Season 1

Episode Guide

The Captain And The Lady/One If By Land/ Centerfold

S1 E1
Sep 24, 1977
Havok follows Capt. Stubing's ex-wife when she boards for a cruise with her current spouse, who happens to be the captain's boss! Meanwhile, a couple splits up and Suzanne Somers helps one of them find a new outlook. Then, a former centerfold model tries to hide copies of a revealing magazine before her fiancé (a political candidate) sees them.

Oh, Dale!/ The Main Event/ A Tasteful Affair

S1 E2
Oct 2, 1977
A rejected suitor (John Ritter) is chasing a girl who's chasing somebody else's money, leading to all sorts of unexpected antics. Also, a couple tries to redeem their rocky relationship while stuck in the ship's elevator. Then, a private eye falls for the subject of his investigation.

Ex Plus Y/ Graham And Kelly/ Goldenagers

S1 E3
Oct 9, 1977
Honeymoon bliss is interrupted when one of the newlyweds encounters an ex on board! Young love is tested by teens on the cruise, and then cruise director Julie tries to make time for some romance for herself.

Message For Maureen/ Acapulco Connection/ Gotcha!

S1 E4
Oct 16, 1977
Fate brings together a tennis star with her worst critic, while Charo wows a stowaway from Acapulco. Meanwhile, legendary comedian Milton Berle guest stars as a practical joker.

Help! Murder!/ Isaac The Groupie/ Mr. Popularity

S1 E5
Oct 23, 1977
A married couple finally gets to enjoy a getaway without their kids, but when one of them plans a nice surprise, the other suspects infidelity. Meanwhile, bartender Isaac falls hard for a celebrity traveling incognito.

Joker Is Wild/ First Time Out/ Take My Granddaughter, Please

S1 E6
Oct 30, 1977
A washed-up comedian has no shame as he tries to make a comeback, while a doting grandmother tries to play matchmaker between Doc and her granddaughter. Also, fraternity brothers try to help one of their own find romance.

Identical Problem/ Julie's Old Flame/ The Jinx

S1 E7
Nov 11, 1977
When two twins pretend to be one person, one is warm and the other is cold, leaving Doc both amorous and confused. Meanwhile, the cruise director's ex shows up and an elderly couple with an apparent jinx give the crew a sinking feeling.

The Understudy/ Married Singles/ Lost & Found

S1 E8
Nov 20, 1977
The cruise director gets a new trainee, who's suddenly in the running for Julie's job, while a married couple prank their fellow passengers by pretending not to know each other. Also, a young couple who are attempting to overcome a tragedy try to find happiness.

Romance Roulette/ The Captain's Captain/ Dog's Life

S1 E9
Nov 27, 1977
When Capt. Stubing Sr. comes aboard, it turns into a nightmare for his son. Meanwhile, a man afraid of dogs gets trapped in a cabin with a four-legged friend, and a naughty game spells trouble for a group of passengers.

Dear Beverly/ The Strike/ Special Delivery

S1 E10
Dec 4, 1977
An advice columnist hoping for a quiet trip with her husband is swamped by inquisitive passengers. Meanwhile, a replacement chef drives Capt. Stubing to his wit's end. Finally, an estranged couple who are still in love get a second chance.

Lonely At The Top/ Silent Night/ Divorce Me, Please

S1 E11
Dec 11, 1977
Father Mike (Dick Sargent) spreads cheer when he brings six orphaned kids aboard for a Christmas cruise. Meanwhile, an unhappily married couple contemplates divorce, and an ex-convict runs into his backstabbing former law partner and plots revenge.

The Old Man & The Runaway/ A Fine Romance/ The Painters

S1 E12
Dec 25, 1977
A runaway tries to seek lodging in an old man's cabin, while cruise director Julie is thrilled when a former crush boards the ship for a vacation. Meanwhile, two painters are in for a surprise when the ship goes to sea while they're working.

Family Reunion/ Cinderella Story/ Too Hot To Handle

S1 E13
Jan 8, 1978
A sad woman is pursued by a man whose girlfriend is also aboard the ship. Meanwhile, everything seems to go wrong all at once for lovebirds trying to enjoy their honeymoon.

Isaac's Double Standard/ Chimpanzeeshines/ One More Time

S1 E14
Jan 15, 1978
A mom gets possessive when her son's lady-friend boards the ship. At the same time, a divorced couple reunites when they're both hired on the ship as professional entertainers. Meanwhile, Gopher's shot at romance is interrupted by a jewel-stealing monkey named Louise.

The Caper/ Eyes Of Love, Hollywood Royalty/ Masquerade Part 1

S1 E15
Jan 22, 1978
A pair of Hollywood millionaires celebrate their honeymoon while unaware that thieves have their eye on the bride's diamond. Then, a pair of blind former classmates reunite but one of them (Desi Arnaz Jr.) is now able to see. Finally, a husband tries to keep his wife from discovering his mistress is on the cruise, too.

Winner Take Love/ The Congressman Was Indiscreet/ Isaac's History Lesson

S1 E16
Jan 29, 1978
A defamed congressman (Dick Van Patten) befriends a clever reporter, while a snobbish intellectual disapproves of a fellow passenger's dance moves. Then, a beauty-pageant contestant (Maureen McCormick) deals with her jealous boyfriend, who is trying to sabotage her chance at winning.

The Last Of The Stubings/ The Million Dollar Man/ The Sisters

S1 E17
Feb 5, 1978
Captain Stubing's klutzy nephew joins the cruise while a traveling thief falls for a fellow passenger only to discover she has an unfortunate secret. Also, a woman grows jealous of her widowed sister when she forms a new romantic attachment.

The Inspector/ A Very Special Girl/ Until The Last Goodbye

S1 E18
Feb 12, 1978
The cruise ship crew are on their best behavior for a secret inspector, while a loving couple harbor a sad secret. Then, two gal pals find they get very different attention from the men on board.

Computerman/ Memories Of You/ Parlez Vous?

S1 E19
Feb 14, 1978
For the Valentine's cruise, a man (Frankie Avalon) offers the use of his computer-dating service and uses it to court cruise director Julie. Meanwhile, an amnesiac (Patty Duke) thinks she recognizes a long-lost love (Ricky Nelson). Finally, the plans of two gold-digging ladies go astray when they pretend not to speak English.

Taking Sides/ Going By The Book/ A Friendly Little Girl

S1 E20
Feb 19, 1978
An older couple bonds with a pair of younger lovebirds when they experience mirroring marriage troubles. Meanwhile, another couple is excited to visit their grandchildren but the wife doesn't know her husband is paying for the trip with unusual means. Finally, Doc Bricker tries to keep an eye on a friend's daughter who's being wooed by another passenger.

Parents Know Best/ A Selfless Love/ The Nubile Nurse

S1 E21
Feb 26, 1978
Two parents take their son on the cruise, hoping to persuade him to end his relationship with his current girlfriend. Meanwhile, an engaged couple who are in a May-December romance meet two other potential paramours who may suit them better. Also, a new nurse shows Doc she's more than her ex-showgirl days would suggest.

Musical Cabins

S1 E22
May 7, 1978
While a young man is given a week to marry in order to claim an inheritance, the Captain is entranced by a woman posing as something she's not. Then, a sexist husband angers his wife at the same time a tabloid reporter gathers information for a story about sex scandals.

Crash Diet Crush/ This Business Of Love/ I'll Never Fall In Love Again

S1 E23
May 14, 1978
When a former call girl finds love, a past client threatens to ruin her happiness. Captain Stubing attempts to get physically fit for a former flame, while two fellow widowers (Annette Funicello and Michael Callan) find solace in each other.

Pacific Princess Overtures/ Cabin Fever/ Gopher, The Rebel

S1 E24
May 21, 1978
As a young passenger (Eve Plumb) encourages Gopher to stand up to Captain Stubing, a cheating husband runs into his neighbors from back home while aboard the ship. Plus, a businessman proposes a deal between a widow and another passenger who owns a Japanese conglomerate.