a despised dictator is forced to make an emergency landing in Hawaii, the notorious leader is marked for death... and it's up to the Five-0 team to protect him.

The Devil and Mr. Frog

S2 E12
Dec 09, 1969
After a kidnapped boy escapes his captors, the boy's father enlists the Five-0 squad to recover his ransom money from the extortionists.

The Joker's Wild, Man, Wild!

S2 E13
Dec 16, 1969
The stakes are murderously high when a beach boy and a playboy vie for the attentions of a seductive heiress in a bizarre card game.

Which Way Did They Go?

S2 E14
Dec 23, 1969
After an adversary from McGarrett's past robs a bank under the noses of the Five-0 team, McGarrett follows a trail from Hawaii to Hong Kong to nail the brilliant thief.

Blind Tiger

S2 E15
Dec 30, 1969
A surprise birthday party for McGarrett ends with an attempt on his life. The attempt fails but McGarrett is left blinded. Despite being incapacitated, it takes an order by the governor to stop him from searching for his assailant. Meanwhile, his assistants tear the city apart to find the man who injured their boss.

Run, Johnny, Run

S2 E16
Jan 14, 1970
Christopher Walken guest stars in this tense episode about an AWOL sailor accused of shooting a Navy shore patrolman.

Killer Bee

S2 E17
Jan 21, 1970
A Vietnam vet is revealed to be behind the kidnappings of several local children.

The One With the Gun

S2 E18
Jan 28, 1970
After a crooked card game leads to the murder of a young honeymooner, the victim's brother sets out to find the man responsible.

Cry, Lie

S2 E19
Feb 04, 1970
Martin Sheen is featured in this episode that centers around Chin Ho Kelly, one of McGarrett's most trusted investigators.

Most Likely to Murder

S2 E20
Feb 11, 1970
Tom Skerritt (who later starred as the sheriff on TV's Picket Fences) appears as a cop whose wife has been murdered.

Nightmare Road

S2 E21
Feb 18, 1970
Steve encounters resistance from federal agents when he attempts to uncover the mystery behind a research scientist's sudden disappearance from his important government post.

Three Dead Cows At Makapu, Pt. 1

S2 E22
Feb 25, 1970
In the first part of this captivating two-part episode, the disappearance of a scientific genius, Dr. Alexander Kline, sends shock-waves through the islands.

Three Dead Cows At Makapu, Pt. 2

S2 E23
Mar 04, 1970
McGarrett and his team rush to find a test tube containing the deadly "Q strain" which Dr. Kline has hidden and, if not found within 12 hours, will devastate Hawaii.

Kiss the Queen Goodbye

S2 E24
Mar 10, 1970
A high-voltage jewel thief in the guise of a socialite sets out to steal a treasured gem belonging to Hawaiian royalty. Using a former movie idol in her scheme to get the jewel, the thief arrives at the governor's gala where she finds that McGarrett and his team of investigators make her plan more difficult.