Season 7

Episode Guide

The Young Assassins

S7 E1
Sep 10, 1974
Danno and a college professor are kidnapped by a revolutionary group of young radicals led by a hardened criminal.

Hawaiian Nightmare

S7 E2
Sep 17, 1974
A geophysics expert, Bernard Brown, is heavily in debt, so he comes up with a plan to cause an explosion in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, unless the Governor comes up with half a million dollars as a ransom.

I'll Kill 'Em Again

S7 E3
Sep 24, 1974
Eddie Josephs is a paranoid schizophrenic who is carrying out murders based on old Five-O cases. McGarrett must follow his clues and catch him before more people die.

Steal Now, Pay Later

S7 E4
Oct 01, 1974
A sophisticated thief is selling his goods to legitimate businessmen, and Five-O must find a way of trapping him.

Bomb, Bomb, Who's Got the Bomb?

S7 E5
Oct 08, 1974
Senator Harlan Henderson suffers from multiple personalities, and one side of him wants to kill himself. However, he ends up blowing up his secretary, and McGarrett uses handwriting and a diagnosis from a psychiatrist to try to crack the case.

Right Grave, Wrong Body

S7 E6
Oct 15, 1974
A criminal, Hobart, is robbing liquor stores using a policeman's former gun, but the officer wants it back as he used it to kill a bank robber five years before and the body has been uncovered.

We Hang Our Own

S7 E7
Oct 22, 1974
When his son is beaten to death, a powerful cattle baron takes matters into his own hands, and McGarrett and Five-O must prevent the rule of law from breaking down.

The Two-Faced Corpse

S7 E8
Oct 29, 1974
A gangland execution investigation takes a turn for the peculiar when it is found that the victim had two identities.

How to Steal a Masterpiece

S7 E9
Nov 12, 1974
Five-O must investigate why three infallible security systems are failing to prevent the theft of priceless artworks.

A Gun for McGarrett

S7 E10
Nov 26, 1974
After an attempt is made on Steve McGarrett's life, he is drawn towards a female art dealer, but she too may not be good for his health.

Welcome to Our Branch Office

S7 E11
Dec 03, 1974
Two con men use a gang of Five-O lookalikes and doubles to extort money from Honolulu businessmen.

Presenting... in the Center Ring... Murder

S7 E12
Dec 10, 1974
Wo Fat returns to Hawaii in order to carry out the assassination of a Chinese diplomat, whom he considers to be a foolish peace-maker.

Hari Kiri Suicide Murder

S7 E13
Dec 31, 1974
McGarrett and Five-O need to find out why a Japanese banker ritually killed himself and catch a true criminal into the bargain.

Bone of Contention

S7 E14
Jan 07, 1975
A Honolulu murder is mysteriously linked to a human fossil smuggled out of China in the Second World War.

Computer Killer

S7 E15
Jan 14, 1975
An investigation into a murder is sent off track through the modification of computer information, and Five-O must use the latest technology to rescue the case.

A Woman's Work Is With a Gun

S7 E16
Jan 21, 1975
Three women desperately in need of money take to armed robbery of tourist buses as a way to raise some quick cash.

Small Witness Large Crime

S7 E17
Jan 28, 1975
When a young boy is arrested as a witness to a murder, McGarrett must contend with a fiery deputy public prosecutor.

Ring of Life

S7 E18
Feb 04, 1975
A million dollar reward for the return of five figurines sparks off a trail of murder and theft that leads to Hawaii.

Study in Rage

S7 E19
Feb 11, 1975
When a psychotic man kills his doctor, Five-O must use a unfinished painting to gather clues to his whereabouts.

And the Horse Jumped Over the Moon

S7 E20
Feb 18, 1975
An elaborate sea and air scheme for heroin smuggling goes unnoticed until one of the gang tries to sell out their plan for a fix of heroin.

Hit Gun for Sale

S7 E21
Feb 26, 1975
McGarrett must prevent a mob war by tracking down an unknown hitman and his intended target.

The Hostage

S7 E22
Mar 11, 1975
When a deranged ex-Army officer shoots a policeman and takes a young girl hostage, McGarrett disagrees with a police captain over the best way to free her.

Diary of a Gun

S7 E23
Mar 18, 1975
A Saturday Night Special passes from person to person and causes Five-O trouble and others misery.

6,000 Deadly Tickets

S7 E24
Mar 25, 1975
Five-O works with a air traffic investigator in order to put a stop to illegal ticket sales which have already cost several lives.