Season 9

Episode Guide

Nine Dragons

S9 E1
Sep 30, 1976
McGarrett finds himself in Hong Kong, half-drowned, half-drugged, with amnesia, as he once again pursues his perennial antagonist, Wo Fat, now the key figure in the theft of some deadly nerve gas.

Assault On the Palace

S9 E2
Oct 07, 1976
Operating with daring, and virtually under the nose of Five-O Chief Steve McGarrett, Hawaiian history museum curator Arthur Lambert secretly plots to turn criminal and stage the biggest bank robbery in Island history.

Oldest Profession: Latest Price

S9 E3
Oct 14, 1976
Honolulu prostitutes are being murdered, and those who have not been are living in terror.

Man On Fire

S9 E4
Oct 21, 1976
Five bodies are found in the crater of the Mauna Loa volcano, and the mystery becomes even more startling to Five-O boss Steve McGarrett when he discovers who the men were and what caused their deaths.

Tour De Force Killer Aboard

S9 E5
Oct 28, 1976
The search for an international professional assassin, whose name, description and next intended victim are all unknown to Five-O, provides Steve McGarrett and his staff with a frustrating mission.

The Last of the Great Paperhangers

S9 E6
Nov 04, 1976
Hunter R. Hickey, a Rembrandt among forgers, brazenly victimizes none other than Steve McGarrett's own Five-O unit to the tune of more than $14,000.

Heads, You're Dead

S9 E7
Nov 11, 1976
Tragedy strikes the annual Trans-Pac race from California to Hawaii, bringing Steve McGarrett and his Five-O agents onto the sporty yachting scene in search of a trio of mutineer-murderers.

Let Death Do Us Part

S9 E8
Nov 18, 1976
A man who was wrongfully convicted of murdering his wealthy wife escapes from prison to try to prove his innocence.

Double Exposure

S9 E9
Dec 02, 1976
Vincent Kauoli, a former underworld figure believed to have died in a plane crash, "returns from the grave" to try to regain control of the crime syndicate he lost when he had to stage his "death" to elude a conviction.

Yes, My Deadly Daughters

S9 E10
Dec 16, 1976
The daughter of an organized crime leader betrays her father by stealing ten million dollars from him.

A Cop

S9 E11
Dec 23, 1976
A paraplegic as the result of a police bullet, Nathan ""Sarge"" Purdy, a vengeful ex-con, turns sniper and begins shooting down police officers.

The Bells Toll At Noon

S9 E12
Jan 06, 1977
Impressionist Rich Little depicts the self-appointed avenger of a girl who, after kicking her drug habit, is turned on to it again by a pusher and, consequently, dies from an overdose.

Man in A Steel Frame

S9 E13
Jan 13, 1977
McGarrett is set up to be the prime suspect in the murder of his girlfriend, and the evidence against him is rock-solid, even to the extent that the slugs that killed the victim are proven to have been fired from the same service revolver McGarrett uses.

Ready... Aim...

S9 E14
Jan 20, 1977
Working with a Tokyo police officer, Five-O's Steve McGarrett tries to locate the source of a gun smuggling ring which is sending handguns to Japan.

Elegy In A Rain Forest

S9 E15
Jan 27, 1977
Steve McGarrett searches for both a maniacal rapist-murderer and the district attorney's daughter who is lost in the mountains of Oahu, fearful in the meantime that they will encounter one another.

Dealer's Choice - Blackmail

S9 E16
Feb 03, 1977
A police officer is killed by a hit-and-run driver who turns out to be the head of the Honolulu gambling syndicate. The only witness to the crime, a compulsive gambler with heavy debts, decides to use his knowledge of the accident to extort money from the driver.

A Capitol Crime

S9 E17
Feb 17, 1977
Barnard Hughes guest stars as a 71-year-old walking bomb who is threatening to blow himself up along with a group of hostages if his demands to stop the demolition of his home are not met.

To Die in Paradise

S9 E18
Feb 24, 1977
While vacationing in Hawaii, a popular female country singer is kidnapped for $500,000 ransom, and as McGarrett's Five-O force begins investigating, it appears that the victim and her abductors have perished at sea.

Blood Money Is Hard to Wash

S9 E19
Mar 03, 1977
A mainland gangster, Victor Jovanko, launches a campaign of terror against the owner of a football team in order to intimidate the unwilling man into selling him the ball club so that it can be used as a laundering operation for mainland syndicate money.

To Kill a Mind

S9 E20
Mar 17, 1977
McGarrett grapples with the mystery of a sunken Soviet submarine.

Requiem for a Saddle Bronic Rider

S9 E21
Mar 24, 1977
Why have the bodies of a young man, painted bright orange, and a young woman been dumped into the sea? Five-O Chief Steve McGarrett has no knowledge, yet, of that incident, but his search for a missing rodeo cowboy is related.

See How She Runs

S9 E22
Mar 31, 1977
The runaway teenager daughter of legendary Los Angeles police detective Babe Mandell is framed for murder, then frantically "vanishes" into a religious cult to escape pursuers.

Practical Jokes Can Kill You

S9 E23
May 05, 1977
A hang-glider's theft of a historical exhibit catches the attention of crooks planning a heist of Army rifles.