Season 8

Episode Guide

Murder: Eyes Only

S8 E1
Sep 12, 1975
When a letter bomb kills a Naval Officer whilst McGarrett is on Navy Duty, he is called upon to investigate and uncovers a plot involving an old nemesis.

McGarrett Is Missing

S8 E2
Sep 12, 1975
McGarrett must again face mobster Charlie Bombay when a plane carrying them to Honolulu crashes in the forests.

Termination With Extreme Prejudice

S8 E3
Sep 19, 1975
A British agent, Harry Wells, arrives in Hawaii in pursuit of a turncoat, but not all is what it seems for Five-O.

Target? The Lady

S8 E4
Sep 26, 1975
Five-O must find a female courier who witnessed a murder before a hitman can.

Death's Name Is Sam

S8 E5
Oct 03, 1975
A road accident starts the trail towards a plot to use SAM missiles to bring down a VIP jet plane.

The Case Against McGarrett

S8 E6
Oct 10, 1975
McGarrett offers himself as a hostage exchange, but is then put on 'trial' by Honore Vashon.

The Defector

S8 E7
Oct 17, 1975
McGarrett meets his match in Dr. Grant Ormsbee, a grumpy and aggravating scientist who is sheltering a suspected Chinese defector.

Sing a Song of Suspense

S8 E8
Oct 24, 1975
When a singer witnesses a murder committed by a racketeer, Five-O has to protect her until she can give evidence, but this is not an easy job.

Retire in Sunny Hawaii Forever

S8 E9
Oct 31, 1975
Danno's Aunt Clara becomes acquainted with a man on the plane to Honolulu, but becomes concerned about him afterwards. Dan, Steve and the others ignore her at first, but then the man turns up dead.

How to Steal a Submarine

S8 E10
Nov 07, 1975
A vice-principal enlists the help of his students and a submarine to smuggle drugs.

The Waterfront Steal

S8 E11
Nov 14, 1975
When Five-O fail to prevent a series of thefts at dockside warehouses, an influential owner creates trouble for McGarrett.

Honor is an Unmarked Grave

S8 E12
Nov 21, 1975
A writer who specializes in solving mysteries uncovers the body in a seven year old case, but it raises more questions than it answers.

A Touch of Guilt

S8 E13
Nov 28, 1975
Three young men gang rape a waitress after a night of drinking. One of the men is the son of a U.S. senator and the crime is covered up. Or so they think.

Wooden Model of a Rat

S8 E14
Dec 04, 1975
Whilst trying to stop the smuggling of small Oriental animal statues, McGarrett is caught illegally in possession of one of them as part of his personal collection.

Deadly Persuasion

S8 E15
Dec 11, 1975
A disturbed young man steals nerve gas to use against a visiting royal family as revenge for the death of his father.

Legacy of Terror

S8 E16
Dec 18, 1975
When an elderly importer who was a World War II Japanese spy is killed, Five-O seeks his killer.

Loose Ends Get Hit

S8 E17
Jan 01, 1976
A clear cut murder case against an island mobster is derailed due to McGarrett.

Anatomy of a Bride

S8 E18
Jan 08, 1976
A crooked contractor and a buildings inspector are under suspicion after the new Global Trade Center in Honolulu goes up in flames.

Turkey Shoot At Makapuu

S8 E19
Jan 15, 1976
When an airline stewardess and a hang-gliding instructor are murdered, Five-O must find the killers.

A Sentence to Steal

S8 E20
Jan 29, 1976
McGarrett sends an undercover agent into a rehabilitation home for juvenile offenders to find out who is behind the theft of gold from dental supply warehouses.

The Capsule Kidnapping

S8 E21
Feb 05, 1976
The son of a Japanese businessman is kidnapped and held in a capsule underwater until a $1.5 million dollar ransom is paid.

Love Thy Neighbor - Take His Wife

S8 E22
Feb 12, 1976
Ben Tanaka, a well-known ecologist, seems to be behind the kidnapping of a wealthy land developer's wife, but all is not as it seems and a conspiracy gradually reveals itself.

A Killer Grows Wings

S8 E23
Mar 04, 1976
Criminals threaten to use a special type of moth to wipe out the sugar cane on Hawaii and destroy the industry.