Season 11

Episode Guide

The Sleeper

S11 E1
Sep 28, 1978
After a government agent is murdered, McGarrett must identify the traitor in a scientific facility.

Horoscope for Murder

S11 E2
Oct 05, 1978
When an astrologer visits McGarrett to inform him of a murderer with a terrible temper, his antagonism lessens when her assumptions seem to be partly true.

Deadly Courier

S11 E3
Oct 12, 1978
While McGarrett follows a false lead, an undercover Danno is discovered and brainwashed to carry out the assassination of Steve.

The Case Against Philip Christie

S11 E4
Oct 19, 1978
McGarrett is the lone hold-out in a trial where the guilt of the accused seems certain.

Small Potatoes

S11 E5
Oct 26, 1978
Steve is framed on the orders of a gambling syndicate, and becomes involved with a woman who is part of the case.

A Distant Thunder

S11 E6
Nov 09, 1978
Five-O must thwart the plans of a Neo-Nazi organization to kill Bobby Tamara, the "Hawaiian Kennedy."

Death Mask

S11 E7
Nov 16, 1978
When a street robber claims that he stole King Tutankhamen's mask for fun, McGarrett suspects there is more to the case than simple robbery.

The Pagoda Factor

S11 E8
Nov 23, 1978
McGarrett assists a convict in his escape so that he can return to his gang and provide Five-O with inside information.

A Long Time Ago

S11 E9
Nov 30, 1978
Danno is surprised when he bumps into a former flame and even more concerned when she seems to be involved in criminal activities.

Why Won't Linda Die?

S11 E10
Dec 14, 1978
The death of a prominent politician reveals a strange love triangle.

The Miracle Man

S11 E11
Dec 21, 1978
When a preacher is attacked by a man convinced that he is responsible for his wife's death, Five-O investigate more closely and discover some less than godly motives.

Number One With a Bullet, Pt. 1

S11 E12
Dec 28, 1978
Two rival mobs attempt to take control of the disco scene in Honolulu.

Number One With a Bullet, Pt. 2

S11 E13
Jan 04, 1979
The rival gangs are on the brink of all out war, and Five-O must struggle to stop them.

The Meighan Conspiracy

S11 E14
Jan 18, 1979
When a robbed bank vault shows no signs of break-in, an inside job seems the likely solution.

The Spirit Is Willie

S11 E15
Jan 25, 1979
Millicent Shand returns and claims that her niece's husband has faked his own death in order to get his hands on $500,000.

The Bark and the Bite

S11 E16
Feb 08, 1979
A vacationing heiress seems unconcerned when McGarrett warns her that someone is after her ruby.


S11 E17
Feb 22, 1979
When a photographer takes a picture of a politician making a deal with an underworld figure, he tries blackmail. However, he is not prepared for the ruthless nature of the mobsters.

The Execution File

S11 E18
Mar 01, 1979
A private detective is rescuing girls from prostitution, and using the opportunity to kill the pimps as well.

A Very Personal Matter

S11 E19
Mar 15, 1979
When the son of one of Steve's friends dies of an overdose, he goes after a doctor that he suspects of over-prescribing drugs.

The Skyline Killer

S11 E20
Mar 22, 1979
The hunt for a high-rise killer is made more difficult for Five-O when a journalist offers to share his profits in exchange for the killer's story.

The Year of the Horse

S11 E21
Apr 05, 1979
When a woman dies due to heroin packets bursting inside her and the Governor is implicated, McGarrett and Danno head off to Singapore to discover a smuggling operation.